Curry butter scallops with peanut curry hummus

Joeys eats …

It’s always a wonderful surprise when cooking with our lead chef Joanna Otto.

She wanted to try something new and make a delicious dinner for our news team @ autisticana. It is always a challenge with our neurodiversity team and their palettes . Joanna always seems to conquer our taste palettes with her exquisite recipes.

We always stress on using goods from our pantries so we do not waste.

She decided to take a big bag of scallops and bring life to it.

Sautéed scallops in vegan butter with a splash of pink Himalayan salt was delicious.

After the sauté, Joanna wanted to make a side sauce to go with the scallops , We looked in my pantry and pulled out white cannelli beans and a can of chick peas. As investigators we wanted to test both. So we did .

We put the beans in the blender with a curry block and a bit of organic coconut cream and a tablespoon of peanut butter.

After whipping for a few seconds , we put the mixture on top of the scallops.

It was beyond delicious. The white cannellini beans came out a bit creamier , but most enjoyed the whipped chick peas better.

This chick pea sauce was perfect on the scallops but would probably be a great side sauce for poultry or a vegan dish.

For our critical thinking news team who does not enjoy taste change , they are enjoying these new delicacies with our chef Joey.

You can also cream peas and add as a side. Delicious !!

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