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Loving Maggie

How animals help us heal Author Nicole Magee As Thanksgiving just passed , we usually go around and say what we are grateful for. This thanksgiving, I am so grateful for my dog Maggie. I am so grateful I decided to write a book… Continue Reading “Loving Maggie”

Blog About My Upcoming Book “Living In Color

Today I’ll be writing about my upcoming book which is now in the works and will be out soon. I’ll also be saying why I wanted to write this book. I’ll be giving some hints here and there. Enjoy I wanted to write this… Continue Reading “Blog About My Upcoming Book “Living In Color”

Waterdrinker Family Farm in Manorville

The Place is beautiful where everyone can enjoy the day with so many outstanding things to do. There’s Pumpkin picking, Sunflower Station, plenty of farm animals, it’s pet friendly, it has popular photo spots, wooden play land for the kids and so much acre’s… Continue Reading “Waterdrinker Family Farm in Manorville”

Dinosaurs and The Beautiful Mind

By Kevin Dwyer and Dr. Christine Grimaldi Most kids are fascinated with dinosaurs but kids on the spectrum have such intense beautiful minds. This allows them to hyper focus on something that they are truly engaged and passionate about. This is because they do… Continue Reading “Dinosaurs and The Beautiful Mind”

Tattoo Telling

Joanne Otto and Dr. Christine Grimaldi As increasingly diverse groups of people get tattoos, popular perceptions are typically with the individual meanings behind them. The question remains, Who gets tattoos, and why? I interviewed one of my most brilliant, interesting young adults named Joanna.… Continue Reading “Tattoo Telling”

Our NewsLetter, The Monthly Dose 2

Eat Your Greens & Do Your Research

by Dr. Christine Grimaldi Autistic people tend to have more medical issues, including a lot of GI problems. These problems tend to cause abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea more frequently than their peers. At the same time, many autistic people eat only a few… Continue Reading “Eat Your Greens & Do Your Research”

The Autisticana Base Camp

Dr. Christine Grimaldi Our base camp !!! I thought I would introduce our new basecamp to my crew. ” THE AUTISTICANA BASECAMP” I have picked fun and creative places, that all my special abilities, can come and write and create with me. Why you… Continue Reading “The Autisticana Base Camp”

Our Newsletter, The Monthly Dose

By Dr. Christine Grimaldi I am so proud to announce our monthly news letter, The Monthly Dose. This is a neurodivergent news media production company that is going to sweep the nation! For over 25 years, Barbara Walters was my mentor. We walked the… Continue Reading “Our Newsletter, The Monthly Dose”

How I Feel About Being Neurodivergent Now, And What I Wish Others Knew

By Cara Difiore Hi there! I think it’s been a hot minute since I last blogged so here I am now Today I wanted to blog about my thoughts on how I feel being autistic which means I am neurodivergent. the term means when… Continue Reading “How I Feel About Being Neurodivergent Now, And What I Wish Others Knew”