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  • Inside of a new Toyota RAV4

    Hi my name is Scott and I’m the CEO at . I wanted to talk about why I love to take pictures of cars.

    I wanted to work at a Dealership just to take pictures of cars and add it on the website. Working as a photographer at a dealer, maybe they would hire me for my great talent and my abilities instead of seeing me through the “disability lense”. I love taking pictures of cars and check the details of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Sometimes when I see pictures of the person who owns the car and who is going to I want them to see the clear picture, with every detail. I wanted to take pictures of cars at a car sales dealership because I wanted to double check the vehicle, make sure the car is in good condition, mileage and color and specific type of vehicle. If I would know how to sell my own car, I would like to use every detail of the vehicles condition, photo of the car in every angle and talk about the vehicle itself.

    Cars in the Showcase at an Toyota Dealership

    If I work at the dealership, I would take a picture of the car who was last leased, and then check the vehicle itself for mileage and other detail of the vehicle to see if its running well. If I work at a Car Sales, I wanted to work as a Car Photographer because, I wanted to take a picture of the car in every angle of detail, car condition, interior, exterior and upload the pictures on the website, like the website of the car dealership and online Market Website for Car Search. I would also have to learn how to do vin number and use the key to alarm the car to see which is the exact vehicle. I would be very flexible about new vehicles in the fleet

    New and Used Cars for inventory
  • Liverpool has faced Real Madrid at Paris for the Champions League Final. It was first time that both teams played against each other in 2018 when Liverpool lost 3-1 but Liverpool won against Tottenham Hotspurs in 2019 for a 2-0 victory. This Season Liverpool has won the FA Cup, EFL Cup, Finished 2nd Place in the Premier League. Now Liverpool has to win the Champions League Final and still get the Treble Season if they beat Real Madrid.

    The match started off with Liverpool and Real Madrid we’re neck to neck but scoreless. Real Madrid and Liverpool each almost scored a goal but couldn’t get it in but Real Madrid was ruled offside because of a foul before the goal was stand. During the 2nd Half, Liverpool was starting to lose control but Real Madrid scored a goal during the 59th minute. Afterwards, Liverpool has gotten more chance with the ball but it wasn’t getting in their way. They tried everything to get it in but wasn’t worth it. Mohammed Salah and Jordan Henderson had the ball most of the time but there was a lot of defensive moments. Jurgen Kloop urges his players to quickly. During the final 15 minutes, Liverpool subbed the 3 players each few minutes apart but at the end it wasn’t worth it to give Liverpool to get the last minute goal to level up. Liverpool FC had all the mighty move to get every moment to get every chance of an opportunity but it ended with the goalie saved it 30 seconds before the match and it was officially done. Liverpool had very moment but unfortunately it wasn’t getting in their way but the Team should be very proud of themselves for the hard work and the effort. At the end, Liverpool FC got themselves a victory parade in Liverpool, England for an incredible Season with 2/4 Wins in every tournament from League Tournaments and Football Cup Playoffs.

    Liverpool FC Parade

    Even Liverpool didn’t win The Champions League Final but deserves a Parade for all of the Double Cup Champions especially they could’ve had a parade for the Premier League Champions of the 19/20 season which they couldn’t do it during the Global Pandemic. Liverpool also included the Womens Club because Liverpool FC Women’s Club won the 2021-2022 FA Women’s Championship with two games in hand, and earned their promotion back to the FA Women’s Super League. It was parade to bring Fans around the World to bring peace and connection.

    Both Men and Women’s League gets to have a trophy for their success

  • Leeds United are desperate for a win in order to stay in the Premier League to play for the fight because it’s the season finale of the 2021/2022 Premier League. Leeds United has determined to survive in the Premier League. Leeds United has been in the Premier League since during the Global Pandemic for the 2020/2021 Season when there was no fans in the Stand. The team finished in 10th on their first year in the Premier League but sadly let go the greatest manager Marcelo Bielsa who helped Leeds United won the 2019/2020 Season of the Championship League which is based on the 2nd Division of English Football League. Unfortunately Bielsa left the Club before the end of 21/22 Season because after a couple of poor performances land nearly at the Regulation Zone. Then American Coach Jesse Marsch came to Leeds and helped the team to stay in the Premier League as much as possible.

