DJ Fisher the Social Media Comedian

Paul Nicholas Fisher, known by the stage name Fisher is an Australian music producer. Every once in a while, Fisher would make funny videos for Instagram and Facebook so he show his audience about the behind the scenes before and after the show or taking a moment to himself. For example Fisher would talk about Paul’s Pondering which he express about his day or something that makes him wanna bring it to his fans and then makes jokes about these ridiculous topics.

His funny Instagram videos and prank videos in the life of Fisher with his crew in some of his exclusive shows and highlights of his international tour with all of the laughter and fun by telling stories. Even all of his songs which he became the next famous Australian DJ and included some of greatest songs like Losing It, You Little Beauty and so much more. He does often go on tours around the globe to play his famous songs and play club music. Mostly he would go to Vegas or Ibiza for his famous hotspots of concerts.

Here’s all of the best highlights of Fisher’s Best Moments and Funny Compilations on the links below and listen to his music if you love the Australia Legend.

The Revolutionary Match of the Men’s World Cup 2022

The match is England vs USA which the match was hosted in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. England won 6-2 against Iran while the USA ended with a 1-1 draw against Wales. The last time the Men’s Teams met each other was the 2010’s FIFA World Cup which ended in a 1-1 draw. This is the 3rd time that the USA meets England in a World Cup Tournament.

The Revolutionary match started off with Harry Kane getting the scoring opportunity at the 9th minute but great narrow block from Walker Zimmerman. During the 19th minute Christian Pulisic passed it to McKennie and give it to Haji Wright nearly put the U.S. in the lead with this header, but his attempt came up fell short to the right side. Then Weston McKennie had the opportunity the get the goal but, missed another chance and kicked it too high up which USA could find a rhythm still. During the 34th minute, Christian Pulisic hit the crossbar with a left-footed shot that was inches away from putting the U.S. on top which it was the highlight of the match. Christian Pulisic was so close to hit the next which would’ve hit a few been the goal and that would’ve been the game winner if it was 1-0. England got lucky with the missed which it remains scoreless. USA took control most of the first half but England has other plans at the 45th minute when Raheem Sterling passed the ball to Mason Mount which USA keeper Matt Turner denied England’s opprutinty to get their first goal and The first save of the match for Team USA came in the final moments of the first half in stoppage.

During the 2nd Half, Both teams gotten competitive with a couple of tackles and some the fouls did not count for a yellow which some the foul play should’ve count because of the pushing and scuffing. It was a very poor call from the Referee which a lot of the fans witness some the most cheeky plays from both England and the USA. When Christian Pulisic continued to show his creativity, and helped his fans to cheer on for the USA louder than ever which they had a lot of corner kicks and was deflected out of bounds by England, leading to a string of corner kicks and set piece opportunities in front of a raucous stand full of American fans. It was a thrilling moment for the Americans who watched this moment. During the last 20 minutes, England was finally using most of the possession which lasted for the rest of the match but lower in the 82rd minute, Giovanni Reyna made his Wolrd Cup Debut for the USNMT which marked a milestone within his family, taking the field 16 years after his father, Claudio Reyna, played in his last FIFA World Cup. His mother Danielle played for the U.S Women’s National Team for a short period of time but she won 4 national championships at the University of North Carolina. During the 93rd minute of Stoppage time, Harry Kane made the last attempt for England with a header in the final moments but he wasn’t able to connect. The United States had the last free-kick with the final action of the game which it’s down the line to Gio Reyna, but it goes out of play. The match ended up scoreless which both coaches give each other the handshake and the fans booed for the poor performance and failed to attempt the goals. However, the USA went above and beyond for the defense performance and didn’t allowed England to get the winning goal.

The match ended up with a scoreless draw which USA should be very proud of themselves for upsetting England to avoid them getting the win especially an intense match. Christian Pulisic and he was player of the match because of his great encouragement and true spirit of the sport for what he brings the world together to love soccer with chant and the atmosphere. The American Fans sang loud and proud by saying “It’s Called Soccer” which it does confused people who’s used to saying football. There’s a lot of History between England vs USA but they’ll be plenty of sports besides soccer like the Olympic Games, Rugby, Hockey, tennis, basketball, athletics, boxing, water polo and so much more opportunities along the way.

