Tattoo Telling

Joanne Otto and Dr. Christine Grimaldi

As increasingly diverse groups of people get tattoos, popular perceptions are typically with the individual meanings behind them. The question remains, Who gets tattoos, and why?

I interviewed one of my most brilliant, interesting young adults named Joanna. She is a self-described “ 39-year-old, misunderstood talented witty female who does not realize her full potential. Her special interests lie in getting tattoos, but more importantly the stories behind them. As a narrative therapeutic specialist, I suggested to her, let’s share your innate gifts with the world, and write a book. So we decided to start with a special interest blog and then turn it into an investigative fun project , that will lead to a great informative book.

We decided to write a book titled ” Tattoo Telling” which is about all the why’s you need to know about the therapeutics behind tattoos.

The one common feeling that was expressed was that every person with a tattoo wants to express their unique personality, and to express their feelings in a creative way. There is so much to come, and we hope you follow our tattoo telling blog that hopefully will turn into a best seller one day.

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