    Leeds United was triumph for staying in Premier League but the only way it would work if they get a win or draw and Burnley lose to Newcastle United. Leeds United played at the Brentford Community Stadium which is home of the Brentford Bees. The Bees had a great 1st Year in the Premier League and they faced against Leeds to determine the closing ceremony of the season. It started of scoreless during the 1st Half but Leeds United took the Pently and Raphinha scored which give Leeds United the lead 1-0 at the 56th Minute. In the meantime Brentford scored to level things up and it was Sergi Canos who helped the Bees to level it up. The next minute the Spaniard Player Sergi Canos got a red card because of a foul and got booked for the 2nd time. Before the match ended in a tremendous Victory, Raphinha kicked the ball in the corner and give Jack Harrison the former NYCFC Player and got the Winning Goal which everyone was happy in Tears of Joy plus that was the moment to finally get out the Regulation Zone. American Coach Jesse Marsch who was a Former Red Bulls Soccer who helped out New York, Salzburg and Leipzig Coach cheered with his fist up in the air because it was a celebration for Leeds United to stay in the Premier League which became a reality. It was the greatest comeback in Premier League History to get another season. Now Leeds United can play for the 2022/2023 Season and bring new players to the Club so they can go back to the Top 10 which could possibly make it to the Champions League.

    Jack Harrison scored for Leeds United to get the winning goal
    Jack Harrison celebrated his Victory to Stay in the Premier League
    Jack Harrison hugged Raphinha
    Brentford Stewart’s and Crew Members shield players so fans don’t cause any trouble
    Leeds United Stand Together
    Celebration with of the Leeds United Supporters
    Jesse Marsch in Action
    Jack Harrison smiled for his act of heroism

    Interview with Kalvin Philips
    All of the Exclusive Footages of players and fans in action
  • Australian Footy is one of interests of Sports overseas that I never heard of in the US. Australian Footy is much different than American Football because it’s a rounded field and has 3 goal posts but the 2 goal posts on the sides are called behind which means if you kick it on those posts, you only get a point. The Goal Post in the mIddle is the one we’re you can earn 6 points if you kick it in the middle. The Scoring results are much different than American Football which both AFL and NFL both has 4 Quarters but different timings per Quarter. I would often watch it on Fox Sports if I have some energy to stay up late or get up early in the morning. I picked some of teams of the 18 but one of my favorite Aussie Footy Team is the Brisbane Lions. The Town Brisbane reminds me of Bluey which it’s actually based on a kids cartoon show in Australia. The Brisbane Lions is currently one of the best teams in the league so far this season compares with Melbourne, Fremantle Dockers and Carlton. The Brisbane Lions had a great 2021 season finished in 4th but lost against the Western Bulldog’s during the Semifinals. Now the Brisbane Lions wants to focus on continued to be the best team in the league and hopefully win the 2022 Season. Chris Fagan is the Head Coach of the Lions and Greg Swan is the CEO of the Football Club. Dwayne Zorko is the Capitan of the Club. The Club was formerly known as the Brisbane Bears until 1996 and The Lions was taken over after the idea of the Fitzroy Lions Football Club. The Lions wear Maroon, Gold and Blue which represent their colors for the club. Brisbane Lions was going to get a new Stadium at the Brighton Homes Arena coming soon for the Men’s and Women’s Team for Brisbane.

