Nicole’s Creative Visualization

by Nicole Magee

Holding onto Molly’s Memories…

Our Coach Christine said it is difficult for her to sleep at night, without her beloved Molly Goose by

her side.

I wanted to write a visualization that she can read every night before bedtime, to help her relax knowing that Molly is always by her side.

As you get ready to go to sleep, relax on your back with your hands by your side and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and let a long breath out.

Imagine your are lying on a white puffy cloud. Feel yourself sinking into the cloud’s softness as the cloud lifts you up into the air. The cloud brings you to a magical place full of so many other heavenly white clouds.

You are floating and relaxing and as you take another deep breath in and out, your beloved best friend Molly, jumps onto the cloud giving you the best hugs and kisses.

You and Molly are so happy as you both lie down to relax. Take another big deep breath in and out as you

Feel the warmth that Molly always and will always provide you. Feel the comfort and joy that Molly will always bring to you, whether you can see her or not.

You and Molly are both floating back and forth as you cuddle each other and take, another long deep breath in and out.

Your cloud will always take you where you want to be.

This wonderful place has colors to see and relaxing sounds to hear.

Use your imagination to make your own soft white cloud.

Feel how good it is for you and Molly to be together with each other, breathing and relaxing.

Breathe in and out, and when you are ready, your cloud slowly brings you and Molly down to your bed, so

that you and Molly will have a peaceful night’s rest.

As your cloud pulls away, it takes with it anything that makes you sad.

Take another big deep breath in as you are left feeling calm, peaceful, and happy.

Take another deep breath in knowing, that you can count on your cloud whenever you need too!

“Our love will last forever..Sweet dream Molly Goose”

Note To Self

“You can create your own special place in your cloud to bring you the sweetest dreams”

Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaways

Words can not express the grattitude I have towards my team and the true compassion we all have for each other.

It is true since Molly’s unecessary tragedy, it is hard for me to sleep at night for she was always by my side.

I am so grateful for Nicole creating this for me, for I will use it every night to bring my best friend into my dreams, knowing she is always by my side.

Imagination and storytelling heps out immensely in times of stress and grief.

See if you can design your own cloud and create your own visualization that brings peace and joy into your life.

With Love and Blessings!

Dr. C

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