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Author the newsmaker team @autisticana

As a team , we had a great lesson taught to us by our coach Dr. Christine.

We have up to 160 blogs and have learned so much about conscious leadership, writing, teamwork, friendship, communication skills , health and fitness and so much more.

Now we are learning how to fund raise and write grants . As a team of all abilities we never thought we would get this far but we have.

Christine has taught us how to start a fundraising platform and here are the lessons .

  1. Begin with a realistic goal
  2. Use your title to tell a shareable story
  3. Tell a unique story that is easy to skim
  4. Upload high – quality photos and videos
  5. Build a community
  6. Get press coverage
  7. Update your fundraiser regularly
  8. Adjust your goal as needed
  9. Follow up on your fundraiser
  10. Always stand tall to your truth with integrity with love and compassion.

So here is the skim on this story .

  1. Our Mascot Molly would have been nine years old in three days. ( she was taken suddenly due to airbnb negligence on a farm )
  2. Our hearts were broken and our coach Christine devastated.
  3. We learned how to be resilient and have continued to do great work for a purpose higher than ourselves.
  4. Christine is in process of adopting two horses. The mom is named Crystal blu and the baby just born is named Wisper.
  5. Coach Christine has taught us if we pause and Wisper, than we have the clarity to see little miracles in every day life.
  6. Christine’s baby sister Cat has terminal cancer. Cat has four young boys under 11 years of age.
  7. Christine wants to advocate for every mom ( of all species ) to never have to leave their children .
  8. The youth of today is in major trauma, suffering from grief and loss .
  9. We at autisticana are working hard to help all kids everywhere .
  10. Crystal Blu and Wisper will be a gift from our coach to heal and to help heal all in need.
  11. Momma Crystal Blu has cancer like Dr. Christine’s sister . They both have babies.
  12. We will help her raise money and do whatever is needed to save Mommy Crystals life .
  13. We have created a platform to raise funds to heal her.
  14. Then she will stay with her baby Wisper.
  15. We are going to write a series of picture books to empower kids nationwide.
  16. The series will be called “ The Magic of Wisper and Blue
  17. The proceeds will go to 13 hands equine rescue llc.
  18. Here is their link.
  19. We need to raise money to save her life for so many reasons you will learn when you read our books.
  20. Can you please share with all your friends. Every bit of money will help save Crystal and Wisper.
  21. We at autisticana are so grateful to have your read our stories and have you participative in a purpose higher than yourselves.

Thank you all from our team to yours.


The News Team @autisticana

Please help us and share with all .

We are stronger as a team than we are alone …

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