    I was early in the US but wrapping up the evening match in Australia. It was the Brisbane Lions vs West Coast Eagles. During the 1st Quarter Charlie kicked the ball and scored a goal the 1st minute. Then Charlie Cameron kicked it to goal. In the meantime, The West Coast Eagles scored goal. Before the Lions wrapped up the 1st Quarter, Hugh McCluggage scored The Lions and took the lead 21-6. During the 2nd Quarter, Dan McStay was injured and have to be subbed off and Thomas Berry subbed in for him. Charlie Cameron got 2 goals in a on the board to the Lions a 34-6 lead. During the 3rd Quarter One of the players who kicked it from the Center Square into Goal Square and Jack Payne scored a goal from long range. Charlie Cameron caught the ball in the 50 yard zone and kicked it in the goal post to give Brisbane 48-6 lead. During the 4th Quarter, the Lions were winning 61-20 and Hugh McCluggage scored his 3 goals in a row for the night. Then Oscar Mclnerney kicked the ball up in the air and landed into the goal square which bounced it for a goal to give the Lions another lead 86-28. Thomas Berry kicked it in the 50 meters yard zone and made it to the goal post. During 30 seconds on the clock, Zac Bailey scored the last goal of the night and the Brisbane Lions won 105-30. The Brisbane Lions won by 75 margins over the West Coast Eagles but the Lions were too strong for undermanned Eagles and broke the record for the biggest win against the Eagles.

    The Brisbane Lions won 105 to 30 which The Lions got 16 Goals and 9 Behinds (105) and the Eagles got 4 Goals and 6 Behinds (30). At the end of the Match, the Home Team sings there anthem Every time when finished the game with a Win.

    Here’s the list of the Result of the Brisbane Lions Match

    Brisbane Lions 3.3 5.6 9.7 16.9 (105)
    West Coast 1.0 1.1 3.2 4.6 (30)

    Goals of The Match
    Brisbane Lions: Cameron 4, McCluggage 4, Rayner 2, Payne, Coleman, McInerney, T. Berry, J. Berry. Bailey.
    West Coast Eagles: Ryan 3, Darling.

    Best of the Match
    Brisbane Lions: McCluggage, Neale, Zorko, Cameron, Rich ,Answerth.
    West Coast Eagles: Hurn, McGovern, Jones, Redden, Ryan.

    Injuries Report of the Match
    Brisbane Lions:
    McStay (ankle).
    West Coast Eagles: Nil.

    Umpires: Haussen, Glouftsis, McGuinness.
    Crowd: 19,331 at the Gabba in Brisbane, Queensland

  • The Patchogue Singer Christian Guardino was able to make to the top 10 but now have to focus on bigger challenges in order to stay in the competition. Christian has made a huge progress of keeping his hopes up and willing to stay in the competition with all of the love and support. During the Round of Top 10, it was a Special Event based on Disney Night. It started when everyone snag “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encato which they’re all featured by Adassa & Rhenzy Feliz. When it started, Christian Guardino went to Disneyland and saw the guest with his family and get a FaceTime call from Canadian Pop Singer Michael Bublé which it was an amazing surprise. Afterwards he sang The Circles of Life from the Lion King Movie. He sang his heart out with the loudest vocals as much as he did. When it was time to move up to the next round, Christian narrowly made it to the Top 7 Contestants to move on to the next round. I knew he would make to the Round of 7 Singers on American Idol.

    The Circle of Life
    Ryan Seacrest surprised Christian to see Michael Bublé

    Everyone was excited when he survived this challenge and he’ll keep growing as a person and hopefully be a best singer that he could be. By the time when he made it to the top 7, Christian sang Lonely by Justin Bieber & benny blanco. During the Mother’s Day Special, he sang Dear God by Smokie Norful but unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to Christian Guardino and Jay which they both got eliminated during the Round of 7. Christian won’t be able to go to the Round of 5 but at least he made a lot of memories to experience the whole journey of American Idol. The lesson was that Christian Guardino had a beautiful voice and always warmed peoples heart’s and the joy of positivity has influenced a lot of the fans and the judges. Christian’s Legacy has just started and hopefully he’ll create original songs for himself to make it sound like an Angel.

