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How to be an exceptional patient

Unfortunately and fortunately, I have become an exceptional patient due to unfortunate Gastrointestinal problems. A lot of us on the spectrum suffer from stomach issues, so I wanted to be the one to help out all of you that may experience these issues or other problems that may require a hospital stay.

To become an exceptional patient you must harness your own health care and always stay positive!

The number one positive character trait is COURAGE! It takes a lot of courage to go through the procedures necessary to make you better. You must try to relax, by performing the visualization I am going to create for you today.

It also takes a lot of courage to go home after your hospital stay and live a healthy lifestyle as you

live fully each day, with the joy and happiness that you create.

You must create daily strategies to use your God-given creativity and talents to bring peace into your life.

For me, that is hanging out with my family and hanging out with friends that are positive and bring inspiration to me daily.

I also make sure, I exercise daily, take walks in nature, do yoga, and take time out for my creative writing and art projects that fulfill me. For instance, I enjoy painting inspirational rocks and enjoy writing and creating storyboards for creating empowering picture books. I also enjoy being with Maggie, my dog that has become my major emotional support dog. Animals really help reduce my anxiety.

I have also started teaching yoga to kids of all abilities.

I hope you enjoy my visualization to relax and someday take my yoga class.

‘Always Stay Positive’


Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and feel that oxygen going through your system as you drop your shoulders down, exhale the breath out. Again take a full deep breath in and feel the oxygen swimming through your body, feeling calmness and relaxation as you exhale the breath out completely.

Let’s begin to take a little vacation by the sea,

As you take another deep breath in feel the salt air healing your body and feel the warmth of the sun relaxing your whole system as your whole body becomes quiet and relaxed.

As you breathe in again you see a sailboat floating on the beautiful blue sea. You breathe the fresh salt air in as you watch the beautiful boat ride and watch the waves go up and down as the boat seems to be enjoying the sea.

As you take another deep breath in you see yourself floating in the warm sea, by the boat. You and the boat have become one, riding the waves up and down and feeling the sea air and feeling your body as you begin to fully relax.

You feel that your body has begun to heal back into a healthy and vital state. You take another deep breath in and out as you keep floating into relaxation.

Take another full deep breath in and out as you realize that when things make you anxious that you can close your eyes and bring yourself back to the sea, riding the waves up and down until you find your peace.

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As I worked on my Fit Kidz yoga mat today, I really learned the meaning behind courage and how courage is the main characteristic to even build strength to hold difficult poses on the mat. For it is remaining still and quiet in your mind that helps you through difficult poses and helps you to sit still during anxious times in your life, that will pass quicker and with ease when you learn these tools.


‘Make sure you do your daily exercise with a full smile and an intention to move”


For years, I have devoted my life to being a facilitator to all people with disabilities, including patients with terminal illnesses. (not Nicole) I have worked diligently to make people become the best version of themselves, even in the worst moments of their life. If one can live fully with uncertainty, then one can live with joy on a daily basis. I am so proud of Nicole for sharing her truth with the world. She does not let anything hold her down and she is a perfect example of COURAGE and what it takes to be an exceptional person. I hope the reader takes in what she says and absorbs her beautiful creations to help people relax from their stressors and fears so they can move forward in turning obstacles into positive challenges, for we are stronger as a team to support each other than we are alone.

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