By Eric Zuelch

Trollhunters is a young adult book written by Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus. The book follows Jim Sturges Jr. who, along with his friend Tobias “Tub” Dershowitz, discovers a civilization of trolls living under their hometown of San Bernardino, California. Some of the trolls Jim encounters are Blinky, a troll that resembles a cross between a hammerhead shark and an octopus, and ARRRGH!!!, a warrior.  They abduct Jim to help them fight Gunmar, a troll trying to escape and take over the world and put trolls as the dominant species. Aside from the trolls, Jim also encounters Claire Fontaine, a transfer student from Northern Great Britain, and Steve Jorgenson-Warner, the school’s star athlete and cruelest bully. Jim lives with his father in a house with various military grade security systems, his father being traumatized from his brother Jack’s abduction in the late sixties, and his mother walking out on their family because of it. As the book progresses Jim, who starts out hating himself and his life, gains confidence as he takes down evil trolls.

Book cover

The book itself is good. It shows a darker spin on what many see as a creature from fairytales. It dives into the insecurities we all had as teenagers. Jim’s growth throughout the book represents how anyone can find themselves by trying new things and discovering what they are good at. Jim’s father’s arc represents overcoming trauma, that it could take years to overcome, but can still be overcome. The book has various characters acting as metaphors for different situations.

Alternate Cover and Promo poster for show

The book was adapted into a Netflix series animated by Dreamworks. It is aimed at a younger audience than the book with various changes to characters and the plot, like most Dreamworks adaptations. Jim’s last name is changed to Lake and lives with his single mother after his father walked out on them. Tub’s name is changed to Domzalski. Claire’s last name is changed to Nunes and is changed from being British to Hispanic American, and given a much more prominent role. Blinky’s appearance is drastically altered and ARRRGH!!! is changed from female to male. The series deals with many of the issues and morals as the book does. While altered and changed for a younger audience, it still has the heart of the book.

Australian Football League

Australian Footy is one of interests of Sports overseas that I never heard of in the US. In Australian Footy is much different than American Football because it’s a rounded field and has 3 goal posts but the 2 goal posts on the sides are called behind which means if you kick it on those posts, you only get a point. The Goal Post in the mIddle is the one we’re you can earn 6 points if you kick it in the middle. The Scoring results are much different than American Football which both AFL and NFL both has 4 Quarters but different timings per Quarter. I would often watch it on Fox Sports if I have some energy to stay up late or get up early in the morning. I picked some of teams of the 18 but one of my favorite Aussie Footy Team is the Brisbane Lions. The Town Brisbane reminds me of Bluey which it’s actually based on a kids cartoon show in Australia. The Brisbane Lions is currently one of the best teams in the league so far this season compares with Melbourne, Fremantle Dockers and Carlton. The Brisbane Lions had a great 2021 season finished in 4th but lost against the Western Bulldog’s during the Semifinals. Now the Brisbane Lions wants to focus on continued to be the best team in the league and hopefully win the 2022 Season. Chris Fagan is the Head Coach of the Lions and Greg Swan is the CEO of the Football Club. Dwayne Zorko is the Capitan of the Club. The Club was formerly known as the Brisbane Bears until 1996 and The Lions was taken over after the idea of the Fitzroy Lions Football Club. The Lions wear Maroon, Gold and Blue which represent their colors for the club. Brisbane Lions was going to get a new Stadium at the Brighton Homes Arena coming soon for the Men’s and Women’s Team for Brisbane.

I was early in the US but wrapping up the evening match in Australia. It was the Brisbane Lions vs West Coast Eagles. During the 1st Quarter Charlie kicked the ball and scored a goal the 1st minute. Then Charlie Cameron kicked it to goal. In the meantime, The West Coast Eagles scored goal. Before the Lions wrapped up the 1st Quarter, Hugh McCluggage scored The Lions and took the lead 21-6. During the 2nd Quarter, Dan McStay was injured and have to be subbed off and Thomas Berry subbed in for him. Charlie Cameron got 2 goals in a on the board to the Lions a 34-6 lead. During the 3rd Quarter One of the players who kicked it from the Center Square into Goal Square and Jack Payne scored a goal from long range. Charlie Cameron caught the ball in the 50 yard zone and kicked it in the goal post to give Brisbane 48-6 lead. During the 4th Quarter, the Lions were winning 61-20 and Hugh McCluggage scored his 3 goals in a row for the night. Then Oscar Mclnerney kicked the ball up in the air and landed into the goal square which bounced it for a goal to give the Lions another lead 86-28. Thomas Berry kicked it in the 50 meters yard zone and made it to the goal post. During 30 seconds on the clock, Zac Bailey scored the last goal of the night and the Brisbane Lions won 105-30. The Brisbane Lions won by 75 margins over the West Coast Eagles but the Lions were too strong for undermanned Eagles and broke the record for the biggest win against the Eagles.

