The Art Forest

Founder, Dr. Christine Grimaldi , Architect, Pamela jablonski and Art Director, Cara Difiore

The pictures attached are used for inspiration to create our Art Forest. ” A magical place where all can visit to experience tranquility, creativity, sensory, and more”

Autisticana and The Newsmakers are building a sensory art and nature trail for all to enjoy and find peace.

As the coach and director of Autisticana, I focus on storytelling for communication skills and for use with positive psychology teachings.

Life is all about the story we create in our minds. Why not create a story, creative visualizations, or positive affirmations that produce happiness and productivity for all of us, each and every day?

I decided with the help of my whole team to build a beautiful space near Rhinebeck, NY. A place where all can come for retreats and workshops. Where people of all abilities can do experiential work, and feel nature. A magical place where we can all use nature as a muse for relaxation, creativity, and healthy activities.

I have decided to create an art and sensory forest trail, which will be a one-mile loop full of sensory objects to explore, sound healing stations, and beautiful upcycle art pieces from birdhouses, paintings, and sculptures to beautiful crystal gardens and more. It will be a place where people can really be present and really feel, explore and just become. We will also have chickens, puppies, sustainable gardens, and who knows what to come.

With the help of the local universities and families, we can create a beautiful space where all can just be, whether exploring the objects, touching the art, holding the crystals, practicing yoga, or taking a nature course: this will be a place of serenity for all to experience. whether experiencing anxiety, going through grief or just wanting an amazing experience, this is going to be a site to see! We are more than half way there. We are excited to announce that our new 501c3, “The Stand Tall Foundation” is in honor of my amazing baby sister Cat, who is also a teacher and an amazing mom to my four little nephews; Frankie, Sal, Lucci and Max. She is a true warrior and this retreat house and trail will inspire so many to ground down, while rising up simultaneously. At Fuel Holistic Enrichment Center, we strive to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our art director and amazing artist, Cara Difiore (Cara’s Art Corner), will be my right-hand lady in assisting this wonderful and beneficial project for all and help teach each other how to experience art and nature to help relax the mind and calm the body.

I am proud to say my little cousin Pamela Jablonski will be the architect on this magical forest. This is a place where all can sit and feel, whether for healing or creating or just being.

Stations of the Art Forest

This summer, walk, run, jump, meditate or create in one of our three, one-mile trails to glimpse some of the beautiful outdoor public art, yoga, sound healing, garden, ecology and animal stations. Each trail takes about 30 minutes to an hour to walk — perfect for a cool morning before work, a socially distant lunch hour with co-workers, after-hours watching the sunset, or weekend activities. Creating peace and tranquility is our goal.

An urban outdoor gallery and nature trail
Collaborative beauty from public works of arts created by known and unknown artists. Several more sculptures are products or endowments we will be working on at and The News Makers.

We will also be working on our own art as team projects to be placed in the forest.

Our mission is to decrease isolation and increase the mental health of our nation through all abilities creative retreat and art forest. Please come join us. We are stronger as a team than we are all alone.

With love and peace,

Dr. Christine Grimaldi

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