Autisticana and The Beauty Behind Our Team.

By the Autisticana Team

We wanted to write a blog to everyone to state our mission to the world. We designed this start up blog and news media company in Barbara Walter’s name.

She was our coach, Dr. Christine’s’ dear friend and mentor. Christine learned how to be a conscious leader and news reporter through her years working by her side. We are so thrilled that coach Christine has now devoted her life into helping us do the same.

We wanted everyone to know that we chose the name Autisticana , because we are autistic people and have beautiful minds. We as a team want to lift the stigma that society has placed on us with negative connotations of the name.

Autisticana in our perspective represents our curious and brilliant minds. A lot of us want to be inclusive because “ We get each other”

The world is so focused on us being with everyone. They sometimes treat us like we are aliens. We are brilliant , kind , curious and compassionate adults who are proud of who we are ! We enjoy being with like minded people, despite how their brain is wired.

We picked the name and we love it!

The Autisticana Team standing in front of a white van with the Autisticana logo on it. The logo consists of a persons face made up of different kinds of circles. The log contains the phrase "Autisticana The Nerd-Divergent News Media Company. Stop Whining, Start Doing"
Here’s some of the Autisticana team with our van!

We also love Starbucks ! We love all the details about all their different titles of all their specialty drinks! Details are our thing and creativity. Starbucks has accomplished that for us, and we are thankful.

So Autisticana and Americana rhyme! We live to rhyme! It is soothing and engages our mind into a steady state of flow.

We do not want to change!

Society want’s to change us.

We thank you coach Christine for letting us be proud of who we are , and for enhancing and launching our creativity.

As a like minded team of creative friends our mission is to investigate and write good news pieces on grass roots foundations , local stores, events , corporations , art , film and more people that are making a difference in this world.

Thank you Christine for keeping us thriving during the pandemic with our travel bloggers series.

Now we as a team are here to write a great news piece on all of you to make your lives , careers and passions be known to the world.

Covid has brought darkness to this planet. @autisticana we are here to bring back the light!

Blessings to all!

From our team at Autisticana.

FYI. Half of our team is neurotypical and we mentor them.

We are not aliens but so like a good sci-fi movie.

“ For it is not how many breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away “

This collage of photos contains images of the Autisticana team out in the community. These photos contain images of the team having fun out at our local bowling alley.
Here’s the Autisticana team out in the community learning and having fun!

Why do I want to see in the Taxi Industry of the Future

I have always wanted to see the evolution of changes of taxis since the 2010s and onward of the Pandemic. I loved seeing taxi cabs because there is also public transportation and local attractions. I would love to see taxi ranks at city centers and develop taxi apps so people can request a cab online, especially in this day and age of technology.

Since the Ride shares has been taking over the taxi industry, I would like to see them find a way to stay in business. This could be a good opportunity like having a competition of the success which I would like to see who would be busier or keep the same prices without changing rates. One thing that taxi’s outsmart ride share companies is that they never change the surge price while ride shares companies often change price surge like a major holiday for an example like the price doubled or tripled the amount when there’s hardly anyone available. When the taxi cabs are unavailable due to night goers, there lucky enough to keep a same price for the destination home.

Why I’m obsessed with taxi ranks because I like the idea of taxi cabs standing at ranks when they don’t have reservations or automatic pickups on the app. Like England and town centre taxi ranks has still become of thing in most countries which there lucky.

Taxis came from different background of characteristics of business and vehicles of age.

People with Disabilities take Taxi cabs to the community

Disabled Passenger on a Taxi

Apps -olutely

Small Bites, Big Taste

We decided to make a winter appetizer tonight called

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese originally called “Devils on Horseback. “

This appetizer was started back in the 19th century. It is usually commonly served during winter holidays.

The origin of the name “devils on horseback” is unclear. Some articles state that they are “Probably so called on account of being typically served very hot” and give the earliest reference to 1885, in the American agricultural magazine The Country Gentleman.[4] Another source states that there is “a surfeit of theories” but dates the idea (as a refinement of the oyster in bacon combination) to 1800.[5] One recurring suggestion fancifully suggests the name derives from “Norman raiders (who) would ride into towns wearing rashers of bacon over their armor to scare villagers.”[6] However, the earliest mention of this is from 2008,[7] while the dish itself dates from the 19th century,[5] 800 years after the Norman Conquest.

Recipes vary, but generally, they are a variation on angels on horseback(bacon wrapped oysters), made by replacing oysters with dried fruit. There are many variations on the basic concept of a bacon-wrapped prune stuffed with cheese, almonds, or other foods. Devils on horseback are commonly served as part of a Christmas feast. We made our version with turkey bacon and stuffed it with blueberry goat cheese. We had to baste the Turkey bacon with some ghee ( clarified butter) to make it crisp up and give it a bit of fat. As a team, we loved it. This appetizer was something new, and all of us enjoyed it.
We give this holiday appetizer 5 stars !!

Recipe three easy ingredients !!!!