The Brisbane Lions won 105 to 30 which The Lions got 16 Goals and 9 Behinds (105) and the Eagles got 4 Goals and 6 Behinds (30). At the end of the Match, the Home Team sings there anthem Every time when finished the game with a Win.

Here’s the list of the Result of the Brisbane Lions Match

Brisbane Lions 3.3 5.6 9.7 16.9 (105)
West Coast 1.0 1.1 3.2 4.6 (30)

Goals of The Match
Brisbane Lions: Cameron 4, McCluggage 4, Rayner 2, Payne, Coleman, McInerney, T. Berry, J. Berry. Bailey.
West Coast Eagles: Ryan 3, Darling.

Best of the Match
Brisbane Lions: McCluggage, Neale, Zorko, Cameron, Rich ,Answerth.
West Coast Eagles: Hurn, McGovern, Jones, Redden, Ryan.

Injuries Report of the Match
Brisbane Lions:
McStay (ankle).
West Coast Eagles: Nil.

Umpires: Haussen, Glouftsis, McGuinness.
Crowd: 19,331 at the Gabba in Brisbane, Queensland

Danielle’s Food Courts

author by Danielle Delaney

I decided to research all the food courts or food halls around the world.

As a picky eater, I always loved food courts when

I shop . This is because there is so much to choose from and that makes it fun for me.

Today, I will talk about the Eden Food hall in the falls church mall in Virginia.

This one seems especially fun because it is an asian fare food court.

What is fun about this food court is they have everything Asian , from Pho, Sushi to Bakery goods.

They also have special events going on for Chinese

New Year and other asian holidays and fun events.

They even have come celebrate the “Year of the Tiger” at Eden Center.

The year of the tiger represents this concept.

Those born in the Year of the Tiger are supposedly kind, adventurous and enthusiastic, but also display aggressive, short-tempered and anxious traits. “The tiger is commonly associated with something like bravery, courage and strength,”

Food for thought “it is interesting to find out what you represent in Chinese aastrology. “

This is a famous Chinese pastry.
The Eden food court has everything from pho to Vietnamese soups to fish crepes.

I look forward to visiting this center one day.

Danielle’s Shopify

I decided to write a weekly blog on all sorts of shopping and design.
What gave me the passion for style?

My mom was my inspiration for me appreciating great looks.

Whether, clothes, furniture, gardening or make-up, mommy always knew what to do.

She is an expert of “everything design”

I like to shop on my free time, and my favorite place is

Vera Bradley

She makes great bags and has great designs.

I also enjoy going to the mall and the outlets.

One of my favorite places is the food court. Who doesn’t like the food court?

I was going to write a coffee table book on the food courts around the world.

Shopping with my mom, brings about good memories especially around the holidays

I love to buy people gifts of all kinds.

Mom is very good at helping me accomplish this task.

I surprised her with a great christmas gift, which was a coffee mug with a picture of both of us. She loved

our memories

The best gift I recieved from mom was getting the iPhone 8 Plus.

I wanted a big phone because it is easier to see. Surprise ! Surprise she said to me.

My other favorite Surprise was a trip to Florida, where we went to great beaches and of course great


I am a bit of a foodie as you will see..

I hope that you will follow me.

one of my favorite vera Bradley bags
My favorite surprise!

Christian Guardino’s Big Success on American Idol

The Patchogue Singer Christian Guardino was able to make to the top 10 but now have to focus on bigger challenges in order to stay in the competition. Christian has made a huge progress of keeping his hopes up and willing to stay in the competition with all of the love and support. During the Round of Top 10, it was a Special Event based on Disney Night. It started when everyone snag “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encato which they’re all featured by Adassa & Rhenzy Feliz. When it started, Christian Guardino went to Disneyland and saw the guest with his family and get a FaceTime call from Canadian Pop Singer Michael Bublé which it was an amazing surprise. Afterwards he sang The Circles of Life from the Lion King Movie. He sang his heart out with the loudest vocals as much as he did. When it was time to move up to the next round, Christian narrowly made it to the Top 7 Contestants to move on to the next round. I knew he would make to the Round of 7 Singers on American Idol.