    Special Song for Mother’s Day
  • Ellie the Logical Flower is very helpful, She is a very observant, a good problem solver, sassy just like me. She is very helpful with her garden friends especially Charlie the Caterpillar and Fancy Fawn. Ellie loves to observe what’s going on in the garden at all free times and really researching science, especially when it has to do with helping” nurture nature.”

    Ellie loves that she has great knowledge and enjoys helping her friends when they get into situations.

    She is a problem solver by heart, and loves to fix them. Ellie strives to understand everything about life and nature. She always wants to feel positive about herself, and if she’s having a hard time she will find the strategy to make the best of the situation.. Ellie can be seem a bit sassy at first, for some of her appearances, but manages to shift her attitude quickly when she needs to help others out, trying at the same time not to sweat the small stuff.

    She is very smart and stands tall with all her floral friends. She’ll stand out from the rest, asking for help from the light and energy from Sammy the sun and Timber the tree. She has plenty of brothers and sisters in her flower bed.

    Her sister Victoria is the Queen of the Flowers, another sister of hers is Jess who is loyal and a fun flower, we call her the the comedian flower. She has one brother and his name is Fin, who is the smart one and the bravest of all. Ellie would also help out a science solution if one of the characters need help in environmental sustainability

    . Ellie can get very aggressive when she doesn’t get her way, but she understands and knows the tools to decompress her stress by spending time nature swimming in the Meadows. She often stops by to visit her siblings.

    Her parents passed away from a major storm and one of the oldest trees fell down during this storm, due to its age. Fin is the brave one who stands up with the other flowers in the garden with his lion heart full of courage, to inspire his flower friends. Victoria is the Queen of the flowers, and gives advice to nature on how to live and survive life. Jess is the Flower who loves to enjoy the others company with loyalty and she provides fun entertainment for all.

    She found the acorns underneath the tree because they were hiding under the rolling the plants

    Ellie would often resolve the conflicts because most of the characters in nature needs her when nessary. She can be sassy at first but finds a way to help out a character like Mabel and Moon laying in dirt and making the plant dirty. Ellie will tell them to find a solution on how to play without getting into trouble.

    Ellie found an idea to sort out each individual’s problems, while each character reflects on their perspectives.

    Every character in the meadow enjoy their time together.They are all very friendly towards each other and work together like one happy family. They must always be on point because sometimes they have dangerous weather that they need to be cautious about. The animals are very fun and playful when they show up in the meadows. Ellie the Flower loves to observe everyone all the time.

    Ellie can be the biggest teaser with the rest of the plants but uses funny sarcasm that often annoys her siblings when she feels like being sassy while being the biggest teaser.

    She can be a cheeky flower with an infectious spirit, when something good happens. Ellie is a unique flower who is very aware of her surroundings while focused on nature and what surrounds it.

    Ellie can live and grow from the plants with the rest of the characters in the field. Her mom and dad taught her kids to be strong, loving and independent flowers. She and all of her siblings grew up with all of the other flowers in the same flower community while enjoying to learn life’s lessons.

    The kids were grateful that their parents taught them how to respective environment and live for the moment. Her Mom’s name is Maddison and her Dad’s name is Jayson. These two parent flowers are very loving and encourages education for plants and nature while exploring life with critical thinking and compassion. They are always of their surroundings and keep a good eye out for each other. The meadows does often has new plants and visitors arriving to the field every year when spring arrives. The Meadows is one the greatest place to feel good about nature and run through the fields to get messy as they are getting inspired.

  • The New York Mets worked so hard to get themselves another no-hitter for the first time in a decade. Last time was Johan Santana but this time was a combination of 1 pitcher and 4 reliever pitchers which I was not aware that was going to happen. I started believing that the Mets could possibly get no hitter after when Alonso got a Solo Home run in the 6th inning. It was great teamwork from Tylor Megill who opened up the pitch and played for 5 innings, Drew Smith, Joely Rodriguez, Seth Lugo and the closing pitcher Edwin Díaz who had 3 perfect strikeouts. It was a night to remember and fans at Citi Field as well.

