How to think like a horse (our 10 part series )

By Danielle Delaney and Dr. Christine

Since we have started our “Love and Rescue “ program at our wellness retreat house in Staatsburg Ny, all of us @autisticana are getting to experience how working with rescue equine really helps us with our own issues and healing, as we learn how to help and heal these abandoned and abused animals. 13 hands equine rescue is a magical place , where you can feel the love and compassion through out the pastures.

Dr. Christine is adopting a beautiful horse with eye cancer. She looks like a unicorn and her name is Crystal Blue. Unicorns create magic and I am sure Christine and Crystal Blue will create magic together.

Crystal Blue is also having a baby any moment. We are going to name the baby Wisper . Why ? , because Dr. Christine always teaches us how to listen, because you get a better response out of a whisper than you do when you speak loudly.

She is teaching us all the natural healing powers of horses and how we need to stay quiet and grounded so that each horse can teach us a lesson. Horses are one of the most spiritually connected animals and we can learn so much from them.

I have been trying to stay calm and quiet, and I feel like I am meditating with the horse. Christine calls it “Dancing With The Horses” , and as a team at autisticana we all love to dance.

So here is the first lesson we learned that I would like to share with all of you.

“We must become like a horse”

Like Dr. Christine taught us how to meditate , we first learned about our five senses . These senses teach us how to stay present. Like humans, horses work off the five senses , so the more we understand the power of these senses, the more the horses respond to us.

The five senses are

  1. smell
  2. taste
  3. sight
  4. sound
  5. touch

Dr. Christine performing Reiki Therapy on her horse and baby.

Horses respond to the senses so we must listen to the cues that they give us. Horses are observers .

They observe, react quickly and think later. So we must stay calm. The calmer we are the more grounded we are , like a tree rooted in the ground.

The horses will trust us, and then they will gravitate to us. When a horse builds your trust , it gives you the best feeling ever. A feeling of value and worth that we all desire. As people on the spectrum we have lived in a lot of uncertainty and fear. We sometimes feel left out from the norm. We feel isolated and lonely. Our news media team at autisticana has helped us feel wanted and Dr. Christine has built is a family. We are so grateful that 13 Hands Equine Rescue will be part of our family too. We are also learning how to have boundaries as a volunteer and with the rescue animals.

It is important to make a horse feel relaxed around you.

I have learned how to whisper and stay calm and now the horses are starting to trust me . When I am calm, they are calm. When I smile, I feel them smile.

Dr. Christine sings the same quiet song , “ hopelessly devoted to you “ to Crystal Blue every time. I watch and have observed that Crystal Blue hears her quiet song from a far, and immediately runs over to see her, knowing her mommy has arrived. They are both calm and enjoying each other together.

I can hardly wait till her baby is born and maybe someday , I can adopt my own horse. Someday, maybe we can all adopt horses.

Stay tuned for our future blogs and experiences at Love and Rescue( Dr. Christine created love and rescue originally for us , to teach us how to save ourselves and be our best always. Now we continue to learn from each other as a team.

“ When I stay calm and smile , Big Mac looks right in my eye and smiles with me. “ This makes all my problems seem to go away and makes me happy.

Stay tuned as Dr. Christine says…

“ It’s not how many breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away “

I am excited to see what the future holds at

Thank you to everyone at 13 hands equine rescue for allowing us to feel , learn and become ….

Please donate to help all these horses.

I have posted the link below.

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