Akilah’s FIT CHIPS

Warrior Three and Triangle Pose

I practiced fit chips 7 and 8 today. I learned all about these poses which help your body, mind and spirit in multiple ways.

Warrior Three

Warrior three is a standing postured centered around balance .this posture will strengthen your legs, ankles and core.

Warrior three is a intermediate balancing pose in yoga. This dynamic standing posture creates stability through out your entire body by integrating all of the muscles around your core,arms and legs.

Triangle Pose

This pose is a foundational standing pose in yoga, that strengthens and lengthens the hamstring and groin area while also opening the shoulders and stretching the hips.

Triangle Pose

If you look at the back of chip 7 you will see the question:

“If you can have dinner with someone you knew but who is gone now ( people and pets included)

who would that be?

Akilah’s answer

My Dad.

‘He was taken too early unfairly to me and I would love to have spent so much time with him.

If you look at the back of Fit Chip 8 you will see the question:

” If you can have dinner with someone you never met, who would that be and why ?” ( can be fictional)

Oprah Winfrey

‘She has done so much for the african american woman and has opened so many doors, to show us all that we can all make it if we strive too.’

She has also spent years helping people and giving gifts way to people in need, and that is a great deed for all to learn. “Sharing is Caring”

Note to Self: Soul Sundays is great inspirational podcasts from Oprah

Dr. Grimaldi’s Take Away

There is no better way to start the morning with a great yoga routine .

Practicing these chips in flow, will give you a great workout . Reading the chips , will invoke conversation amongst your family and friends.

This kit that we have all have developed, will not only get you in great shape, but is also a great innovative game to take on trips and play with your family and friends..

Stay tuned, for the kit and the books will be published soon !

Mabel and Moons Publishing Company

The Body Mantra Fit Mat

‘Mabel and Moon’s Adventures on the Magic Carpet Ride”

Dr. C

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