    One thing I learned from no-hitter performance was always focused on you and maintain your performance so you can get better at the mistakes from your past. It was an incredible experience to see the Mets get to have another chance to make a historic night with the team playing and celebrating it together.

    Tylor Megill gets an interview on Mets’ no-no hitter by the thanks from his 4 Relieve pitchers
    Jeff McNeil’s Giveaway to helped the Mets get the Lead
    Pete Alonso’s Giveaway Moment to get the Home-run for this unforgettable night.
    Brandon Nimmo’s incredible catch for a fly out

    There was lots great achievements from this Mets Team like when it started with a moment when Megill started pitching for the Mets’ which only lasted for 5 innings because he knew that the team wanna keep their hopes to get another no-hitter. Brandon Nimmo had a great save for a fly out in the 3rd inning. Jeff McNeil swing into center left field to helped the Mets opened 2 runs while he got himself a Single in the 5th inning. Everyone give him a big smile to his fans especially Lindor in the dugout. Pete Alonso got a monster Solo Home run to give a Mets 3-0 lead against the Phillies during the 6th inning. During the 8th inning before Alonso got a fly ball out, Lindor passed to McNeil and Alonso to give the Double play which shows great team effort and power pass to keep the Mets’ no-hitter alive. When Edwin Díaz pitched for the closing moments, he got 3 perfect strikeouts and hyped up everyone at Citi Field and Mets Fans who witnessed History from their own TV. The team has walked 6 batters and struck out 12 batters to make another Franchise History. Some of players got splashed by Gatorade after the celebration so they can bring out the good vibes.

    Coach Buck Showalter’s giveaway with this tremendous performance by telling his teammates to work hard and physically focused on what matters the most to continue this terrific season. The lineup changes had cause a minor delay which cost time but however Díaz was able to get breathing moments to stayed focused and helped the Mets achieve another no-hitter. He said that it was a great night to remember and it show this team can do anything to score runs and win games. On the other hand he still get annoyed the the Mets Players keep getting by the pitchers when there team batted to swing the ball. The Mets has expressed their feelings out about bad luck or fouls that Major League Baseball don’t think about saying it is a big deal because that is very absurd.

    The New York Mets giveaway was that teamwork is the most important part of the game which it shows great characteristics from the players and the crew who helped the Mets live the moment. When this team created History, it also shows that they broke the record for the most pitch by the combined pitchers to team up while finished the game with 159 pitches which was incredible. If the New York Mets continue to use the great Performance of what there doing now, the team can have a greater of going to 1st place in the National League East Division and hopefully goes to the playoffs.

    Edwin Díaz was poured by Gatorade from Pete Alonso

    The Whole team at the Clubhouse to talk about the No-Hitter

    New York Mets Highlights

  • On the 29th of April, 2022, The Mets played against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citi Field. It was a bit of windy breeze in Queens with 32,416 Fans who attended at Citi Field on a Friday Night. The Mets were looking forward for another no hitter for the 1st time since June 1, 2012 during Santana’s Moment and it was the 1st no-hitter in Mets History. While the New York Mets are celebrating 60 Years of this Team making history, more unforgettable memories are making more stories for the fans and teammates to talk about. The Mets are looking forward to create another memory for a timeline that they’ll never forget.

    During the First Pitch Tylor Megill was the starting pitch and only lasted for 5 innings which only had 88 pitches with 3BB and 5 Strikeouts. The Pitcher had some great moments but gotten shaken at times. As soon as it was getting too much to lose the batters for walks, At the end of the 5th Inning, Coach Buck Showalter removed him so he can get some breathing moments. While the coach stayed calm, the Mets got 4 more pitchers from the bullpen to helped out work as a team to saved the no-hitter. The whole pitching crew worked together and team up to keep it quiet by staying focused. Afterwards, Drew Smith had 36 pitches, Joely Rodriguez had 17 pitches with 2 BB, Seth Lugo only had 5 pitches and Edwin Díaz had 13 pitches with 3 perfect strikeouts to make history by making the Mets get their 2nd No-Hitter in Franchise History. Another interesting fact about this Unforgettable no-hitter game, the whole team got 159 pitches with 5 players who all pitched at Citi Field.The Mets broke the most pitches in a no hitter game which broke the record since Houston Astros had 151 pitches with 6 players against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in 2003. All of the Pitch Relievers were very pleased about the Performance and their dedicated work. After when the game ended the sign on the Board said BLACK OUT which was really cool to see for the fans to witness.

