Can you always make lemonade out of lemons?

please sign this petition now Mabel is sick !!


The despair of Mabel n Moon! Is this another cancer case from Airbnb negligence and Adhor farms in Camarillo California. You bet it is. There are NO COINCIDENCES!

“This can not be happening !” “ Molly come home from that rainbow bridge!” “ I need you more than ever now !” “ Please my goose ! I cry everyday sick that airbnb and Adhor farms murdered you and made us all sick !

As I was driving up to the retreat center late last night, my Mabel from now the series “ The Adventures of Mabel n Moon,” put her head on my lap trying to speak to me in the car. I said, “ What’s wrong Mabee?” She looked at me with her big brown eyes, as I comforted her and put my hand under her chin only to feel a bigger than lemon tumor obstructing her throat!( throat tumors and esophageal all in sulfuric acid exposure handbook )

I suddenly tried to take a deep breath, as it was one am in the morning and I was driving the Autisticana news media van with the other dogs on a on a dark slippery road. I wanted to get there before dawn so I could go feed the horses at the farm.

I could not hold back anymore, I screamed, cried and shouted , “ You unaccountable bastards Airbnb and Adhor farms ! “ Once again , the sulphuric acid poisoning that murdered Molly, and made Moon have a lesion and me , a splenectomy reared its ugly head once again , and now it is with Mabel . She is only 17 months old!

It is almost one year to the date , we all took off last year so happy to find a retreat place to write empowerment books for kids after the Covid pandemic hit hard. We wanted to empower our youth using our service dogs as characters for the books.
We read a great tag line that said , “Come stay at a beautiful strawberry farm , where your dogs can run through the fields, as you enjoy the fresh fruit.” Who would not bite at that perfect marketing scam.

After 3 weeks we were fully immersed at the farm on zoom meetings all day writing these great books with my tribe Autisticana. I felt so in the flow state where magic was being created daily to empower kids. We we’re all experiencing true teamwork from the group.
Then tragedy hit. Me and the dogs all started getting sick. I was losing all my hair, sores all over my mouth and my gums were burning and bleeding. I could not see correctly. The dogs were throwing up gallons. I was alone and panicked. I spoke to another renter and he said , “ Do you smell that ?”, I said , “ Yes , my eyes are burning and I do not feel well ! He said , “ It smells like sulphur!” I replied , “ You are correct, and this is the toxic kind! “ We both went to go check out these corroded sulphuric acid tanks that were putting out this mist, and leaching into the waters!

He was leaving the next day, but I was not, and I was unwell with four sick dogs alone in another state! I immediately took them all out of the farm to breathe, because all the windows were sealed shut in the cottages. I then knew something was up and took pictures of everything.

As we drove to find fresh air, I stopped at a hiking trail to walk with the dogs and to relax all of us and drink fresh water.

All of a sudden , I got very dizzy and fell on my head! Molly was crying and licking me, as she always stood my by side. I heard a voice say , “ Do not move , you took a hard hit on the rocks and your head is bleeding a lot.” I said in confusion and despair , “Please leave Molly by my side , she is my service dog and my person , she will freak out if you try to move her. Please round the other dogs and keep Molly close to me.” I was so weak and dizzy , I could not do anything but try to put my hand out so Molly would stop crying.
I then heard all the fire trucks and ambulances. They said, I had a very bad adhesion to the eye , and most likely a concussion, and before you knew it, the place was packed with fire trucks, cops and ambulances. They wanted to take me immediately to the hospital, but I said , I could not leave Molly or the dogs. They said , can you call anyone, and I told them that we were all exposed to poison on a farm and were here out of state working on a project. I told them , we were all sick , and I called the farm and airbnb emergency and no one got back to us; so I jumped in the car to breathe and get the dogs away.
Not airbnb nor the farm responded , not once !

I was all alone with zero help and the farm nor airbnb could care less. I had no where to go and the ambulance sat with me for two hours because there was no one to watch the dogs. They finally followed me back to where the tragedy began, and friends and family called me every hour to make sure I stood awake.

It was awful , then it got worse. The dogs were having convulsions and throwing up all over the place. I jumped back in my van all stitched up and took them to an emergency hospital. I waited hours and hours with a concussion because vets were so strict about getting in. They finally took the dogs in and then came out to tell me that their vitals were fine, and that they probably just ate something bad. They said, the dogs will be fine.

