Author: PanagiotisTheHero

  • I’m aware that many tell me to share my emotions and open up. However, it’s not as easy. Opening up also means sharing and telling it how it is. The problem with my method, in keeping things silent and not speaking about it, makes things messy for me. Feelings matter… unfortunately, that’s something even I am working on to be better at it.

    Positive content is something I always try to produce when I can. Maybe it’s my feelings coming into play here… but.. if anyone is viewing this… Whether it’s my colleagues.. boss.. or… anything. I…. feel ashamed for sharing how I’m feeling. I know being happy is what we are about, but… it’s difficult.

    My blogs are, of course, almost finished, at least the ones that are currently edited for approval. Just wanted to confirm with everyone who was waiting for them in the meantime. I am glad to be part of this team.

    I’ll update for Part III at a later date. We’ll play it by ear. 👍

  • My fellow authors and friends. I appreciate you all more than you realize to tell you the truth. It’s honestly like having a 2nd family who loves you and cares about having you around.

    Do not worry. My future blogs are coming. Slow but polished to perfection. We all have slow and hard days. We conserve and wait until the truth is ready to be revealed. I admit I’m not quite finished with my work, but… when I feel like I’m in a better head space, I’ll work towards publishing what I already started. Count on it, I love you all to the bottom of my heart. Thank you for understanding my position. ❤️

  • What bothers you and why?

    It’s not a question of what bothers me but why people go out of their own way to say misleading and horrible things without thinking about it before they say it. While, hurtful, they never think about the consequences when and if they say it to the person they’re insulting; why is that? From my perspective, it’s a way for them to dump their own issues to make the problems that they are having to go away.

    Nasty and rude people are one of the most incredibly obnoxious beings I have ever dealt with. When someone believes that they’re right and refuse to correct themselves, you know you’ve got your hands full, and things won’t always go perfectly. Truthfully, I hate it when people do this. They don’t know any better and continue to act upon it like some kind of foolish Hero. They understand what’s happening, but you don’t, that’s pretty much the point of it all.

    The solution for me when it comes to situations like this is, don’t let them get to you. I know that may sound difficult, but if you give them an inch, they’ll take that and go a mile forward making your issues far worse than they already are to begin with, thankfully preventing this is relatively simple. If they try and figure out how to make an issue with you, ask them “Well, how about instead of forcing the problem forward, why not question yourself as to why this is needed so much?” Being judgmental, irritating, unreasonable isn’t the path forward in Life. That just won’t work. Push past the labels and change who you are for the better.

    After all… being a free logical thinker is better than being a problem, right? ^^

  • What quality do you value most in a friend?

    Companionshp. The good, the bad and the horrible. An interesting take on a sweet road we call, the truth.

    Prompt Introduction: Friend. What defines it? Someone who cherishes the moments that you’ve had with them, constantly tries to cheer you up and on when things get worse, gives you advice to make better decisions. All of these makes up what we think of a friend is to us deep down, but is that true in the long run? It’s best to consider who honestly has your back at times. Sometimes the quality that we find in companions and colleagues doesn’t always turn out in our favor which leads to disappointment.

    The Bad:  Not everyone will feel the same way as we do about this fact. There are times where we might bite off more than we could possibly chew in regards towards being an ally that we love to support in their own time of suffering and need. When we continue to be there for them, it makes us feel good knowing that they respect us.

    Being blinded by ambition, determination, courage into trying to keep that friendship going is not always the best course of action for just anyone. It’s normal to keep that someone close so they do not disappear or find someone else to hurt. That’s unfortunately how it works. The idea is that they try to trick you into thinking that’s the truth, in reality that is just their way to get what they want and need by using your own feelings against yourself.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to do, but let them go and move on.

    The Good: Friends know what you’re feeling within the depths of your heart. We feel at peace knowing we have that special someone in our lives who gives a damn about our existence. It’s not about money, politics, or whatever they expect in return. It’s about the quality of life that matters. Quantity doesn’t come close at all.

    That’s the thing, they don’t want you to see them with their true colors. It’s easy to be like, “Nah, this girl is trustworthy. This man understands my feelings.” They may feel empathetic to you, but it’s all about how they sound towards every conversation you bring up that’s heartbreaking or sad. Creating fake friends is easy, but finding someone’s real and genuine is rare.

    Conclusion: Remember. You matter more than you realize. We spend our lives chasing people who are for us, but 60% of the time, hide behind a mask of lies. We should be asking the real questions. “Do you care about our friendship? Would you be there for the hard times? When I have your back, will you have mine in due time?” As straightforward and harsh as those may sound, at least it’ll give you results on who is for and against your life.

    Don’t ever be played by fakes. It happens more than you ever realize. ^.^ -Pano

  • What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

    If you’re reading this. You might be wondering what my answer might be, but the truth is… I don’t have one. We all get judged based on how different most of us act, interact, or even speak to people on a daily basis.

    I know that. It hurts heavily inside our hearts, like a drill that’s trying to destroy it. Emotionally, I’ve accepted that my mistakes have become part of who I am and the legacy It may bring in the future.

