Regulation and Innovation, Can Businesses Do Both?

Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO who prioritizes false creativity and innovation without any accountability
and even admits that they pay million to dodge lawsuits
Bob Chapek, Disney CEO who is a master at both innovation and business regulation

Life seems to be all about storytelling and the stories we create in our minds. Is this a good or bad thing?

It can be both.

As a team full of integrity at, we pride ourselves on being creative innovators but responsibility and accountability always coming first.

In our last article, we talked about the creativity of Airbnb wasting a million dollars to have people turn their homes into shoes, baked potatoes, and other designs of their choice.

We also talked about integrity and how we researched and found out that they pay major PR firms to be creative and hide their scandals of people and families that they have harmed.

The response we got after posting our last article was “We are very sorry for the tragic loss of your team’s mascot and family. However, our platform is to induce creativity and innovation amongst our patrons.”

I call bullshit!

Airbnb just decides to use their own as well as their PR firm’s creativity to cover up their crimes and negligence.

Real innovators are Disney and Warner Bros. who put tons of work and effort into their projects and have regulatory systems and policies which ensure that integrity and safety come first.

This is what we call “conscious leadership”, the big word of today that people use on the daily without backing it up.

Again, we call bullshit!

Unless you walk your talk, your fate will be nothing in a society that is ever changing and not so much for the good.

Just as Airbnb uses their so called creativity and innovative PR (Let the reader decide!) to pump up patrons and randomly throw out money (which reminds me of this dialogue from the movie Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo Dicaprio):

“See those little black boxes? They are called telephones. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about these telephones. They’re not gonna dial themselves! Okay? Without you, they’re just worthless hunk of plastic. Like a loaded M16 without a trained Marine to pull the trigger. And in the case of the telephone, it’s up to each and every one of you, my highly trained Strattonites, my killers. My killers who will not take no for an answer! My fucking warriors who’ll not hang up the phone, until their client either buys or fucking dies!

Let me tell you something. There is no nobility in poverty. I’ve been a rich man, and I’ve been poor man. And I choose rich every fucking time. Cause, At least as a rich man, when I have to face my problems, I show up in the back of a limo wearing a $2000 suit …and a $40,000 gold fuckin’ watch!

Now, if anyone here thinks I’m superficial or materialistic, go get a job at fucking McDonald’s, because that’s where you fucking belong! But, before you depart this room full of winners, I want you to take a good look at the person next to you, go on. Because sometime in the not-so-distant future, you’re pullin’ up to a red light in your beat-up old fucking Pinto, and that person’s gonna pull up right alongside you in a brand new Porsche, with their beautiful wife by his side, who’s got big voluptuous tits. And who will you be next to? Some disgusting wildebeest with three days of razor-stubble in a sleeveless moo-moo, crammed in next to you with a carload full of groceries from the fucking Price Club! That’s who you’re gonna be sitting next to.

So, you listen to me and you listen well. Are you behind, on your credit card bills? Good. Pick up the phone and start dialing. Is your landlord ready to evict you? Good. Pick up the phone and start dialing. Does your girlfriend think you’re a fucking loser? Good. Pick up the phone and start dialing! I want you to deal with your problems, by becoming rich! All you have to do today …is pick up that phone, and speak the words that I have taught you. And I’ll make you richer than the most powerful CEO of the United States of fucking America. I want you to go out there, and I want you to RAM Steve Madden’s stock down your clients’ throats. Till they fucking choke on it till they choke on it and buy 100,000 shares! That’s what I want you to do.

You’ll be ferocious! You’ll be relentless! You’ll be telephone fucking terrorists! Now, let’s knock this Motherfucker out of the park!”

Airbnb doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.

We now know that all the strategies of Airbnb come from watching movies like Wolf of Wall Street, War Dogs, and Wag The Dog.

Are Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia still on million dollar air mattresses watching these movies for business strategies? Let the reader decide.

Once again, we call bullshit on all ends!

Can you be compassionate and an innovator as well as a conscious leader at the same time?

I say yes and a big fat no to Airbnb, who needs to take Conscious Leadership 101.

Our conclusion: it’s all fake creativity and fake short-term innovation.

Let the reader decide.

Bottom line: they dismissed the tragedy that was caused by their negligence and tried to cover it up by telling us that their platform is only for up and coming innovators.

What does one have to do with the other?

