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  • Hi so today I’ll be talking about how I think writing is another form of therapeutic art expression

    Because it has also been another way to be creative but honest and express myself. It also has helped me get out of my emotions whatever I’m feeling so it’s also pretty therapeutic too.

    I’m not 100% an extrovert, always wasn’t, and still am not to this day so I sometimes have trouble expressing myself when I’m around people I either don’t know or don’t have much in common with, and have anxiety. So it’s a good thing and I am grateful for it in a way.

    I think it has helped me make sense of my thoughts, beliefs, who I am as a person, and what I believe in. So that’s a plus. It also has helped me with my mental health for some reason. If I don’t write anything down and get my feelings out I go crazy.

    Now that I’m in the middle of putting out my own book Living In Color and my co-illustrated book We Can Become Friends I have more confidence in my work and I hope everyone feels the same in themselves and their work.

  • By Regina Kanturek

    I love all sea creatures, but my favorite has always been an octopus. I love writing and illustrating about these wonderful sea creatures. The reason I am fascinated by these creatures is because they have three hearts and nine brains, each brain lies in a tentacle which allows them to move in multiple directions and with accuracy. I always found octopuses cute, sweet and playful and that made me feel happy.

    The Hug-a-puss

    What is a hug-a-puss? You may not know

    They are shy creatures and do not put on a show

    They have a sweet smile and eight legs to hug

    Please do not mistake it for a bug

    They come in colors – yellow, pink, and blue

    A hug-a-puss is loyal and true

    A hug-a-puss is loving and fun

    A hug-a-puss is a friend to everyone

    It has three hearts that love you everyday

    But you have to treat a hug-a-puss in a special way

    A hug a puss’s hearts can break in three

    If you are not the best person you can be

    A hug-a-puss thrives on the goodnesss you put out

    So please do not curse or shout

    Every time you are mean or make someone cry

    It will make a hug-a-puss slowly die

    A hug-a-puss will always be there to hug you when you are sad

    It never wants you to feel lonely or bad

    Being a good person will take you far

    Remember, a hug-a-puss loves you for who you truly are

    A hug-a-puss will make the world a better place

    One hug from it will make you happy and put a smile on your face

    Video of an octopus moving along the ocean floor.

  • By Regina Kanturek

    A photo of two white people holding hands. The person on the left is apparently wearing a gray sweater, the cuff of which is showing in the image. The right person is wearing a white sweater, the cuff of which is showing in the image. The background is a white solid wall
    A photo showing two people holding hands.

    One of my biggest interests is poetry. It allows me to be creative and express my feelings and thoughts through words. My dad was a famous illustrator and he taught how to express myself through creativity. There are many ways to write poetry, but mine was through rhymes. Rhyming was like a puzzle, so it allowed my creativity to build through word games. Being a disabled woman was not easy, and poetry allowed me to express my feelings and helped me overcome isolation. Writing poetry was a great form of therapy, one that I harnessed by myself.

    I would like to share one with you..

    “Her Only Friend”

    There once was a lonely little girl

    She made up a friend when she was one

    When she and her friend were together

    They always had fun

    They played in a tree house

    Which could be a castle in the sky

    Or it could be a hot air balloon way up high

    Her friend loved her even though she did not have a family

    She could tell her friend anything

    She could let her feelings go free

    Her friend could make her laugh when she was sad

    She was the only friend she had

    When everything she loved had gone away

    Her imaginary friend would always stay