The Adventures Of Mabel and Moon

Author Gina Kanturek

Introducing Aloha the Surfing Pineapple

I am Aloha the pineapple, a lot of people see my prickles and do not want to get to know me.

I would like to tell you a bit about me, so they understand who I really am.

I am going to write my first blog, as I must admit, I am a little bit nervous, so I hope you like it.

At 7 am I wake up and do yoga for an hour.

At 8 am I eat my favorite cereal, which is called doudos

At 9 am I get dressed and spike up my top

At 10 am, I go surfing for 2 hours

At noon, I make a smoothie and enjoy a tofu burger

At 1 pm, I hang out with my friends Mabel and Moon

At two I run for an hour

At 3, like most dedicated surfers, I take a nap

At 4 pm, I teach a yoga class

At five it is time for ME

At 6 pm, I make a barn fire with friends

At 7pm, we all go night surfing for 2 hours

By nine pm, I volunteer at an icecream bar for kids at the local hospital

At 10 pm I watch my favorite movie “Surf’s up”

Before midnite, I pray for my friend Molly and send positive vibes for her into the universe ( she is our superhero dog)

“Molly you are strong you can rise above this, you are strong, you are our best friend, you are our hero”

Then I go off to bed, peace out for today,

Your friend Aloha…

Stay tuned for more fun stories with Aloha in “The Adventures of Mabel and Moon”

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