This is the destruction of our modern youth and their mental health.

It’s ridiculous competitions like Airbnb that increasingly ruin the mental health of our society.

There are no quick fixes in life, especially to this problem.

Our culture is changing rapidly and we must stand tall and keep our moral code.

So once again, Disney or Airbnb? Let the reader decide.


Creativity or Stupidity?

New Potato House: Is that worth $100K or homeless cancer patients? You let the reader decide. New website opens today!

As a tribe of integral people at, the number one thing we learn is how to be critical thinkers. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

I must say Airbnb has made huge mistakes as a company, and I suggest that they go back to square one with Critical Thinking 101.

Not only are they trying to open a nonprofit to stuff their money, they have not come up with a plan for responsibility, accountability, and regulation guidelines.

As they continue to be sued each day with lawsuits, they are continuing to make a fraudulent 501c3 for refugees when they don’t care about their vacation traveler customers who help them make over $5 billion a year, let alone anyone else.

What is funnier and more pathetic is that they are starting this contest known as the “OMG! Fund” to make people think they are sowing creativity amongst their customers when it is really stupidity and incompetence and they are using it as their latest scam to cover up their lies.

How about Airbnb, for once in your lives, start critically thinking about other people, and use the $10 million in your OMG fund to help change yourselves for the better and install safety regulations to protect your patrons instead of making someone’s house look like a potato and try to act like you’re great creative innovators for a world that is being destroyed.

Airbnb does not have one bit of humanity and has a lot to learn in Conscious Leadership 101.

Insider says in their article “Airbnb is giving away $100,000 to 100 different people so they can build the eccentric home they’ve been dreaming of”. Instead of helping others,

AIrbnb is still playing PR fraud games to make themselves appear amazing in the public eye. So I ask the reader: Do they all need to go back to Critical Thinking 101 and learn how to do things like:

  1. Stop paying PR companies to cover up their crimes
  2. Start being accountable and return phone calls and make up negligence to people who have suffered because of their negligence
  3. Make regulatory systems instead of using PR to say you are trying to do great things (aka Wag The Dog)
  4. Do great work such as building hotels for cancer patients or their families when they have to go through clinical trials or aggressive life saving treatment, instead of having people pay you to make their house look like a UFO
  5. Build hotels for innocent animals that have abandoned on the street post-pandemic (which will be in our mascot Molly’s name) instead of making harmful properties with chemicals that harm animals.
Homeless Cancer Patient

We are interviewing families who have been negatively harmed by Airbnb and will continue to do so.

Stop using marketing to make yourselves appear wonderful when thousands of families have suffered through your negligence and harm.

It’s interesting to appear so amazing when you are really having them drink the Kool Aid and almost becoming a cult with your false marketing (That’s Jim Jones for you).

Stop trying to convince the youth of America ( Airbnb Thirty and Under club) when our youth suicide rate has increased exponentially due to false marketing like yourselves.

We need the youth of America to step up and become educated the right way, accountable, and full of integrity to get humanity and the world at large back on track.

So let the people decide: creativity or stupidity? Because we are that progressive youth at We do the right thing always.

Join us at

Dr. Christine Grimaldi & Jackson Beach

Airbnb Nonprofit Organization: Scam or Scandal? You Decide

Author Dr. Christine

Inspired by autisticana the integral tribe..

Us at Autisticana did a little investigation because we found out that Airbnb is running a nonprofit to help refugees find places to stay during the ongoing pandemic and global refugee crisis. It makes one think: Is this a scam or is this a scandal? Is Airbnb just dumping money into itself for self-interested gain?

As a doctor in the field of positive psychiatry and neuroscience who has studied behavioral therapy and the good in people for over twenty years, my conclusion is that it is both a scam and scandal, but worse than Billy McFarland, who conned people out of money they paid for his fake Fyre Festival and was the focus of the 2019 Netflix documentary FYRE.

Two college students, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia came up with Airbnb as an idea to have people pay for rental areas that did not have any safety regulations. What a convenience for them to make over 5 billion dollars a year while harming innocent people on their travels, without any accountability! According to the Bloomberg Article “Airbnb is Spending Millions of Dollars To Make Nightmares Go Away”, Olivia Carville says “When things go horribly wrong during a stay, the company’s secretive safety team jumps in to soothe guests and hosts, help families—and prevent PR disasters.”

