Akilah’s Fit Chips

Groundedness is a major characteristic in successful people

This week we will be discussing fit chips 3 and 4 on the Body Mantra chip series

Chair pose ( 3rd chip)

The benefits of the chair pose

  • tones the legs muscles
  • helps your foot alignment
  • stimulates the heart and abdominal muscles
  • aids in digestion and more
  • teaches resiliency lessons

The Tree Pose (4th chip)

The benefits of the tree pose

  • teaches you how to stay still in tension (which represents staying grounded in your life)
  • it helps strengthen the ligaments and tendons in the feet
  • helps your balance, which will increase your stability
  • strengthens your core muscles

Please look at the back of chip number 3


Name 3 goals you would like to see accomplished in the next year

Akilah’s response

  1. Weight loss
  2. More money
  3. Happy

Look at the back of chip 4

Name 2 things that you can accomplish each day that will make you happy?

Akilah’s Response

  1. Working out
  2. Personal hygiene care


While I was exercising on the Fit Kidz yoga mat,

Dr. Christine asked me if I can have my dream job what would that be, as I was doing the routine on-chip 3 and 4,

I said to be a film editor.

She than said, name one concrete task that would get me closer to my dream job. I replied ,

” By posting videos on youtube.”

I learned that to get closer to my dreams, I must break it down into tasks that I accomplish daily to reach that goal.

Dr. Christine asked me if I could look up famous film editors and see how they got there.

I will investigate and see what I learn from the people who have made it in the field that I desire.

Notes to Self

It is actually easier to do the tasks to achieve the success I want than to ruminate about it.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Dr. Grimaldi’s Take Away

I always said to make dreams come true, you must wake up!

It is great to be positive, as well it is great to say positive affirmations daily. These actions will keep you continually inspired while putting it out there in your super-conscious, as well as the universe.

You must accomplish concrete tasks to get you closer to your dreams. The proper strategies set up as concrete tasks will get you closer to having the things you want come true. You need to work hard, with a slice of good luck to make it happen.

From many years of experience in the field of positive psychology and human potential, I have witnessed the difference behind successful people, and what rituals they have done on a daily basis to get them there.

A big factor is keeping you in the best shape,( mind-body-spirit ) as well as keeping momentum alive.

Momentum is a motivator for consistent happiness that will lead you to success.

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