As soon as I left, with a concussion mind you , they were all throwing up again. I was alone and beside myself. I went to the store and got them broth and probiotics and made them soup. That lasted a couple of days. I could not focus on my injuries, which ended up being a cracked eye socket and more. These animals are my children and needed attention.
I came home, called the farm again and the manager that covers for the owner Leslie , said do not worry you will be fine. No one did anything to help us! I said to myself , I am not an idiot! I called Airbnb to help

me and they were rude, unhelpful in an emergency and would not even refund three months of pay that I paid to stay here, so I could find another place , which was impossible during Covid.
I did not know what to do. I was panicked , and tried to keep my work going with my news team as I wanted to

protect them of what was happening. . My job is and always will be to keep their spirits high and launch them into the real world .
Barbara Walters was always my mentor , and she was a tough lesson for me as she always said, “The show must go on ! “ So I tried , and a day later My Molly collapsed. I ran to another vet hospital. All of a sudden , the vet came out to me, oand said it’s not good. I was in shock ! I said , what do you mean , I was at a vet last week and he told me all their vitals were fine. I could not believe it nor could I stop crying.! Being in the oncology field most of my life , the vet showed me Molly’s scans. Her lungs were filled up with neoplasms most likely cancerous cells. Completely filled without any room to breathe. At that moment , my life was taken from me. I could not believe it ! She was 7 , and always healthy ! Even my home vet could not believe it. She never ever had one problem and was at that vet for checkups more than I ever went to a salon. I was broken, as well I still had a concussion. I took her and the other dogs to the best hospital in Ventura. She told me Molly would not make it. I did not want to believe it. I said how can she go from totally clear lungs from one vet in three weeks to completely cancer ridden in the lungs. She told me toxic chemicals would do that because they are so strong and dogs immune systems are 7 times faster, thus every 1 year of age is 7 years of age to all of us. I could not stop crying. I stayed in and out of that hospital for five days with my other sick dogs in my van. I called in my friends to fly in and drive us all the way back to Ny. I had to get oxygen to take her home . The worst day of my life was putting down my best friend. The sadness, the guilt and so much more will never leave me.

A few weeks later , I was covered with mouth sores and had a white blood count close to leukemia. My gums were bleeding and no one could figure out what was going on. I said sulphuric acid poisoning. They did not understand that language at all. A week later they removed my spleen.

I started doing every bit of research about sulphuric acid exposure. As stated, and I have attached it to this blog . Exposure will cause eyes burning , gums bleeding , larynx, pharynx and throat cancer. It also said lung cancer and sudden death within a month. Exactly what Molly had died from !

I tried to fight and no one would listen. I experienced con artist lawyers, insurance companies and heard nothing from Airbnb nor the farm ! Not one call, zero reimbursement for the three months and not one penny for 20 k in vet bills. A million dollars would not heal my broken heart and still will not.

I did what I always do, and redirected my heartbroken self and team to make lemonade out of lemons and finish Molly’s beautiful books in her name and move onto another fun series , “ The Adventures of Mabel n Moon “ A whole adventure of books , redirecting the pain we went through to healthy stories and fun interactive positive empowerment lessons for kids.
I thought this would be great to take the focus off the bad and redirect to my two funny puppies, “Mabel n Moon in service training “, to be like their big sister Molly.
We did it, we worked hard and the books are in process to be celebrated and released !

What !!!!! Now Mabel has a huge tumor in her throat at a little over a year old ! Why ? I will tell you why! Sulphuric Acid poisoning! Adohr Farns and Airbnb Negligence!

I have not told my team yet, although they will read this.
There is not one coincidence here! Everything we have all suffered from has been from that exposure at that farm , it is all textbook and I have so many vet notes and my own doctors notes for data purposes.
What you ask ? How do I redirect now ? Write books on losing a twin called , “Left Behind” By Moon the lonely twin.
Mabel is going into the hospital soon, and now I am asking everyone to be accountable ! Please step forward and help us as a team of conscious leaders !

Make Airbnb and Adhor farms in Camarillo accountable for the destruction of me , my dogs and my team.
As I say every day to my media team every day !

“We are stronger as a team than we are alone !”

I now need all your help ! Every activist, animal lover , special needs activist, lawyer, celebrity, animal cruelty organization and more. Ellen Degeneres ! Everyone Please re sign this new petition and help us as a team so justice is made.

There are hundreds of migrant workers getting sick on that farm everyday and my friends who came to rescue us are Spanish. They investigated as well as they spoke to all the workers. The workers told them that they are getting sick every day , but need to send the money home.
I am asking again , please share this with everyone you know! Make this go VIRAL ! So people are made accountable and this will never happen again. I can not go through this anymore and we need help !
I need an influencer who loves animals to please step up !!

With a heavy heart !

Dr. Christine

founder of

“A news media team that is going to sweep the nation.”

As well the agriculture commissioner for the area , sent me a ridiculous subjective survey speaking to the manager and taking his word.
Really ? Not one professional objective measure ! Wow! Do your job !

Sulfuric acid is used to yield crops.
It is all here , all lethal, and I am sure Adohr Farms nor Airbnb never adhere to these guidelines. As well Farm land needs to be banned off of Airbnb , there have been thousands of cases and Airbnb just pay to cover it up, as all the victims suffer. As well the farm is covered with migrant hard working vulnerable employees, so everything goes undocumented !!!
Hope takes action … please help ! We need all the professionals to step forward !

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