Fortunately enough, in my younger years, I had the opportunity to be a therapist at the hugest PR firm that was responsible for making disasters and nightmares go away. This was portrayed very well in the 1997 movie” Wag the Dog” with Dustin Hoffman.

Through my lived experience, I learned and saw so much of what this PR firm did to cover up disasters and tragedies from athletes with addictions and spousal abuse, to Fortune 500 companies arrests for embezzlement. I saw it all, and I know how the game works.

As a positive psychologist, wouldn’t it make more sense to help these problems go away rather than get rid of them and downplay them through media fraud and cover-ups?

Haven’t we learned from this pandemic to try to do the right thing, and help out humanity instead of dodging bullets and refusing to change their ways?

The owners at Airbnb are downright criminals who haven’t learned a thing after they have been sued and publicly stated that they handle law cases on a daily basis. This is the meaning of insanity, which is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results each time.

With all the money they make, you would think they would have integrity and would want to do the right thing by making a regulation system for their platform that every house, especially commercial farmland, to ensure that no party that uses their platform is injured.

There has been a documentary made called Airbnb Nightmares, as well as many Facebook pages of the same name, yet they still continue to spend their day in the negative dodging lawsuits instead of living in the positive of doing the right thing by putting the proper system in place.

There have been millions of cases of rape, death, murder, sickness, and fraud,( meaning some places don’t exist), yet they would still rather dodge bullets and spend their whole day dealing with lawsuits. What a waste of energy…”DO THE RIGHT THING”

How many people have to suffer through countless and unnecessary injuries and death until Airbnb decides to do the right thing and implement a regulatory system? Now they want to help out refugees in need? They can’t even handle their customers who go on vacation, let alone serve people in despair. To me, opening up a foundation is a way to store money and ensure that more people, especially those in despair, are endangered for self-benefit.

Through countless research and interviews on tragedies that have happened to families who have rented through Airbnb, they all have the same thing in common. Airbnb blows them off and does nothing, but does a good job of having their customer service defend them and make amends. They have followed through on none of their amendments. To me, this is a case worse than Erin Brockovich.

From our beloved Molly’s death to my family’s injury, to the millions out there who feel the same way, it is time that Airbnb be exposed and shut down unless they come up with the right solutions for every tragedy that has happened due to their negligence.

I will do everything in my power with the assistance of integral teams and refugees behind me, as well as government officials until we see the change to protect humanity.

Please visit our new website,, a true nonprofit that will organize a class action suit and make amends to millions of people who have been ruined and make Airbnb accountable for their inability to show any sense of accountability, integrity, or sensibility and let their millions of dollars in cover-ups be exposed.

Here is the link for about Molly:

Let the reader decide……

Here is the Spanish Version for all the Espanyol News Papers to read….


No han seguido ninguna de sus enmiendas. Para mí, este es un caso peor que Erin Brockovich.

Desde la muerte de nuestra amada Molly hasta la herida de mi familia, hasta los millones de ahí afuera que sienten lo mismo, es hora de que Airbnb sea expuesto y cerrado a menos que encuentren las soluciones adecuadas para cada tragedia que ha ocurrido debido a su negligencia.

Haré todo lo que esté en mi poder con la ayuda de equipos integrales y refugiados detrás de mí, así como funcionarios del gobierno hasta que veamos el cambio para proteger a la humanidad.

Por favor visite nuestro nuevo sitio web, , un verdadero sin fines de lucro que organizará un demanda de acción de clase y compensará a millones de personas que han sido arruinadas y que haga responsable a Airbnb por su incapacidad de mostrar cualquier sentido de responsabilidad, integridad o sensibilidad y dejar que sus millones de dólares en encubrimientos sean expuestos.

Here is the link for sobre Molly:

Deje que el lector decida…… No han seguido ninguna de sus enmiendas. Para mí, este es un caso peor que Erin Brockovich.

Desde la muerte de nuestra amada Molly hasta la herida de mi familia, hasta los millones de ahí afuera que sienten lo mismo, es hora de que Airbnb sea expuesto y cerrado a menos que encuentren las soluciones adecuadas para cada tragedia que ha ocurrido debido a su negligencia.

Haré todo lo que esté en mi poder con la ayuda de equipos integrales y refugiados detrás de mí, así como funcionarios del gobierno hasta que veamos el cambio para proteger a la humanidad.