Working Out with James at NexCycle

The group goes to NexCycle every Wednesdays to do some workout. We ride the bikes for 10 minutes of standing and sitting. We also get to request some of our songs and we get to play the game called music trivia which was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we use the medicine ball to pass it to each other. Sometimes we do yoga and we do workout stations like sit ups and curls with the dumbbells. We learn different tasks every time when we start the day for his classes. Hopefully we’ll go back soon and do more opportunities for new workouts and get stronger for our famous work.

James has worked for NexCycle for 7 years which he first opened NexCycle in a small studio in Saint James but then he move to another studio because it was bigger and wider for his class for going around the gym with different workout stations. He’s been having more people entering his studio since he got the current studio and since the Pandemic the classes were on hold which everyone has been getting on virtual classes which he had to start off socially distance when he open his class for in person. He had to do hybrid of unperson and virtual which was very difficult to handle everyone of the classes. As the months goes by, he decided that it was time for full capacity of in person class and others can still do virtual if there not conformable to go back but still wanna take the classes.

Loving Maggie

How animals help us heal


Nicole Magee

As Thanksgiving just passed , we usually go around and say what we are grateful for.

This thanksgiving, I am so grateful for my dog Maggie. I am so grateful I decided to write a book about her , for the world to see.

The name of my book is called “Loving Maggie”

The title sums it all up. I never will forget the day , I got Maggie. My family and I decided to go adopt a dog at the north shore animal center.

My sister Brianna , who is also my twin always wanted a dog since childhood. So what a better time to get one, on a cloudy summer day.

Brianna was so funny, she made us all sign a contract that she would get a dog by the summer.

We all signed it, and on that cloudy summer day, we all welcomed Maggie into our home.

Maggie was so wonderful, she was the gift that kept on giving . Who would have known, that she would have become my best buddy and then my savior.

When I was 14 years old, I was walking on New Year’s Even and I fell . I was soon diagnosed with seizure disorder and from that time on, Maggie became closer and closer to me.

During Covid, she really kept everyone together and happy .

On Sept 17, 2021, I had a serious sleep seizure and I was flat on my book because I was not feeling good that day. I skipped my medication for a couple of days and my body reacted during my sleep, and I could not breathe. Maggie ran to my side and then alerted my parent’s that something was wrong. They were just about to get ready to go to bed, but Maggies persistently barked until they ran by my side.

Please read my book “Loving Maggie” so you can hear my story and how dogs are the true healers of life.

What does the Book represent “Collecting Seashells”

The reason why I chose this book is that it helps me understand the facts of why I love the sound of nature and enjoy going into the ocean and discovering interesting things in the seashore. Another reason why going to the ocean is really a beautiful place to visit is that it would help you stay calm and stay focused while easing the pressure on your normal life to get some good meditation. It’s very helpful to ease what’s going on in the world and very helpful to feel the sand and the water as a sensory feel. The Ocean is also a great place to release your emotions and use it as a free therapy because it would help you keep your typical and mental health steady if you feel like you want to go somewhere calming. It’s also very helpful for nature so you can use it for a sensory feel if you love it while touching the surface of the ocean. Feeling the sand and the seashells is very good for a sensory feel which makes you feel good.

The reason why I think surfing is very good for you is because it’s good for your mental and physical health while living the moment. It’s also very good while tracking the waves while waiting for the right moment to get on the surfboard while hanging on. Once in a while I would watch the experience of nature and see ocean animals and see boats passing by or the clouds passing by while looking at the rest of the view of the ocean. Seeing the ocean is really helpful. It’s a relaxing experience while getting on the water which gives a sensory feel while getting in and the ocean is a wonderful place to use it as a happy place or a palace if you want to get peace. There’s so many beautiful things while enjoying the natural beauty of the ocean.