The Circle of Life
Ryan Seacrest surprised Christian to see Michael Bublé

Everyone was excited when he survived this challenge and he’ll keep growing as a person and hopefully be a best singer that he could be. By the time when he made it to the top 7, Christian sang Lonely by Justin Bieber & benny blanco. During the Mother’s Day Special, he sang Dear God by Smokie Norful but unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to Christian Guardino and Jay which they both got eliminated during the Round of 7. Christian won’t be able to go to the Round of 5 but at least he made a lot of memories to experience the whole journey of American Idol. The lesson was that Christian Guardino had a beautiful voice and always warmed peoples heart’s and the joy of positivity has influenced a lot of the fans and the judges. Christian’s Legacy has just started and hopefully he’ll create original songs for himself to make it sound like an Angel.

Special Song for Mother’s Day

Akilah’s FIT CHIPS

Warrior Three and Triangle Pose

I practiced fit chips 7 and 8 today. I learned all about these poses which help your body, mind and spirit in multiple ways.

Warrior Three

Warrior three is a standing postured centered around balance .this posture will strengthen your legs, ankles and core.

Warrior three is a intermediate balancing pose in yoga. This dynamic standing posture creates stability through out your entire body by integrating all of the muscles around your core,arms and legs.

Triangle Pose

This pose is a foundational standing pose in yoga, that strengthens and lengthens the hamstring and groin area while also opening the shoulders and stretching the hips.

Triangle Pose

If you look at the back of chip 7 you will see the question:

“If you can have dinner with someone you knew but who is gone now ( people and pets included)

who would that be?

Akilah’s answer

My Dad.

‘He was taken too early unfairly to me and I would love to have spent so much time with him.

If you look at the back of Fit Chip 8 you will see the question:

” If you can have dinner with someone you never met, who would that be and why ?” ( can be fictional)

Oprah Winfrey

‘She has done so much for the african american woman and has opened so many doors, to show us all that we can all make it if we strive too.’

She has also spent years helping people and giving gifts way to people in need, and that is a great deed for all to learn. “Sharing is Caring”

Note to Self: Soul Sundays is great inspirational podcasts from Oprah

Dr. Grimaldi’s Take Away

There is no better way to start the morning with a great yoga routine .

Practicing these chips in flow, will give you a great workout . Reading the chips , will invoke conversation amongst your family and friends.

This kit that we have all have developed, will not only get you in great shape, but is also a great innovative game to take on trips and play with your family and friends..

Stay tuned, for the kit and the books will be published soon !

Mabel and Moons Publishing Company

The Body Mantra Fit Mat

‘Mabel and Moon’s Adventures on the Magic Carpet Ride”

Dr. C

Cara’s Art Corner: Jewelry Making

By Cara DiFiore

If you’ve been following me for a while I usually post about my art, but today I thought about posting about something a little different and that is my new passion for jewelry making.

I’ll tell you how I got into it, my art teacher Milena introduced it to me a few months ago, and I’ve been doing it with her since then. It’s been another way for me to create. I’ve actually always been interested in jewelry. I love wearing pieces on occasions and I sometimes like to shop for jewelry. I was never taught how to make actual pieces until recently.

So here it is, the jewelry I’ve made so far, enjoy!

Angel Bracelet

Eye bracelet

Jeweled Elephant Choker
Amber necklace
Another close up picture
One of my good friends wearing the necklace at her performance (who is a drag performer) which I was at back in Feb

I gifted it to my friend Staci as a holiday gift and they loved it

Pink and gold beaded earrings

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing my jewelry. If you enjoyed my work, please share with your all of your friends and like my Etsy page.

Note To Self: It takes a lot of patience to create detailed jewelry.

Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaway:

Creating new artwork takes a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance. When you channel this work using your passion, it becomes a great meditation for you.

Creating art relaxes your body and mind, which is great for your immune system.

I make sure as the proud coach of this team, that these wonderful young adults, stay healthy and fit as they pursue their writing and artwork to make their dreams come true.