Por favor visite nuestro nuevo sitio web, , un verdadero sin fines de lucro que organizará un demanda de acción de clase y compensará a millones de personas que han sido arruinadas y que haga responsable a Airbnb por su incapacidad de mostrar cualquier sentido de responsabilidad, integridad o sensibilidad y dejar que sus millones de dólares en encubrimientos sean expuestos.

Here is the link for sobre Molly:

Deje que el lector decida…… No han seguido ninguna de sus enmiendas. Para mí, este es un caso peor que Erin Brockovich.

Desde la muerte de nuestra amada Molly hasta la herida de mi familia, hasta los millones de ahí afuera que sienten lo mismo, es hora de que Airbnb sea expuesto y cerrado a menos que encuentren las soluciones adecuadas para cada tragedia que ha ocurrido debido a su negligencia.

Haré todo lo que esté en mi poder con la ayuda de equipos integrales y refugiados detrás de mí, así como funcionarios del gobierno hasta que veamos el cambio para proteger a la humanidad.

Por favor visite nuestro nuevo sitio web, , un verdadero sin fines de lucro que organizará un demanda de acción de clase y compensará a millones de personas que han sido arruinadas y que haga responsable a Airbnb por su incapacidad de mostrar cualquier sentido de responsabilidad, integridad o sensibilidad y dejar que sus millones de dólares en encubrimientos sean expuestos.

Here is the link for sobre Molly:

Deje que el lector decida……

Dance music in the UK is awesome

After all these years, I enjoy listening to EDM Songs but when I felt like researching the artists from autobiography, about most of them from UK which the Netherlands were my runners up of DJ’s outside of the US. During the time of a Global Pandemic, I decided to focus on young talents of British Dance DJ’s who started as local DJ’s in their hometown area. I watched them play club music on social media. I never focus on going to Nightclubs in general which I wish I would like to go. I really love to hear nightclubs on social media and videos so I can enjoy the experience and tryout different musics for each club. I became interested of these small artists because of a specific channel of music on Spotify and search, Drum and Bass, UK Garage, and other categories of EDM Songs for current generation.

If I would here any of my music or my favorite songs from the artists if they decide to play it in high pitch at clubs, I would rewatch it over and over and over until I get tired of it. Not just nightlife in the UK, it could happen to nightclubs and concerts in Australia, the Netherlands, USA, Germany and Ireland, Tomorrowland in Belgium and other countries around the Globe. The DJs that I’ve listened to is Tsuki, Aleya Mae, Koven, Aktive, BLVCK CROWZ, Subtronics, Blanke, Excision, Freaks & Geeks, Biscits, Maduk, Modestep, JEANIE, Lee Mvtthews, K Motionz, Wilkinson, Ekko & Sidetrack, Friction and Protostar

Nightclub in London
Nightclub Tour in Leicestershire

Nicole’s Creative Visualization

by Niciole Magee

Strength in numbers, Mabel n Moons magic carpet ride

I wanted to create a visualization about being a team, and how if we work together we can make the world a better place!

So let’s begin:

choose a quiet and comfortable place to lie down and relax. Close your eyes and imagine you are at the beach with your friends. Your goal is to work with your friends to clean up the beach and make it beautiful. So as a team we can create a beautiful space for all of us to enjoy.

So here we go.

Take a deep breath in and exhale as we begin our journey to keep the beach clean.

Take another deep breath in as you exhale feel the energy you are beginning to create.

Then take another deep breath in as you begin to gather all your friends up to inspire them to start

cleaning all the trash up.

We have learned as a team that litterring not only makes a mess for others, but it is environmentally hazardous for the animals and their habitats on the beach.

We all take another deep breath in as a team and perform the tree position in yoga to create balance and strength before we begin. A group ritual to keep us all happy and strong.

Can you hold tree position with us?

Let’s get into position and see if we can hold the position for three breaths on the right side, then three breaths on the left side. ( Please look at tree position above and see if you can mirror the position.)

As we hold the position as a team , we realize how we can work more efficient and stronger as a group of like minded friends than we can alone.

After you have completed tree position, take another deep breath in and exhale feeling joy in your mind, as we begin to pick up any garbage on the beach.

As we are working, we breathe in and out feeling the sea water on our toes, and smelling the fresh ocean breeze.

