Why do I notice people leaving the stands During a Soccer Match

2 Managers before made reactions about the winning goal while fans in the background planned to leave the stands before the match ended

The time when I watch the English Premier League, I noticed fans leaving the stands during the match in general because some would get snacks at the concourse or toilet break. When the 80th minute has passed, I noticed fans started leaving the stands because of the match was getting boring or maybe they want to leave before the traffic kicks in or possible street fight in rivalry matches so stewards keep an eye out for trouble. Sometimes during the last minute of stoppage time, everyone started leaving because they think it’s going to end with the results but sometimes miracles can happen and everyone stopped what they’re doing when the team gets the last corner kick or the offense side gets one more try or penalty kick for good luck at the final minute.

Inside the Concourse of the Soccer Team Stadium

Some matches I enjoyed checking out sky view of England just to see traffic in the background, taxis all lined up for passengers leaving the match and people leaving the stadium or tourists walking around outside of the stadium. Fans do often bring in food in the stands if they want lunch, dinner or snack depending on the time of the match. Sometimes not every group of fans leave before the match ends because it could end up be a late comeback or the match can be enjoyable. Some matches, fans quit too easily because the match could be a high scoring result or an performance of embarrassment with the worst results. Overall good things could happen and try not to predict that the results is going to stay that way ahead of time because each half of the 2 parts of a full soccer match has 45 minutes included stoppage time.

Sky view of the brand new Everton FC Location at Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium
First batch of West Ham Fans left the stadium while the Away Supporters of Brentford FC cheered for the winning goal
This was the highlight when West Ham Fans walked out as a group when Brentford got the winning goal
Newcastle United Fans stormed out of the stands as soon Chelsea scored their 3rd and Final Goal.
This was the highlight when Newcastle Fans stormed out after Chelsea scored a penalty kick.
Harry Kane during Opening Day of the 2022/2023 Season
Sky view of Fulham

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