    On the Players side of the story the funniest moment was during the 1st Inning when Francisco Lindor had the helmet with no Mets Logo. When he got to 1st Base, Rhys Hoskins from the Phillies notice that his helmet has no logo but laughed along when he found that the logo on his helmet was missing. For some reason, A New York Mets Legend who walked down to surprised the longtime fans and it was Strawberry which the Mets Commentators thought that legends usually don’t wear their jerseys at the fans stand and usually sit at the Luxury Seating Area. During the 3rd Inning, Megill pitched the ball and swing up to the center which Brandon Nimmo made a great dive for the catch to keep the Mets alive. During the Bottom of 5th Inning and it was still scoreless but the Mets had other ways to get 2 runs. Eduardo Escobar got a single and then Mark Canha hit a Double which was a greater of winning the ballgame. Mark Canha got his first Double as a Mets Player. When Jeff McNeil got his moment, he swing the bat and helped Escobar and Canha ran to home base to score 2 runs while McNeil singles on the line drive to Center Field. On the other side in the Dugout where the players watch their teammates played in action, everyone cheered for the players to run home to take the lead especially Lindor waved at Jeff McNeil which give him the biggest smile of the highlight in 1st Base.

    By the time when the Mets reached to the Bottom of 6 Inning, Nola the pitcher from the Phillies pitched to Pete Alonso, it was a swing high ball deep to the left back in front of the wall which it was out of here. Pete Alonso got himself a Solo Home run to helped give the Mets a 3-0 lead. The Fans were wild full of excitement and saw a beautiful sense of joy for an beautiful moment. During the 7th Inning, Rodriguez swing the ball and Lindor was able give McNeil and Alonso to helped the Mets to give the Phillies a Double play to end the Top of the 7th Inning. When Seth Lugo pitched for a short 8th Inning, Pete Alonso was able to catch the ball at his own space to close the inning with only 5 pitches.

    When Edwin Díaz the Closer came in to pitch for the closing moments, Mr. Mets and Mrs. Mets played the Trumpets and encouraged the fans to clapped and cheered for him while playing a very interesting EDM Song Narco by Dutch DJ Blasterjaxx & Australian DJ Timmy Trumpet. When it was his moment to shine, he struck out Bryce Harper, which hyped up the crowd. He also struck out Nick Castellanos which was down to his final out int the Top of the 9th Inning. Fans whistle to bring attention and waited for the moment to be a reality. When T.J Realmuto was up, he had a foul ball a strike and Edwin Díaz give him the final strikeout and that gives the New York Mets a tremendous victory. The New York Mets has successfully got themselves a no-hitter for the 2nd time in Franchise History. Everyone cheered for the Mets, the played jumped up and down while going for joy to celebrate each other for the outstanding Performance to make history. Edwin Díaz has 3 perfect Strikeouts in the Top of the 9th Inning while stayed calm and focused on concluding the game to show that everyone thinks that he could be a hero which it became a reality. 5 Pitchers combined for the 2nd no-hitter in New York Mets History. The whole team who put the effort of the teams effort is now the no-no! The whole team give out high fives into the dugout and then more crazy and the wackiest moments like giving the superstar players poured with Gatorade all over them by jumping in the cold for a energetic moment. While the players had interviews from the news and the media, it was a night that will be remembered as Generations will go on for Mets Fans and future fans.