We breathe in and out as we look down and see Santana the starfish ( from the adventures of Mabel and Moon’s carpet ride.)

He is smiling and very grateful to now have a beautiful environment that we provided for him and his starfish family.

We breathe in and out feeling the positive change we are creating for the beach and all of it’s habitats and visitor’s.

As we look up, we see Lucy Love, so full of joy, saying to us,” Thank you all for helping us. I have cherry icepops for all of you to enjoy.

As we breathe in and out, we taste the sweet sensation of the delicious icepops , as the pops melt inn our mouths.

We breathe in and out as we thank Lucy Love for her special treats.

We realize that no good deed goes undone,

and how we are stronger as a team than we are alone to accomplish positive goals in our life.

We take one more deep breath in and out , realizing that we can come back to this visualization any time we want to feel good about friendship and community work, to inspire ourselves and others.

Why do I Want to Be a Car Photographer

Inside of a new Toyota RAV4

Hi my name is Scott and I’m the CEO at . I wanted to talk about why I love to take pictures of cars.

I wanted to work at a Dealership just to take pictures of cars and add it on the website. Working as a photographer at a dealer, maybe they would hire me for my great talent and my abilities instead of seeing me through the “disability lense”. I love taking pictures of cars and check the details of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Sometimes when I see pictures of the person who owns the car and who is going to I want them to see the clear picture, with every detail. I wanted to take pictures of cars at a car sales dealership because I wanted to double check the vehicle, make sure the car is in good condition, mileage and color and specific type of vehicle. If I would know how to sell my own car, I would like to use every detail of the vehicles condition, photo of the car in every angle and talk about the vehicle itself.

Cars in the Showcase at an Toyota Dealership

If I work at the dealership, I would take a picture of the car who was last leased, and then check the vehicle itself for mileage and other detail of the vehicle to see if its running well. If I work at a Car Sales, I wanted to work as a Car Photographer because, I wanted to take a picture of the car in every angle of detail, car condition, interior, exterior and upload the pictures on the website, like the website of the car dealership and online Market Website for Car Search. I would also have to learn how to do vin number and use the key to alarm the car to see which is the exact vehicle. I would be very flexible about new vehicles in the fleet

New and Used Cars for inventory

We Need Help Rebuilding Our Summer Experience

We have been building a beautiful retreat house upstate and our coach Christine bought all of us a beautiful camper van so we could go back and forth and have camping experiences and help build a retreat house to mentor others. Unfortunately, last week, somebody sideswiped our van with four of our service dogs in the van. We have been through a lot this year; luckily our service dogs were not injured. However, the van will take at least two months to get repaired with an extreme amount of damage and is not drivable for the entire summer. What do we do?

Displaying IMG_0466.heic
The damage done to our original camper van

We found a beautiful Thor that would really help us and we feel like that his insurance company should reimburse us for the destruction of our summer mentoring program. We were also planning to use our van to document our first summer trip as a group. We were looking forward to that, especially with the loss of our dog Molly due to negligence on a farm. We really hope that amends are made by repairing our summer schedule as soon as possible.

Our potential replacement camper the Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 34J

How are we going to obtain this goal? We would love to rent the Thor through a website known as RV Share, but we don’t know how to raise the money to repair the damages due to this unfortunate incident. Maybe with a wing and a prayer, someone will sponsor us for our summer activities to continue.

Blessings from the Team at Autisticana

The Art Forest

Founder, Dr. Christine Grimaldi , Architect, Pamela jablonski and Art Director, Cara Difiore

The pictures attached are used for inspiration to create our Art Forest. ” A magical place where all can visit to experience tranquility, creativity, sensory, and more”

Autisticana and The Newsmakers are building a sensory art and nature trail for all to enjoy and find peace.

As the coach and director of Autisticana, I focus on storytelling for communication skills and for use with positive psychology teachings.

Life is all about the story we create in our minds. Why not create a story, creative visualizations, or positive affirmations that produce happiness and productivity for all of us, each and every day?

I decided with the help of my whole team to build a beautiful space near Rhinebeck, NY. A place where all can come for retreats and workshops. Where people of all abilities can do experiential work, and feel nature. A magical place where we can all use nature as a muse for relaxation, creativity, and healthy activities.

