A Person of Action: Vincent’s online petition helps bring Spongebob-shaped Kraft Mac & Cheese back to the shelves!

A dedication in honor of Vincent Pepe

One of our news-makers was honored for filing a petition to bring back the previously discontinued SpongeBob mac & cheese.

We asked Vincent why he started this petition. His response was because he thought the taste of Spongebob mac & cheese tasted the best out of all of the different kinds.

We asked him if it was because he liked the Spongebob visual, and if he thought that was the reason for the enhanced taste. He said it could be, but he literally thought the taste was the reason.

We asked him how he got so many people to sign the petition. He responded saying it was consistency each and every day.

He told us he texted, called, and used social media to get the job done- becoming one of the most popular petitions to bring back the Kraft product.

His hard work paid off and his petition titled, “Bring back Spongebob Mac & Cheese shapes” (change.org) was written up in different media platforms, including ‘Today.’

Due to his hard work, Kraft has begun the production of the original Spongebob mac & cheese and we are all happily awaiting our box so we can have a celebration in honor of Vince.

Vincent told us it took four months from start of the petition to finish, with over 1000 signatures.

The lesson is that if you channel your passion and advocate for change, then maybe it just maybe happen.

Congratulations Vincent for a job well done !!!

Form the tribe @ autisticana

Below is the original picture.

We are proud of our team member and the lesson is loud and clear.

If your preservers for you advocacy then change can happen !


Vincent, “ A person of action “

Vincent began working on his next petition! He is spreading the word about bringing back the classic Wizard101 game!

sign here: https://www.change.org/p/kingsisle-bring-back-the-classic-wizard101?cs_tk=Aj9GbD5o9hM2S7pOMGUAAXicyyvNyQEABF8BvJCsqGeWizBvmqK4Gbaj5nY%3D&utm_campaign=b3901a136c3147e3a1bacf1d5d896c63&utm_content=initial_v0_3_0&utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_signer_receipt&utm_term=cs

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