Dinosaurs and The Beautiful Mind

By Kevin Dwyer and Dr. Christine Grimaldi

Most kids are fascinated with dinosaurs but kids on the spectrum have such intense beautiful minds.

This allows them to hyper focus on something that they are truly engaged and passionate about. This is because they do better when the information is stored in a specific part of the brain rather than information that’s stored in different parts of the brain. There are so many details behind dinosaurs so, there is so much information that these beautiful minds can focus and extract from.

Their obsession with dinosaurs can help them connect to others especially, when they are school age. By knowing all about dinosaurs helps them to build confidence. By learning and knowing dinosaurs facts and watching movies/TV shows is a comforting experience for them because the mystery surrounding the topic. As well as, constantly learning and discovering new facts about dinosaurs and having the ability to recall those facts.

Kevin is an expert in his fascination with dinosaurs that we decided to write a book about why people are so fascinated by these wonderful historic creatures, and research and story tell everything there is to know about these animals to peak other people’s interests.

Stay tuned for our new book Dinosaurs and the beautiful mind, release date December1 2022.

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