Meet Charlie and his sister Fancy Fawn

“The Adventures of Mabel and Moon”

Charlie and his sister Fawn are very similar in some ways, but definitely take on different characteristic traits.

They were both born from the same eggs that were hatched by their mother Penelope. Penelope was a beautiful and strong moth, as she never made it to the butterfly phase. Never the less, she was an amazing role model for Charlie and Fancy Fawn, as she always taught them that strength and true beauty come from inside, and that they must stand tall in tough times to become whatever is their destiny.

“Charlie will find his way through the help of his sister Fawn and lessons from his mom Penelope”

Penelope taught them both that whether they become a moth or a butterfly they are all so special, and to never forget that. To most people a moth represented a mothman with developmental issues, but in reality through being a moth, you can persevere, release stigma and become as beautiful, strong and intelligent as you want to be if you believe it and truly live a healthy life style.

Charlie and Fawn were so blessed to have a great role model as a mother, for whatever their destiny was. Penelope gave them wings to fly. Learn more about Penelope, Charlie and Fancy Fawn as you follow our story in this blog, and you follow our book series, “The adventures of Mabel and Moon.

Penelope always stood tall and taught her children how to stay empowered every day of their life!

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