Rachel and Sasha’s Healthy Eats: A Zero Waste Kitchen- part 2

Storing your food correctly is a crucial part in a zero waste kitchen. It can make the difference between making the most out of your food and throwing it out. The first step in storing your food correctly is checking the labels and following the products storage instructions. Once opened, some food need to go in the fridge and used within a few days, so take note of when you open the package. We recommend having a sharpie on hand to take note. Any leafy greens and salad items have to go into the salad drawer of the fridge. If you’re ripening fruit, don’t chill them but rather leave them out in a fruit bowl until they’re ready. As for your kitchen pantry, this is a great place for shutting out light. Keep spices, oils, and some vegetables- such as onions and root vegetables- dry and dark in here.

Using the right containers can keep your food in the best condition for as long as possible. Transfer dried goods, such as spices, pasta, rice, to airtight glass or ceramic jars to keep them fresh for 6 months or more. Plastic is easy to carry around for food on the go, it should only be used for cold food. High temperatures can cause the plastic to break down. Quick tip: in the fridge, keep asparagus, cucumber, carrots, and celery fresh by putting them upright in a jar of water.

Something new we learned about is blanching vegetables. It is a cooking process in which food, usually fruit or vegetable, is scaled in boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and is then plunged into iced water to halt the cooking process. You can also just place the food under cold running water. Blanching foods can help keep your food fresh for longer. It also brightens the color and slows nutrient loss. Blanching food is usually done before freezing. Transfer your food into an airtight container and freeze and they will keep for up 10 months.

Blanching green beans


When buying vegetables in large quantities such as from Costco, freeze anything extra to avoid waste.


I am very pleased that my team is learning about sustainability and zero waste. In a mass consumerism world, saving the most essential item of food is greatly beneficial to health and wellbeing of oneself. Zero waste can help immensely in anyone’s life especially in saving money and budgeting. So much food goes to waste every single day, so being conscious of ones consumption and waste is crucial. Making the most of what you have is very important and can go the distance in saving money, food, and time. It teaches our team of all abilities about money management, something they need to know as they launch into the real world.

Learning about sustainability and zero waste is very important in this day and age. I am very proud of my team for taking the initiative of learning and writing about this.

Ellie The Logical Flower

Ellie the Logical Flower is very helpful, She is a very observant, a good problem solver, sassy just like me. She is very helpful with her garden friends especially Charlie the Caterpillar and Fancy Fawn. Ellie loves to observe what’s going on in the garden at all free times and really researching science, especially when it has to do with helping” nurture nature.”

Ellie loves that she has great knowledge and enjoys helping her friends when they get into situations.

She is a problem solver by heart, and loves to fix them. Ellie strives to understand everything about life and nature. She always wants to feel positive about herself, and if she’s having a hard time she will find the strategy to make the best of the situation.. Ellie can be seem a bit sassy at first, for some of her appearances, but manages to shift her attitude quickly when she needs to help others out, trying at the same time not to sweat the small stuff.

She is very smart and stands tall with all her floral friends. She’ll stand out from the rest, asking for help from the light and energy from Sammy the sun and Timber the tree. She has plenty of brothers and sisters in her flower bed.

Her sister Victoria is the Queen of the Flowers, another sister of hers is Jess who is loyal and a fun flower, we call her the the comedian flower. She has one brother and his name is Fin, who is the smart one and the bravest of all. Ellie would also help out a science solution if one of the characters need help in environmental sustainability

. Ellie can get very aggressive when she doesn’t get her way, but she understands and knows the tools to decompress her stress by spending time nature swimming in the Meadows. She often stops by to visit her siblings.

Her parents passed away from a major storm and one of the oldest trees fell down during this storm, due to its age. Fin is the brave one who stands up with the other flowers in the garden with his lion heart full of courage, to inspire his flower friends. Victoria is the Queen of the flowers, and gives advice to nature on how to live and survive life. Jess is the Flower who loves to enjoy the others company with loyalty and she provides fun entertainment for all.

She found the acorns underneath the tree because they were hiding under the rolling the plants

Ellie would often resolve the conflicts because most of the characters in nature needs her when nessary. She can be sassy at first but finds a way to help out a character like Mabel and Moon laying in dirt and making the plant dirty. Ellie will tell them to find a solution on how to play without getting into trouble.

Ellie found an idea to sort out each individual’s problems, while each character reflects on their perspectives.

Every character in the meadow enjoy their time together.They are all very friendly towards each other and work together like one happy family. They must always be on point because sometimes they have dangerous weather that they need to be cautious about. The animals are very fun and playful when they show up in the meadows. Ellie the Flower loves to observe everyone all the time.