    The New York Mets has made History with every interview with all of the pitchers included James McCann who had his 2nd No-Hitter Game since he used to played for the Chicago White Sox. The rest of the pitchers had their first no hitter experience and it was a great feeling to bring all of that happiness and passion to really enjoy baseball. Every moment of the Mets have some wonders of writing down more history by making new memories and talking about how to work as a team to get better. Everyone had their own interviews after the pitchers had their moments like Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso which it was amazing to see the whole Team grow and working together as a team which shows great achievements and appreciation.

    The Links of this Unforgettable Moments of this Mets Game

  • American Idol singer Christian Guardino is an Artist from Long Island, NY. He once used to be famous on America Got Talent in Season 12 but now he wanted to be on TV again know as American Idol in Season 20. When he performed his first audition, the song was and he made first good impression during the 1st audition. Next he went to Nashville Audition which he was able to move on the next round.

    Then he did and just recently it was the round at Disney Resort in Hawaii. Special Guest Bebe Rexha who is a Pop Star which she mentors the singers in order if they want to perform great on stage for the big event. When Bebe Rexha first introduced him, she like the Italian New York Accent from Staten Island to Long Island which it’s in the same Metropolitan Area. It also connects to from their roots to show that they have but different countries on family relatives before moving to New York. When he was ready to hit the big show at Disney Resorts in Hawaii, he sang Leave the Door Open by Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars and Anderson Pakk. All of the Judges enjoyed his performance and he’ll hopefully do well when he goes to Los Angeles for the Round of 20 Players

    During the round of 20 back in Los Angeles, it was a set with a live audience. During the moment before his Song, he shared his story about his time when he had Reintal Disorder. He sang Imagine by John Lennon and his voice as inspirational influenced of power and made all of the judges cry. Katy Perry cried the most especially his beautiful singing. This shows that he is definitely ready to move to the Next challenge. His power as inspired everyone to have great voice of an Angel this good. He wanted to show good harmony with a great soul to keep people having a positive experience of music.

    On the 2nd night of the Round of 20, Christian is the runners up for most votes to be chosen to stay on American Idol. Ryan Seacrest who hosts the show and talks to the contestants. He sang Creep and it was an outstanding performance and he made it to Round of 14. All of the judges and his fans were impressed with the song by using the most noble thing that he ever did to improve everyone about his strength to stay on American Idol. Hopefully i’ll be able to make it through and be the winner of Season 20 on American Idol.

    During the 2 Rounds of the Top 14 and Top 11, which it’s based on Breakout Hits and Judge’s Song Contest. First it the Round of Top 14 Singers, the special guest was Country Singer and Season 16 of American Idol singer is Gabby Barrett. She was the guest mentor and helped all of the singers to have great vocals and singing voices in order to stay in the Competition. During his moment to shine, he talked to Gabby Barrett to learn about how to keep the song moving while staying focus on key notes. Gabby taught him how to keep the melody smoothly to try not to sound off topic or use the wrong melody because he can already improve his performance. Hopefully he’ll do well with Take Me To Church and future performing Songs on Stage. Christian Guardino sang Take Me to Church by Hozier and helped his Fans sing along with the Amen. It also sounds like it could’ve use his original vocals in the bug parts of the song. The Judges were all impressed with his outstanding performance and keeping the vocals to wait for melody to go up until the big moment.

    All of the Contestants who were in the Top 14

    During the Round of the 3 Judges Vote, He first did an interview about which catalogue is being developed into a musical and it was Lionel. He said that he is iconic which he’s a legend. During the lineup of Songs Ryan Seacrest helped Christian chose his 3 Choices of the songs. When Ryan said One of the singers, Christian shout out to him and said “that’s one of my favorites”. In the meantime, he wanted to sing Stevie Wonder’s For Once in My Life which he had some things in common with good soul and good taste of music. During rehearsal, he sang his song but it wasn’t going anywhere for the big show. He decided to focus on Sam Smith’s Hit Song I’m Not The Only One because it has more progression and real emotions of the harmony. When he sang I’m Not The Only One, he was a natural singer with the harmony for the love of all the people who clapped and cheered for him. Ryan Seacrest told Christian that he is so good at making people and the audience happy. When Ryan talked to Christian about which Judge vote for the song of his choice, but it could one of the judges. Did Luke Bryan choose the song for him and it was not him. So the Judge who chose the song was She was finally able to be on the board for the 3 Judges Vote in this competition. Katy Perry which it was a big shocker. Katy Perry talked to him about the great soul and the gospel which he can rev up into it his voice. From the point when his voice can command in the beginning and fire up at the end which shows that he can continue to move up to the Top 10. Christian at the end thanked Katy Perry for choosing the song and she was able to be the first Judge to be chosen during the Judge’s Vote Contest.

