The Highlights of the 2 English Premier League Team

The two english soccer teams had major comeback after having a slow start. The names of the two teams are Brenrtford and Leeds United. I enjoy watching english soccer because I love the fans in the U.K.. The fans are passionate and comitted to their teams. I enjoy watching fans that have true devotion regardless of the team’s particular out come on different games. The team members themselves are also very passionate which permeates through the crowd. The league has 20 teams, but only one team could win the Premier League Title and the 3 teams in the bottom table could get regulated to the Championship League by the end of the season. The English Premier League is the most Popular Soccer League around the World.

Ivan Tony scored the goal for Brentford FC

It was Brentford FC vs Burnley which it was scoreless most of the match until Erikensen passed the ball to Ivan Tony to open the scoring opportunity. Afterwards Collins from Burnley got a red card at the penalty box in the 90th minute which give Brentford the penalty kick. Ivan Tony got it in the net and helped Brentford a major move out of the regulation zone. They won 2-0 and Brentford got away from the Regulation Battle. Leeds United played against Norwich City and Rodrigo scored the opening goal in the 15th minute. All the way to the final minutes of stoppage time, Norwich City levelled up the match 1-1 until Joe Gelhardt scored the winning goal for Leeds United. Leeds United won 2-1

Joe Gelhardt the hero who scored the winning goal for Leeds United

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