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Regulation and Innovation, Can Businesses Do Both?

Life seems to be all about storytelling and the stories we create in our minds. Is this a good or bad thing? It can be both. As a team full of integrity at, we pride ourselves on being creative innovators but responsibility and… Continue Reading “Regulation and Innovation, Can Businesses Do Both?”

Creativity or Stupidity? New website opens today! As a tribe of integral people at, the number one thing we learn is how to be critical thinkers. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. I must… Continue Reading “Creativity or Stupidity?”

Airbnb Nonprofit Organization: Scam or Scandal? You Decide

Author Dr. Christine Inspired by autisticana the integral tribe.. Us at Autisticana did a little investigation because we found out that Airbnb is running a nonprofit to help refugees find places to stay during the ongoing pandemic and global refugee crisis. It makes… Continue Reading “Airbnb Nonprofit Organization: Scam or Scandal? You Decide”

Nicole’s Creative Visualization

by Niciole Magee Strength in numbers, Mabel n Moons magic carpet ride I wanted to create a visualization about being a team, and how if we work together we can make the world a better place! So let’s begin: choose a quiet and comfortable… Continue Reading “Nicole’s Creative Visualization”

We Need Help Rebuilding Our Summer Experience

We have been building a beautiful retreat house upstate and our coach Christine bought all of us a beautiful camper van so we could go back and forth and have camping experiences and help build a retreat house to mentor others. Unfortunately, last week,… Continue Reading “We Need Help Rebuilding Our Summer Experience”

The Art Forest

Founder, Dr. Christine Grimaldi , Architect, Pamela jablonski and Art Director, Cara Difiore The pictures attached are used for inspiration to create our Art Forest. ” A magical place where all can visit to experience tranquility, creativity, sensory, and more” Autisticana and The Newsmakers… Continue Reading “The Art Forest”

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1: What Have We Learned About Ourselves?

When people watch movies such as Star Wars & Jurassic Park, they are mainly about watching it for the action, the iconic lines, and the hilarious memes that result from them. However, there are certain people who watch movies for the lessons they can… Continue Reading “Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1: What Have We Learned About Ourselves?”


By Eric Zuelch Trollhunters is a young adult book written by Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus. The book follows Jim Sturges Jr. who, along with his friend Tobias “Tub” Dershowitz, discovers a civilization of trolls living under their hometown of San Bernardino, California.… Continue Reading “Trollhunters”

Danielle’s Food Courts

author by Danielle Delaney I decided to research all the food courts or food halls around the world. As a picky eater, I always loved food courts when I shop . This is because there is so much to choose from and that makes… Continue Reading “Danielle’s Food Courts”

Danielle’s Shopify

I decided to write a weekly blog on all sorts of shopping and design.What gave me the passion for style? My mom was my inspiration for me appreciating great looks. Whether, clothes, furniture, gardening or make-up, mommy always knew what to do. She is… Continue Reading “Danielle’s Shopify”