What quality do you value most in a friend?

Companionshp. The good, the bad and the horrible. An interesting take on a sweet road we call, the truth.

Prompt Introduction: Friend. What defines it? Someone who cherishes the moments that you’ve had with them, constantly tries to cheer you up and on when things get worse, gives you advice to make better decisions. All of these makes up what we think of a friend is to us deep down, but is that true in the long run? It’s best to consider who honestly has your back at times. Sometimes the quality that we find in companions and colleagues doesn’t always turn out in our favor which leads to disappointment.

The Bad:  Not everyone will feel the same way as we do about this fact. There are times where we might bite off more than we could possibly chew in regards towards being an ally that we love to support in their own time of suffering and need. When we continue to be there for them, it makes us feel good knowing that they respect us.

Being blinded by ambition, determination, courage into trying to keep that friendship going is not always the best course of action for just anyone. It’s normal to keep that someone close so they do not disappear or find someone else to hurt. That’s unfortunately how it works. The idea is that they try to trick you into thinking that’s the truth, in reality that is just their way to get what they want and need by using your own feelings against yourself.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to do, but let them go and move on.

The Good: Friends know what you’re feeling within the depths of your heart. We feel at peace knowing we have that special someone in our lives who gives a damn about our existence. It’s not about money, politics, or whatever they expect in return. It’s about the quality of life that matters. Quantity doesn’t come close at all.

That’s the thing, they don’t want you to see them with their true colors. It’s easy to be like, “Nah, this girl is trustworthy. This man understands my feelings.” They may feel empathetic to you, but it’s all about how they sound towards every conversation you bring up that’s heartbreaking or sad. Creating fake friends is easy, but finding someone’s real and genuine is rare.

Conclusion: Remember. You matter more than you realize. We spend our lives chasing people who are for us, but 60% of the time, hide behind a mask of lies. We should be asking the real questions. “Do you care about our friendship? Would you be there for the hard times? When I have your back, will you have mine in due time?” As straightforward and harsh as those may sound, at least it’ll give you results on who is for and against your life.

Don’t ever be played by fakes. It happens more than you ever realize. ^.^ -Pano

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