    At the end of the Judge’s Vote Competition, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan tied for the most votes and Lionel Richie was down by one which it was a fun competition. During the moment of which person gets to move up to the Top 10 Christian Guardino was the 2nd person who gets to move up to the round of Top 10 Singers. Christian’s hard work dedicates all of his fans and people who watched American Idol. When his moment continues to go on, his outstanding performance would have a greater chance of making it to the Top 5 and hopefully win Season 20 of American Idol.

  • The NASCAR Camping World Series is the 3rd Division of NASCAR League. There’s 36 Drivers who participated in the race at Atlanta. The race was held on the 19th of March, 2022. The NASCAR Truck Series runs from Mid February to Early November including the Playoffs. Instead of having race cars it’s modified pickup trucks being racing vehicles. There’s 3 stage races which means the first 2 aren’t as long but the 3rd and final stage has more laps than the rest of the race.

    All of the trucks like it’s rush hour

    The Race was all lined up with trucks in a row of 2 before starting the race. When the pit crew truck got off the racetrack, the person at the white checker flag waved the green flag to start the race. During the first few laps, Matt DiBenedetto on the #25 truck slide the right side into the wall but managed to maintain his truck in the race. After the 2nd time, he had to go to pit stop because his truck already got some damage but no caution flag which it’s absurd. Before the halfway mark of the 1st Stage, Hailie Deegan #1 Truck almost lost control because of a minor tire issue but managed to survive the race. When Stage 1 was over, the Winner was Stewart Friesen the #52 Truck which John Enfinger the #27 truck driver almost got the stage win close to his tail. Right when the first stage was about to close, Hailie Deegan’s truck was on fire but her crew chief helped her made it out alive. During the 2nd Round there also a couple of issues with some of the trucks but no caution flag was up which the trucks had easier chance to maintain the focus on the race.When Stage 2 was over, the caution finally came out and the Winner was John JH Nemechek the #4 truck. The debris was in on right edge of the track and it was from the #41 Truck Chas Rostein.

    Caution During the action
    Neck to Neck moment

    When the 3rd and Final Stage started, that was the moment when more of the action happens. During the 68th Lap it was the first major caution from invalid with 4 trucks including the #40 who lost control and hit the #98 truck, #45 then there was the #24 truck who spin out in the 90 degrees angle. During the 80th lap, the #30 truck Tate Fogleman lost control into 180 degrees angle. Jordan Anderson the #3 was hit by the #30 truck and the #15 truck got in the wall. During the final 2 Laps, it was the battle of the 10 trucks and only truck driver could take the win at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was Chandler Smith the #18 vs Corey Heim the #51 Truck and the #38 Truck Driver Zane Smith. During the final lap, JH Nemechek was one lap down but give Corey Heim the push to get his first official NACSAR win. During the final turn into the finish line, Ben Rhodes the #99 Truck tried to go for 1st but Chandler blocked his way to avoid cutting off. The winner of the race was Corey Heim whcih it’s his first official Nascar win. Corey was excited for his first official NASCAR win and the other truck drivers congratulate him for his first win. Corey Heim spin his trucks around the check zone and all of the fans cheered for him.

    Corey Heim finished 1st at the finish line
    Corey Heim Interviewed by Fox Sports

    The top 5 finishes

    • #51 Corey Heim
    • #99 Ben Rhodes
    • #66 Majeski
    • #18 Chandler Smith
    • #38 Zane Smith