– Scott Weisbrot

NYCFC is going to be in Queens next to Citi Field

A lot of New Yorkers are pleased with the idea of having a soccer stadium in New York City because this would attract a lot of commuters who would take the train or finding a Soccer Stadium besides Redbull Arena in Harrison New Jersey for the New York Redbulls. A 25,000-seat, soccer-specific stadium will be erected in Queens, across the street from the New York Mets’ Citi Field. A Newly developed neighborhood would be great for economics of New York sports and local business. NYCFC has been using Yankee Stadium in the Bronx as its home venue since their first season back in 2015 when the team was established in 2013. New York’s other MLS’ other team, the Red Bulls, who played their home games in Harrison, N.J which every year they host the Hudson River Derby. According to the New York Times, and the New York Daily News, NYCFC will build the the cost of the stadium, estimated at $780 million, though the venue will be situated on city-owned land. A new stadium for the 2021 MLS Cup champions could be built which it is expected to be ready by 2027. The City will be private government funds and city funds, is except to bring 6 billion dollars in revenue to the city over 30 years. The breaking ground will be expected to start early as 2023.

On the day when NYCFC announced that their stadium would be in Willets Point Queens, New York. Mayor Eric Adams announced that NYCFC will have their official home and it would be the first professional specific soccer stadium after that Queensboro FC planned to add a stadium at York College. New York City FC would add more fan base, create new apartments for affordable housing’s, an elementary school and hotels along with the stadium included a taxi rank at Citi Field for residents if they wanna use alternative transportation. This means they will have to take over the industrial yard plus an auto shop area which is know as the Iron Triangle. So they take over and turn it into a green city of Queens. Fans around the metro area were more excited about the idea and easier access for transportation.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared NYCFC their official home in Mets Willets Point

What is the Blood Moon?

The blood moon represents the purpose of showing the universe to be what does the beautiful view looks like. The blood moon also represents the reddish tingle which the full moon takes on when it’s fully eclipsed. The beautiful of it that the moon changed colors from white into being covered by turning red which is the beauty of the night sky. A “blood moon” happens when the Earth’s moon is in a total lunar eclipse, while it has no special astronomical significance. The view of the night sky is striking as the usually whitish moon becomes red or ruddy brown which gives purpose of the changes afterwards. The planets goes through around the galaxies to tell when the next time when they’ll be another blood moon.

A total lunar eclipse happens when the Moon travels through the Earth’s umbra and blocks all direct sunlight from illuminating the Moon’s surface. For some reason, some sunlight can still reaches the lunar surface indirectly, through the Earth’s atmosphere, bathing the Moon in a reddish, yellow, or orange which shows the audience of interesting facts about the evolution of the moon and sun being on each other’s planet. The Blood Moon has a fact that cycle lasts for quite some time depending on how long the moon turns red or depending on the weather if it has to be a full moon.

Lunar eclipses can only happen during a full moon, when the sun fully illuminates the surface. Usually, a full moon has no eclipse because the moon orbits in a slightly different plane than the Earth and the sun. However, at times the planes coincide. Earth passes in between the moon and the sun and cuts off the sunlight, causing an eclipse.

Eclipses in your city (with animations

Why you should go to Hunter Mountain New York

There’s so much things to do during the fall and winter months. People can go skiing snow tubing and community events, hiking. The town also often host local beer festivals and cultural activities in the area. The weather is cooler during most of the summer and it has the best scenery of the amazing different colors of leaves during the autumn. Lack of carbinonaxie which is good for the people to breathe in with the fresh air. It is also one of the most iconic places in Upstate New York with so much sceneries.

Housings and ski resorts for the holiday tourism. People should consider moving to Upstate New York because there’s less population than Southern New York which they need to move up in the north. They also have a solar farm. They have colorful housings and stores in their local downtown area on Route 23A Main Street in Tannersville. There’s also art museums, historic places, antique shops and other local attractions. Upstate New York also has a lot of real life Cafes and Thrift Stores for local business.

During the Winter Months, most of the time it always snow and has plenty for people to do skiing, snow tubing and so much adventurous activities during the day. People can sit by the fire and have marshmallows with hot chocolate to keep you warm. There’s also great shopping and dining options especially when people wanna enjoy their getaway trip to the resorts or Winter Lodging for fun activities. Others can do non winter activities like snowshoe trails through the woods, or shopping downtown and enjoying a craft beer tasting. There is plenty of activities like historic sites and other events which is the reason why the Catskills are the ideal destination! 

