Loving Maggie

How animals help us heal


Nicole Magee

As Thanksgiving just passed , we usually go around and say what we are grateful for.

This thanksgiving, I am so grateful for my dog Maggie. I am so grateful I decided to write a book about her , for the world to see.

The name of my book is called “Loving Maggie”

The title sums it all up. I never will forget the day , I got Maggie. My family and I decided to go adopt a dog at the north shore animal center.

My sister Brianna , who is also my twin always wanted a dog since childhood. So what a better time to get one, on a cloudy summer day.

Brianna was so funny, she made us all sign a contract that she would get a dog by the summer.

We all signed it, and on that cloudy summer day, we all welcomed Maggie into our home.

Maggie was so wonderful, she was the gift that kept on giving . Who would have known, that she would have become my best buddy and then my savior.

When I was 14 years old, I was walking on New Year’s Even and I fell . I was soon diagnosed with seizure disorder and from that time on, Maggie became closer and closer to me.

During Covid, she really kept everyone together and happy .

On Sept 17, 2021, I had a serious sleep seizure and I was flat on my book because I was not feeling good that day. I skipped my medication for a couple of days and my body reacted during my sleep, and I could not breathe. Maggie ran to my side and then alerted my parent’s that something was wrong. They were just about to get ready to go to bed, but Maggies persistently barked until they ran by my side.

Please read my book “Loving Maggie” so you can hear my story and how dogs are the true healers of life.

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