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I decided to write a weekly blog on all sorts of shopping and design.
What gave me the passion for style?

My mom was my inspiration for me appreciating great looks.

Whether, clothes, furniture, gardening or make-up, mommy always knew what to do.

She is an expert of “everything design”

I like to shop on my free time, and my favorite place is

Vera Bradley

She makes great bags and has great designs.

I also enjoy going to the mall and the outlets.

One of my favorite places is the food court. Who doesn’t like the food court?

I was going to write a coffee table book on the food courts around the world.

Shopping with my mom, brings about good memories especially around the holidays

I love to buy people gifts of all kinds.

Mom is very good at helping me accomplish this task.

I surprised her with a great christmas gift, which was a coffee mug with a picture of both of us. She loved

our memories

The best gift I recieved from mom was getting the iPhone 8 Plus.

I wanted a big phone because it is easier to see. Surprise ! Surprise she said to me.

My other favorite Surprise was a trip to Florida, where we went to great beaches and of course great


I am a bit of a foodie as you will see..

I hope that you will follow me.

one of my favorite vera Bradley bags
My favorite surprise!

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