Autisticana and The Beauty Behind Our Team.

By the Autisticana Team

We wanted to write a blog to everyone to state our mission to the world. We designed this start up blog and news media company in Barbara Walter’s name.

She was our coach, Dr. Christine’s’ dear friend and mentor. Christine learned how to be a conscious leader and news reporter through her years working by her side. We are so thrilled that coach Christine has now devoted her life into helping us do the same.

We wanted everyone to know that we chose the name Autisticana , because we are autistic people and have beautiful minds. We as a team want to lift the stigma that society has placed on us with negative connotations of the name.

Autisticana in our perspective represents our curious and brilliant minds. A lot of us want to be inclusive because “ We get each other”

The world is so focused on us being with everyone. They sometimes treat us like we are aliens. We are brilliant , kind , curious and compassionate adults who are proud of who we are ! We enjoy being with like minded people, despite how their brain is wired.

We picked the name and we love it!

The Autisticana Team standing in front of a white van with the Autisticana logo on it. The logo consists of a persons face made up of different kinds of circles. The log contains the phrase "Autisticana The Nerd-Divergent News Media Company. Stop Whining, Start Doing"
Here’s some of the Autisticana team with our van!

We also love Starbucks ! We love all the details about all their different titles of all their specialty drinks! Details are our thing and creativity. Starbucks has accomplished that for us, and we are thankful.

So Autisticana and Americana rhyme! We live to rhyme! It is soothing and engages our mind into a steady state of flow.

We do not want to change!

Society want’s to change us.

We thank you coach Christine for letting us be proud of who we are , and for enhancing and launching our creativity.

As a like minded team of creative friends our mission is to investigate and write good news pieces on grass roots foundations , local stores, events , corporations , art , film and more people that are making a difference in this world.

Thank you Christine for keeping us thriving during the pandemic with our travel bloggers series.

Now we as a team are here to write a great news piece on all of you to make your lives , careers and passions be known to the world.

Covid has brought darkness to this planet. @autisticana we are here to bring back the light!

Blessings to all!

From our team at Autisticana.

FYI. Half of our team is neurotypical and we mentor them.

We are not aliens but so like a good sci-fi movie.

“ For it is not how many breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away “

This collage of photos contains images of the Autisticana team out in the community. These photos contain images of the team having fun out at our local bowling alley.
Here’s the Autisticana team out in the community learning and having fun!

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