Dates, blueberry cinnamon goat cheese, and turkey bacon.

Try to find dates that are already pitted.

Stuff them with the goat cheese of your choice

Wrap with bacon of your choice

Cook at 350 for twenty minutes.

( Because we used Turkey bacon, we broiled it for an extra 3 minutes with butter or ghee on top to crisp it up !!

Cool a bit, and enjoy!

Good Work, Team!


Our Misson to Bring Back Small Businesses @autisticana


Small businesses in America face numerous challenges due to COVID-19, including price increases, worker competition, and concerns about the Federal Reserve’s response to inflation. According to surveys from organizations like the National Federation of Independent Business, the Small Business Majority, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, small business sentiment has become increasingly pessimistic. This is a concerning trend, given that small businesses account for two-thirds of all jobs created in the past 25 years in the country, which could have negative implications for American growth and prosperity.

Our mission at Autisticana is to do great news pieces on all small businesses that make our community thrive. We have already completed a dozen pieces on local businesses. Our goal is to feature at least 2 pieces a month to showcase to the community the hard work and dedication individuals put into building their own businesses.

As the CEO of Autisticana, we want you to understand that we chose our name because we are proud of our neurodivergent creativity and thinking. We work very hard to lift the stigma that this population has put upon us.

Our news team consists of typical and atypical people because “we are all one and look up to the same sky!”

FYI, we also love Starbucks and wanted to rhyme after their coffee Americana.

If you would like to be our next feature, please submit your business to

CEO, Scott Weisbrot


Autisticana at IHOP Port Jefferson

Recently the Autisticana crew went to Port Jefferson Station IHOP for a delicious breakfast-like dinner. We had delicious meals such as pancakes, bacon and eggs, and even burgers. Then we gathered for a group picture with our waiter Autumn, as well as other workers at the restaurant. This will help us get publicity as we continue our quest to take the world by storm!

Before going to IHOP, Christine recorded a video that would blow the corporation away!

IHOP is an American multinational restaurant chain that specializes in American breakfast foods. It also offers lunch and dinner items and is owned by Dine Brands Global, with 99% of its locations run by independent franchisees. IHOP has 1,841 locations across the Americas, Middle East, and South Asian Subcontinent, with many locations open 24/7 but minimum operating hours from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

International House of Pancakes (IHOP) was founded in 1958 in the Los Angeles, California area by Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin, and Albert Kallis, with the help of Sherwood Rosenberg and William Kaye. The first restaurant opened in Burbank, California, and the chain currently has 1,841 locations across the Americas, Middle East, and South Asian Subcontinent. Most of the locations are run by independent franchisees. The original IHOP design was a steep-roofed A-frame building with a blue roof, and while most locations no longer use this building type, some still exist around the US. The chain’s name was officially shortened to IHOP for marketing purposes in 1973, and a cartoon kangaroo was used in commercials at the time.

IHOP expanded its breakfast menu to include lunch and dinner items in the 1980s. It rebranded from International Industries to IHOP in 1976. In December 2019, IHOP announced plans to launch a fast-casual breakfast chain called Flip’d.

IHOP celebrated its 10th annual National Pancake Day in 2015. In mid-2018, a franchisee opened a hybrid Applebee’s/IHOP restaurant in downtown Detroit.

IHOP’s headquarters office is located in Glendale, California. The founders of IHOP are Al Lapin Jr., Albert Kallis, and Jerry Lapin.

Stuffed Mushrooms and Spinach Pie

By: Lisette Alexander

HISTORY OF THE STUFFED MUSHROOM While the exact origin is unknown, stuffed mushrooms hit the food scene sometime between the mid-19th century and early 20th century. There is no one consensus on this, but it is unanimously agreed that the credit for this dish goes to the Italians, as the original stuffed mushrooms recipes hail from Italy, and the dish is very similar to another dish enjoyed by the Italians, stuffed zucchini. In the 19th century, the French started exploring fungi for consumption, leading to the first widespread cultivation of mushrooms for eating. The brown crimini mushroom was the go-to choice for most, but what started as an acquired taste eventually expanded to accept more gourmet flavors of mushrooms such as shiitakes, morels, and the rare and expensive truffles. Mushrooms are commonly filled with garlic, breadcrumbs, parsley, and cheese, but there are countless filling possibilities. Restaurants started serving stuffed mushrooms as a delicacy in the 1940s, using exotic ingredients such as crabmeat for the filling.

Since then, stuffed mushrooms have become a popular appetizer and side dish, and their versatility has made them a go-to option for both home cooks and professional chefs. While the traditional ingredients remain popular, creative twists on the recipe have emerged, such as using goat cheese, bacon, spinach, or even quinoa as a filling.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in plant-based and vegan cuisine, leading to a rise in vegan stuffed mushroom recipes that use ingredients such as tofu, tempeh, or cashew cheese as a filling. Stuffed mushrooms have also become a popular option for those following a low-carb or gluten-free diet, as they offer a satisfying, flavorful option without the added carbs or gluten.

