ALOHA and his take on Happiness


Hi , this is your friend Aloha again.

I am here to speak to you about happiness today, and what it takes to make me happy.

I am hoping that this blog, will make you think about what makes you happy.

So here I go..

In the beginning of each week I set myself up for success.

Every day I start off with a healthy meal.

Then I create a ” Love yourself day ” for me and my friends.

We celebrate the end of the week by having a cook-out with those same friends.

We make it a pot-luck dinner, so everyone participates. I am all about teamwork for contributing

to all of our happiness.

I always set up a strategy, so if my plans do not go as I would expect, I always have a plan B!

My mantra is ” There is always a rainbow at the end of every storm”

I like to read the ” Adventures of Mabel and Moon at the local hospital.”

For those two puppies have taught us a lot and will keep teaching the children.

I am also part of the LGBT community

I exercise by surfing every day, which helps me relax and stay focused.

I will continue to fight for our beloved friend Molly our mascot who was always by our side.

She is now over that rainbow bridge, that will keep inspiring us to do the right thing always.

Next week we will be planting a garden at the senior home in Molly’s memory, because Molly kept those older friends of ours happy during isolation.

“Molly and Gina on her last days..loving each other up”

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