Ellie can be the biggest teaser with the rest of the plants but uses funny sarcasm that often annoys her siblings when she feels like being sassy while being the biggest teaser.

She can be a cheeky flower with an infectious spirit, when something good happens. Ellie is a unique flower who is very aware of her surroundings while focused on nature and what surrounds it.

Ellie can live and grow from the plants with the rest of the characters in the field. Her mom and dad taught her kids to be strong, loving and independent flowers. She and all of her siblings grew up with all of the other flowers in the same flower community while enjoying to learn life’s lessons.

The kids were grateful that their parents taught them how to respective environment and live for the moment. Her Mom’s name is Maddison and her Dad’s name is Jayson. These two parent flowers are very loving and encourages education for plants and nature while exploring life with critical thinking and compassion. They are always of their surroundings and keep a good eye out for each other. The meadows does often has new plants and visitors arriving to the field every year when spring arrives. The Meadows is one the greatest place to feel good about nature and run through the fields to get messy as they are getting inspired.

The New York Mets greatest giveaway for this No-Hitter Performance with 5 Different Pitchers in History

The New York Mets worked so hard to get themselves another no-hitter for the first time in a decade. Last time was Johan Santana but this time was a combination of 1 pitcher and 4 reliever pitchers which I was not aware that was going to happen. I started believing that the Mets could possibly get no hitter after when Alonso got a Solo Home run in the 6th inning. It was great teamwork from Tylor Megill who opened up the pitch and played for 5 innings, Drew Smith, Joely Rodriguez, Seth Lugo and the closing pitcher Edwin Díaz who had 3 perfect strikeouts. It was a night to remember and fans at Citi Field as well.

One thing I learned from no-hitter performance was always focused on you and maintain your performance so you can get better at the mistakes from your past. It was an incredible experience to see the Mets get to have another chance to make a historic night with the team playing and celebrating it together.

Tylor Megill gets an interview on Mets’ no-no hitter by the thanks from his 4 Relieve pitchers
Jeff McNeil’s Giveaway to helped the Mets get the Lead
Pete Alonso’s Giveaway Moment to get the Home-run for this unforgettable night.
Brandon Nimmo’s incredible catch for a fly out

There was lots great achievements from this Mets Team like when it started with a moment when Megill started pitching for the Mets’ which only lasted for 5 innings because he knew that the team wanna keep their hopes to get another no-hitter. Brandon Nimmo had a great save for a fly out in the 3rd inning. Jeff McNeil swing into center left field to helped the Mets opened 2 runs while he got himself a Single in the 5th inning. Everyone give him a big smile to his fans especially Lindor in the dugout. Pete Alonso got a monster Solo Home run to give a Mets 3-0 lead against the Phillies during the 6th inning. During the 8th inning before Alonso got a fly ball out, Lindor passed to McNeil and Alonso to give the Double play which shows great team effort and power pass to keep the Mets’ no-hitter alive. When Edwin Díaz pitched for the closing moments, he got 3 perfect strikeouts and hyped up everyone at Citi Field and Mets Fans who witnessed History from their own TV. The team has walked 6 batters and struck out 12 batters to make another Franchise History. Some of players got splashed by Gatorade after the celebration so they can bring out the good vibes.

Coach Buck Showalter’s giveaway with this tremendous performance by telling his teammates to work hard and physically focused on what matters the most to continue this terrific season. The lineup changes had cause a minor delay which cost time but however Díaz was able to get breathing moments to stayed focused and helped the Mets achieve another no-hitter. He said that it was a great night to remember and it show this team can do anything to score runs and win games. On the other hand he still get annoyed the the Mets Players keep getting by the pitchers when there team batted to swing the ball. The Mets has expressed their feelings out about bad luck or fouls that Major League Baseball don’t think about saying it is a big deal because that is very absurd.

The New York Mets giveaway was that teamwork is the most important part of the game which it shows great characteristics from the players and the crew who helped the Mets live the moment. When this team created History, it also shows that they broke the record for the most pitch by the combined pitchers to team up while finished the game with 159 pitches which was incredible. If the New York Mets continue to use the great Performance of what there doing now, the team can have a greater of going to 1st place in the National League East Division and hopefully goes to the playoffs.

Edwin Díaz was poured by Gatorade from Pete Alonso

The Whole team at the Clubhouse to talk about the No-Hitter

New York Mets Highlights