Overall, the stuffed mushroom has evolved over time and continues to be a popular dish around the world. Whether served as an appetizer, side dish, or main course, stuffed mushrooms are a tasty and versatile dish that is here to stay.

Spanakopita, also known as spinach pie, is a savory pastry dish that has existed within Greek cuisine for a long time. Spanakopita makes a great appetizer before a larger meal or a delicious afternoon snack to tide you over before dinner. Here are some basic facts about this mouth-watering Greek food treat.

Big News!

So the big news is I was selected to be in The Art Of Neurodiversity Conference Art Virtual Gallery that is on Friday, April 14th recently and I’m so excited

I found out about this back in December from one of my good friends Ava who told me I should register and I did. Then I got an email back recently saying they loved the piece I submitted and would love to have it in the show and registered for the gallery.

For those who are curious about what kind of event it is and what it is actually about. It is an event for people with disabilities to showcase their talents to the world.

if you are interested or able to attend and want to know more about the event here is the link

I hope this blog brought you smiles and I hope to you attend

All Starz Tournament in Pennsylvania

On the 5th of March, 2023 the whole Long Island Field Hockey Team went to the Spooky Nook Sports in Mannheim, Pennsylvania. It was the same weekend as the Girls Under 16 Tournament. The All Starz Field Hockey Tournament is based on athletes with intelligential disabilities. There’s also other teams like the Pennsylvania Revolution, Able Field Hockey of Westchester. Our goal is to establish more teams to develop field hockey teams around the nation so we can play with them in future tournaments.

The whole Autisticana Crew

During the Tournament the Long Island Field Hockey Team and the Pennsylvania Revolution had 2 sets of teams because of the large capacity of players which split into 2 teams of themselves like the Long Field Hockey Team last year in Orlando and the Able Field Hockey Team of Westchester. We played against the Pennsylvania Revolution in White and did played strong. I scored the last goal to tie it up with only 5 seconds left of the first round. We next played against the Pennsylvania Revolution in Black. I had 3 incredible runs with only shots on goals with close calls. Steven made a wow long stretch goal with only 10 seconds and drew the same results 2-2. Finally we played with Able Field Hockey of Westchester and showed them how to play field hockey and give them extra chances to get goals because we wanted to show the little ones how to play like all stars of the future.


Chocolatier Suisse

Last week we took a wonderful excursion to a Swiss chocolatier company.

This was not any old chocolate shop. This was one of the finest!!!

We investigated the history behind this unbelievable franchise and this is what we found.

Meeting the farmers to hand pick the best cacao.

We learned that the cacao beans arrive at their manufacturer, the magic of creating the “couverture”, a high-quality chocolate, can begin. This is high quality chocolate that has a finer texture and a greater percentage of cocoa butter. This is what makes their chocolate superior to other sellers and franchises.

We teach value and this place deserves it!!!

Love Island vs Love On the Spectrum

The show is about parting up with the couples on an island. They also have the cast interview themselves about what’s going on about the moment or showing their feelings about the event or dating experience. The show also experienced the cast on their dating experience. Both of these shows has the interview of each character express on how they feel about the experience.

The story of Love Island is about young people who couple with others and some women have too much makeup to think they look attractive which is more artificial. The show is about friends coupling up and understanding their feelings. On the nontoxic side, there’s a group of men and women for the most part are good friends and talk about each other’s company. During their time off, the guys workout and talk about the woman their dating or interesting stories. The girls often put on make up and get fashion when have the time to themselves. There’s also dating experience and I also enjoyed the fun challenges with some cheeky moments. The show also includes each character interview the camera to express how they feel at the moment of each highlight of the show. I really like that they get to have todays music in the background like dance pop or bass vibe which fits perfectly for a tropical vibe. The show sadly have break up moments which who would get dumped on the Island.

The story of about Love on the Spectrum is people on the spectrum finding love while others go on a dating trial experience to find which person fits them the most. The idea of Autism is that the dating experience like speed dating which it could a challenge but understand there wants and needs. Most Autistic people are curious about the dating experience in person because they want to know about love and comfort. Some of the dating experience is based special field trips for their VIP moment so they can have the memory of dating with a positive experience. Others think that the more they get to know each other, they’ll get to enjoy the conversation. The norm of the idea is to show trust and build characteristic of their strongest and their weakness. For example someone like history of animation shows or movies, animals, music, cooking, or history. Sometimes people on the Autism Spectrum tend to not last of relationship because of lost interest or emotional stress or rather prefer staying friends because they may not be into having a serious relationship.

Imagine if I would be on a spin off version of Love Island, I would get on Love Island myself so I can make a lot of friends and have all of the ladies like the guy who lives in a mansion. I could be a ladies man and have their romantic as I can be and give them comfort. I would enjoy the challenges because it’s for fun and I would be laughing at the funniest moments on the challenges if it’s fun and games. I would have the charm of it because I have a sexy style when it comes to fashion.