I have decided to create an art and sensory forest trail, which will be a one-mile loop full of sensory objects to explore, sound healing stations, and beautiful upcycle art pieces from birdhouses, paintings, and sculptures to beautiful crystal gardens and more. It will be a place where people can really be present and really feel, explore and just become. We will also have chickens, puppies, sustainable gardens, and who knows what to come.

With the help of the local universities and families, we can create a beautiful space where all can just be, whether exploring the objects, touching the art, holding the crystals, practicing yoga, or taking a nature course: this will be a place of serenity for all to experience. whether experiencing anxiety, going through grief or just wanting an amazing experience, this is going to be a site to see! We are more than half way there. We are excited to announce that our new 501c3, “The Stand Tall Foundation” is in honor of my amazing baby sister Cat, who is also a teacher and an amazing mom to my four little nephews; Frankie, Sal, Lucci and Max. She is a true warrior and this retreat house and trail will inspire so many to ground down, while rising up simultaneously. At Fuel Holistic Enrichment Center, we strive to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our art director and amazing artist, Cara Difiore (Cara’s Art Corner), will be my right-hand lady in assisting this wonderful and beneficial project for all and help teach each other how to experience art and nature to help relax the mind and calm the body.

I am proud to say my little cousin Pamela Jablonski will be the architect on this magical forest. This is a place where all can sit and feel, whether for healing or creating or just being.

Stations of the Art Forest

This summer, walk, run, jump, meditate or create in one of our three, one-mile trails to glimpse some of the beautiful outdoor public art, yoga, sound healing, garden, ecology and animal stations. Each trail takes about 30 minutes to an hour to walk — perfect for a cool morning before work, a socially distant lunch hour with co-workers, after-hours watching the sunset, or weekend activities. Creating peace and tranquility is our goal.

An urban outdoor gallery and nature trail
Collaborative beauty from public works of arts created by known and unknown artists. Several more sculptures are products or endowments we will be working on at and The News Makers.

We will also be working on our own art as team projects to be placed in the forest.

Our mission is to decrease isolation and increase the mental health of our nation through all abilities creative retreat and art forest. Please come join us. We are stronger as a team than we are all alone.

With love and peace,

Dr. Christine Grimaldi

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1: What Have We Learned About Ourselves?

Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

When people watch movies such as Star Wars & Jurassic Park, they are mainly about watching it for the action, the iconic lines, and the hilarious memes that result from them. However, there are certain people who watch movies for the lessons they can learn from them, and me and my friend Dr. Christine Grimaldi are some of those people. That has been the case when me and Christine Grimaldi started watching (most of) the first six films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie franchise, better known as “Phase One”.

During the course of the genesis for the franchise, Iron Man, we witnessed businessman and playboy Tony Stark change as an individual through learning powerful lessons such as not knowing whether his inventions will be used for good and that you can always fix your mistakes. This was the case when he invented a piece of technology to preserve his life after being fatally wounded by shrapnel and realizing that his missiles were being used to kill people. Stark also learns not to waste his own life when building the Iron Man suit with fellow prisoner Ho Yinsen, who is fatally wounded when they are escaping from their captors.

In Iron Man 2, we continued to learn even more lessons about life. The prominent themes here are revenge and treachery. This is the primary yet petty goal of the main antagonist Ivan Vanko, who makes it his mission to get revenge on Tony Stark and disgrace his legacy; this is because Tony’s dad Howard caused his equally immoral father Anton to get deported back to Russia for selling arc reactor designs on the black market and his life to be reduced to alcoholism and humiliation. However, Anton got the last laugh as Ivan used Anton’s knowledge to develop his own powered suit. Revenge is also the focus of Stark’s arrogant business rival Justin Hammer, who wants to develop his own Iron Man suit drones for the military after Stark humiliates him at a Senate committee meeting, even recruiting Ivan for the job and betraying him later. Family bonds are also a great lesson, as Howard Stark is able to pass on intelligence to help his son save himself from arc reactor poisoning. This shows that people can help teach each other in different ways, whether it be helping them out or just using them for selfish gain.

