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  • By Nicole Magee

    Part of our Virtual Trips & Experiences collection: Disney World

    My favorite disney movie is Cinderella and I wanted to create a meditation about this movie to bring happiness and peace back to your day. So let’s begin:

    Get into a relaxed position. Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. I want you to think about a moment that you had in Disney World that made you feel happy and at peace. For me, it was Cinderella”s Castle. As you close your eyes, I want you to breathe in and breathe out.

    Imagine you are walking into this beautiful palace. With the beauty of the caste in front of you, the sound of trumpets blowing is heard in the distance. Then, as you hear chirping birds, take another deep breathe in and out.

    You then sit down at a table for tea and wonderful treats and sweets. You pick up and enjoy a slice of rich chocolate cake. You suddenly are fulled with joy.

    Take another deep breath in and out. Now, you are watching the fireworks. As you hear the crackling of fireworks exploding, a crowd celebrates the evening at Magic Kingdom.

    Take one last breath in and out. You know any time that you come back to the Disney World in your mind, you can take a break and feel more relaxed.

    A photo of Cinderella from the 2015 film Disney's Cinderella. Cinderella is in her long flowy blue gown. She is a white woman with long wavy blonde hair.
    Cinderella from Disney’s Cinderella (2015)

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  • By Nicole Magee

    Holidays bring a lot of joy, but they can also bring a lot of stress.

    I have created Nicole’s Creative Visualizations to help you take time out of your stressful days.

    There are many benefits of visualizations. It can be a part of daily meditations to help you and give you the opportunnity to relax. Visualizations are meant to help you imagine, build, and focus on mental scenes in your mind. If you make these scenes positive and happy, it can help you manifest and achieve goals you set. Happy visualizations can change your mental attitude for the better, and this can help attract positive events in your life.

    Happy Holidays from Carolina - The University of North Carolina at Chapel  Hill. The image features a blue and white graphic of buildings covered in snow. These buildings are surrounded by snow covered land and trees. In the foreground, you can see a snowman with a scarf and hat.
    Happy Holidays to everyone!

    I have developed a holiday visualization for all of you to enjoy.

    Find a comfortable quiet place to either sit or lie down. Then, imagine the warmth of the fire place as you breathe in and out. Imagine enjoying the taste of eggnog that you made with your family as you breathe in and out. You feel grateful as you hear the sound of your family laughing and telling fun jokes. As you breathe, you touch hands with everyone to pray for this wonderful meal your going to begin to enjoy. The taste of goose and sugar plums makes my mouth water, as I breathe. I smell Daddy’s favorite pasta recipe that we are so happy to enjoy! We end our meal with my favourite chocolate mouse pie. We all lay down to listen to the sounds of our favourite christmas music. Do you have a favorite christmas song you can imagine?

    Take a deep breathe in and out knowing you can create your own visualization whenever you like.

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  • by Nicole Magee

    My name is Nicole and I am your creative visualization blogger for Autisticana. I love creative visualizations and storytelling because it helps me create and meditate – which promotes happiness and relaxation for me.

    Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for me because it is all about gratitude, sharing and being with others.

    I also love to be with all of my family and help prepare for our festive dinner with them. I like to be involved with the fun of cooking, baking and spending hours with my wonderful family.

    I wanted to share one of my favorite gluten free stuffing recipes with you all. It is yummy and can help prevent stomach issues, so this recipe will be delicious and healthy for the whole family.

    Holiday Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe:


    2 loaves of gluten free white bread

    1 loaf of gluten free grain bread

    1/2 cup of vegan butter

    fresh rosemary sprigs

    3 eggs

    1 cup of chicken broth

    Package of mushrooms of your choice

    2 packs of organic apple and chicken sausage

    chopped onion

    salt and pepper to taste

    a stalk of celery


    1. Place the loaves on a tray and brown them to dry out
    2. Cut the three little loaves into cubes
    3. Saute the mushrooms, onions, and butter in a pan
    4. Broil the sausages until brown ( you can even air fry them)
    5. Cut the sausage links into little strips
    6. Place bread in a bowl and stir the eggs in and combine the sauted celery, onions and mushrooms and chicken broth
    7. Then add cut up sausages
    8. Take a pan and wipe with vegan butter
    9. Place ingredients in a well greased pan
    10. Place tin foil over pan and bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees
    11. Take cover off top, drizzle a little butter on top add salt and pepper and let cook broil for another 10 minutes to brown
    12. Let cool for 20 minutes and enjoy
    A photo of a pot of Thanksgiving gluten free stuffing. The stuffing is comprised of various bread pieces, sausage, dried cranberries, apple chunks, chopped onion, and celery.
    Nicole’s favorite gluten free stuffing

    Nicole’s Thanksgiving Visualization:

    1. Breathe
    2. Relax
    3. Enjoy!

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  • “A beautiful field experience with our crew”

    By Nicole Magee

    One of my intense interests and hobbies is nature and hiking. Every weekday morning, I try to go hiking with my dad. On weekends, we get out as a family. My whole family loves the outdoors and camping. We spend a lot of time enjoying all the seasons and activities that surround nature.

    Exercising in nature allows me to stay fit and calm. I love creative writing and visualizations, and field experiences like this one. It allows me to see the beauty, visualize it, then write and blog it.

    I was inspired after our journey through the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, which was fully decorated for Halloween, and wrote this visualization, after I left. Creative visualization is one of my special interests, it helps you to relax and meditate on a fantasy story. I hope you enjoy it!

    A Spooky Adventure through the Woods

    By Nicole Magee

    Place yourself in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a full deep breath in, followed by a deep breath out. Continue to follow your breath as I guide you in our spooky adventure.

    Imagine you are in a dim-lit street, walking towards your local pumpkin patch. On your street, while you are walking through the pumpkins you get a visit by the pumpkin king Jack Skellington (from Disneys The Nightmare Before Christmas), who invites you to carve a pumpkin with him.

    At first, you take a big deep breath in and out, because you are feeling scared, but then a good witch named Star appears because she notices the fear in your eyes. She says, take another deep breath in and release your fear, and do not be scared. We will not hurt you, then once again you breathe in and out as you now feel more relaxed and are ready to start carving your scary face on a pumpkin.

    Once you are finished, you show your jack-o-lantern to your new friends. Then Jack and the good witch Star say, “wow, that is the work of a true artist.” You reply thank you as the feeling of happiness overwhelms you. You then say, “thank you for a wonderful time, it is getting late and I must go now,” as you pointed to the old clock. It was just past 6 pm, and I did not want to be late for dinner, as I could smell the sensation of pumpkin soup that mom had made for me. As I got up to leave, the good witch noticed I was dressed as a witch for Halloween, impressed, the witch said, “wait, here please take some candy home with you. “I love your costume as it reminds me of my daily clothing. I replied, thank you and have a Happy Halloween.

    “Thank you, I am looking forward to it. “

    A photo of various orange pumpkins sitting in a bin. A single pumpkin is in focus. This pumpkin has a black scary face drawn on it. It has menacing eyes with small red pupils, a small traingular nose, amd zigzag shaped smile.
    Photo of a jack-o-lanthern among various pumpkins (By Mathias P.R. Reding on

    We thank you, Dr. Christine, for taking the Newsmakers group to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Great River NY.

    We had the opportunity to explore the river gardens and the decorated Halloween paths. We stumbled upon a fitness and nature path, which was so cool because it had stations to create creative exercise and breathing.

    As a News Maker, it is important to get our exercise in daily to keep up with our creative rituals.

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