The reason people should move to the Hudson Valley/Catskills because they can have the luxury life or find something that fits your budget but wanted to find somewhere with nature. Most of the houses would have more freedom of the walk around the property and often see wild animals once in a while or see the shooting stars on a clear night.

The place is a the sense of wonders during the summer months like going out to so many fun places to go out for a trip to remember. Theres plenty of lakes and waterfalls for tourists to spend parts of the day like swimming in swim holes, paddle boating, Canoeing, Kayaking, fishing, and exploring animals in the nature preserve. The Catskills has local eatery and brewery for adults who love to socialize and have a good time. Hit the highlights or go through the horizon and see where the road takes you to find a great spot like, biplane adventures, the waterpark, mountain activities, or eatery cafes and restraints for the whole family. They can also stop by at local music festivals if they wanna have a good time especially theres the shops of Woodstock were they can check out and relive the memory of the Hippie Era. Also there’s a couple of petting zoo for kids and people who adores with animals and loves learning about history at some of the local museums and art museums.

The scenery is beautiful during the autumn because of the Fall Foliage and theres much adventurous activities. The weather is also breezy and crisp during the autumn months. There’s also lots of fall festivals, horse back riding trails, hiking trails, farmers markets and trips to the farm.

Numbers and Links about Life of the Catskills

The Bellmore-Merrick SEPTA Recreational Fair

The Bellmore-Merrick SEPTA Resources & Recreation Services Fair is an event which hosts every year for students with special needs to be from transferring grade school into adulthood. It includes programs for special activities if its base on education or special interest while it’s at the location or virtual in future events. This year is the 14th Annual Recreation Fair.

There was plenty of workshops and vendors during the event and the students from middle school to high school participated in a scavenger hunt to collect brochure and items like pens or hand sanitizers by adding them in different group of people. The event includes guests and people who work for the company to host the event assist students with special needs and their families.

The list of events that participated for the Recreation Fair which includes, day hab program, vocational classes, Self Services, Camps, Overnight Respite, social events, and etc. The list participants is A-1 Universal, Abilities inc at The Viscardi Center, AHRC, ALLabilites Center, Baking Coach, Barry & Florence Friedburg JCC Ezra Center, Blossoming Behavior, Blue Umbrella Experience, inc: Above & Beyond Community Classes, Camp Good Mourning, Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, Charles Evans Center, Citizens Options Unlimited, East Meadow Little League Challenger, ELIJA Farm/TPA Program, Epic LI, Family Center for Autism, Gersh Driver Education Extended Program, HOPEFitness, Long Island Blue Special Hockey Team, Long Island Toy Lending Center for Children with Disabilities, Mid Island Y JCC/Adler Center, Nassau County Police Activity League (PAL) Special Needs Unit, Nathaniel’s Hope Buddy Break Respite Program, New Frontiers, New York Friendship Circle, Positive Behavior Support Consulting & Psychological Resources, Positive Community Connections, Recipes 4 Learning, SANYS, Sid Jacobson Camp Kehilla & Kehilla, Summit Camp, Tigerman Community Service, Tommy’s Friends, XTREME Dance, YAI, Tri County Care, Comprehensive Progressive Support for Adults, South Oaks Hospital and Vocational and School Based Services, Ariell’s Friendship Circle, Mitch Weisbrot CLU Special Needs Planner, The Lae Offices of Andrew M Cohen, SPETA of Bellmore-Merrick Community Cupboard, Community Mainstreaming, Kulanu Travels, Ken’s Crew, Live Through Rec Recreation Therapy and Hofstra Summer Camp

Blog About My Upcoming Book “Living In Color

Today I’ll be writing about my upcoming book which is now in the works and will be out soon. I’ll also be saying why I wanted to write this book. I’ll be giving some hints here and there. Enjoy

I wanted to write this book because I wanted to write about what it is like being an artist, how the arts can bring you happiness in your life, how they can make you feel heard/seen, and how much success they’ll bring you 

I also want to get this out to anyone who is trying to/is in the business to know that you shouldn’t let anyone/anything stop you from doing what you love and no matter where you’re from, who you are, how much money you have, and etc you have a chance to make it.

Be on the lookout this holiday season

– Cara