Over the course of Thor, we learned about family and how it can be destroyed. This is shown when Loki learned the truth about his heritage as one of Asgard’s enemy races, the Frost Giants. This, along with his resentment towards Thor, caused him to come up with a plan to commit genocide and gain his family’s approval after millennia. Another fascinating lesson we learned was about humility. This was Thor’s primary struggle after he was banished and stripped of his power for “leading a coup” against the Frost Giants without thinking. Through meeting humans such as Jane Foster and realizing that as a leader it was his responsibility to protect others, he regained his powers through defiance against the Destroyer armor, even without his powers. Another side lesson was learning that what we think are just conspiracies and myths and stories may just be real all along, as demonstrated by Erik Selvig’s words “It’s not a bad thing finding out that you don’t have all the answers. You start asking the right questions.” This is important because it has allowed scientists to discover the mysteries of the universe and inventors and technology companies to ask what can make their products better for others, as well as people asking how they can improve themselves on a daily basis.

During Captain America: The First Avenger, we learned about the struggle between good and evil and that even the most weakest of people want to do good things. This is prominent between Captain America and his nemesis The Red Skull, whose respective moralities are boosted by a serum. Captain America becomes more powerful enough to fight the Red Skull, who becomes even more evil and ruthless and deluded by mythology and mysticism. This goes to the point where Red Skull becomes insane and wants to overthrow Hitler and take over the world with the help of HYDRA, Hitler’s own science division. This shows that when people are granted with special weapons and privileges, their intentions will decide how they impact their goals and success. The final movie, The Avengers, showed that sometimes people need to work together despite their differences and flaws as well as personal secrets and ambitions. The eponymous team battling Loki reflects on organizations such as NATO and the United Nations who work together to combat bigger threats such as wars sparked by dictators, pandemics, and other major threats. It also shows how some people are willing to sacrifice themselves for their allies, shown when Iron Man nearly dies saving the world from Loki’s invasion, in a callback to Iron Man and Captain America’s feud early on.

Over the course of the first six movies in the MCU, me and Christine have learned many great lessons that reflect on what has happened in the real world and other media. These include sacrifice, learning from mistakes, how hubris can destroy you, and that sometimes the most imaginative of things can be real. Real world issues we have encountered include business corruption, betrayal, and wars. Going into Phase 2 and 3 and beyond, we hope that we can see more lessons and real world issues that humanity and the world continue to face today.

Liverpool Champions League Final with the Victory Parade

Liverpool has faced Real Madrid at Paris for the Champions League Final. It was first time that both teams played against each other in 2018 when Liverpool lost 3-1 but Liverpool won against Tottenham Hotspurs in 2019 for a 2-0 victory. This Season Liverpool has won the FA Cup, EFL Cup, Finished 2nd Place in the Premier League. Now Liverpool has to win the Champions League Final and still get the Treble Season if they beat Real Madrid.

The match started off with Liverpool and Real Madrid we’re neck to neck but scoreless. Real Madrid and Liverpool each almost scored a goal but couldn’t get it in but Real Madrid was ruled offside because of a foul before the goal was stand. During the 2nd Half, Liverpool was starting to lose control but Real Madrid scored a goal during the 59th minute. Afterwards, Liverpool has gotten more chance with the ball but it wasn’t getting in their way. They tried everything to get it in but wasn’t worth it. Mohammed Salah and Jordan Henderson had the ball most of the time but there was a lot of defensive moments. Jurgen Kloop urges his players to quickly. During the final 15 minutes, Liverpool subbed the 3 players each few minutes apart but at the end it wasn’t worth it to give Liverpool to get the last minute goal to level up. Liverpool FC had all the mighty move to get every moment to get every chance of an opportunity but it ended with the goalie saved it 30 seconds before the match and it was officially done. Liverpool had very moment but unfortunately it wasn’t getting in their way but the Team should be very proud of themselves for the hard work and the effort. At the end, Liverpool FC got themselves a victory parade in Liverpool, England for an incredible Season with 2/4 Wins in every tournament from League Tournaments and Football Cup Playoffs.

Liverpool FC Parade

Even Liverpool didn’t win The Champions League Final but deserves a Parade for all of the Double Cup Champions especially they could’ve had a parade for the Premier League Champions of the 19/20 season which they couldn’t do it during the Global Pandemic. Liverpool also included the Womens Club because Liverpool FC Women’s Club won the 2021-2022 FA Women’s Championship with two games in hand, and earned their promotion back to the FA Women’s Super League. It was parade to bring Fans around the World to bring peace and connection.

Both Men and Women’s League gets to have a trophy for their success