    I love my friends, co-workers, bosses, and family. Deep down, I understand that they care just as much. Being appreciated and knowing you belong is something to cherish and keep close to you. Sure, others may not always listen, but… that doesn’t mean we don’t care.

    Great responsibility has a cost when it comes to power. Our legacy may not be agreed upon by everyone who sees us for ourselves but… I believe… those who love, understand, cherish, and comfort our circle/group is a winner in my book. So yeah, I’m confident to say my legacy is secure.

    Though, it’s not just my legacy. My children will inherit my intelligence and logic. They may get bullied and mocked, but that won’t stop them or my wife from mentoring them into turning violent confrontations into transforming bullies into critical thinking professionals. My friends believe in a greater good. That promise will follow me and my companions towards a better future.

    I’m ready to embrace that change. Will you be a part of that, too? If so, sharing my intelligence with you is both an honor and privilege. <3

  • How do you feel about cold weather?

    On the one hand, it feels nice and beneficial. However, it doesn’t help if the temperature changes and fluctuates in a very abnormal way. I love cold weather but only in moderation, same with warm weather in the summertime. 🙂

  • The introduction: Many days it feels like life is throwing you only lemons and positive feelings can seem like they are being squeezed downward by negative thoughts. Remember it’s not what is thrown at you, but how you deal with it.

    The First Paragraph: It’s true we share emotions and continually try to make the best out of a bad situation no matter what it could be. It should not matter. Friends may come and go and even though negativity can and sometimes cloud our judgements on previous or recent events, we shouldn’t ever forget that we are important. Think about those outcomes and work towards turning that bad energy into good fuel to boost your self-esteem.
    We need to be aware that while our actions have potential consequences, it’s always better to assess than jump to conclusions. For example, firing a co-worker may sound fine on paper, but it could easily be a harder issue than to simply get rid of them instantly. Another good point to understand is that emotional connections and friendships lead to friendly co-workers. Don’t always assume that with every fight something will occur. Friends and interesting workers do occasionally get into arguments. That’s just part of life, and unfortunately, it is not under our control.

    All of this has a lot of good points on both sides and that’s the important part. It all makes us feel incredible and invigorated. We are only human. Truth be told that while mistakes occur during and after that affect our very lives, it should be noted that despite things not always going our way and how we want it. Perhaps it’s time we think about how those people who we work with every other day, maybe even weekly, to tell them how they feel about us. Do they view us in a good light or not? Even if it seems horrible, we cannot interfere no matter how much we feel like it. In our gut, it could feel harmless. However, to allow bygones be bygones takes a lot of courage and determination out of both parties to agree, honestly, and truthfully.

    The 2nd Paragraph: Having friends is nice. There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be in a friend group or social circle. Interactions help us better ourselves in becoming the best version of who we are. Striving for success can lead to greatness. Bumpy roads bring potholes, which attract unwanted problems by committing errors from our past.

    The 3rd Paragraph: Hard days, depending on how you look at it, will in fact slow our progress down whether we like it or not. Our minds may look at it like a type of hellscape that neither of us can escape, almost like some kind of hellish nightmare refuses to give you any type of escape route to get out of it.

    The 4th Paragraph: It does not have to end here. Take in what you can and breathe deeply right now, four times. Take a stand and show the world, just how much you’re able to conquer and fulfill that desire in order to crush those deep dark thoughts that want to ruin and destroy every last bit of positivity in not just your life but anyone’s. Screaming, yelling, being angry is something that you could do, to slow the spread that makes us feel uncomfortable and uncertain of choices; that changes the viewpoint of people around us in both a positive and nasty light. Unfortunately, that masks the problem and doesn’t deal with the issue at hand, making it difficult for it to just disappear. There are coping mechanisms available.

    Meditation, breathing exercises, athleticism are both equally calm ways to wisk away stress. Surviving the unending sadness and tedious feelings of life, work, relationships and family all point towards some underlining amount uneasiness which can disrupt other people’s enjoyment of just trying to live a perfect and rewarding lifestyle. If others think it’s hilarious, rise above the anger and sadness and do not participate in their mocking. Moving forward to face your fears upon the everlasting fragile darkness is the first step to becoming whole and pure, going far beyond what others haven’t experienced before. Live each day and cherish every moment to protect not only your voice but the voices of others who determine the perfect you!

    The 5th and Final Paragraph: We must strive for the future. Words may not hold as much weight than actions do. Nonetheless, forgetting the certainty makes for a dishonest approach. What have you learned? How do you define getting serious with others that share your predicaments? Often times we become lost and drift awkwardly into those thoughts that made us question, if what we’re all doing is correct. When you open up with the words “I want to feel alive!” It’s easy. You can’t think about the past. “Why did I do that? My boss will hate me for saying those words on his/her texts. Will she fire me? How will the others view me?!” All of that will turn into anger and resentment within your mind.

    You also can’t think about the future. “Will it be, ok? Are they going to punish me for just speaking my mind about how I feel about certain things?? I was just being honest.” That’ll just turn into feelings of worry and concern. In that case, hold on for dear life!

    Stake your entire existence in the present and not the past. That’s right! If you take this time and review what I’ve wrote, you are already on the right path in becoming a better person. Everyone, you will be ALIVE AND CONQUER THAT NEGATIVITY!