Autisticana Update Log II

I’m aware that many tell me to share my emotions and open up. However, it’s not as easy. Opening up also means sharing and telling it how it is. The problem with my method, in keeping things silent and not speaking about it, makes things messy for me. Feelings matter… unfortunately, that’s something even I am working on to be better at it.

Positive content is something I always try to produce when I can. Maybe it’s my feelings coming into play here… but.. if anyone is viewing this… Whether it’s my colleagues.. boss.. or… anything. I…. feel ashamed for sharing how I’m feeling. I know being happy is what we are about, but… it’s difficult.

My blogs are, of course, almost finished, at least the ones that are currently edited for approval. Just wanted to confirm with everyone who was waiting for them in the meantime. I am glad to be part of this team.

I’ll update for Part III at a later date. We’ll play it by ear. 👍

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