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Futurama is Back for the Revival on Hulu

It reveals that they’ll return to Futurama on Hulu during the summer of 2023. It will start with Season 11 and consist of two parts, with an initial run of 10 episodes. Futurama aired in 1999 on Fox, ending in 2003 after 4 seasons.… Continue Reading “Futurama is Back for the Revival on Hulu”

Our Trip to Spencer’s

By Christine Grimaldi This past week, the crew at Autisticana visited Spencer’s at the Smithtown Mall. The store is very interesting because it has shirts and clothing based on popular movies, anime, and musicians. It also has paraphernalia relating to weed, occultism, and magic,… Continue Reading “Our Trip to Spencer’s”

Our Misson to Bring Back Small Businesses @autisticana

Small businesses in America face numerous challenges due to COVID-19, including price increases, worker competition, and concerns about the Federal Reserve’s response to inflation. According to surveys from organizations like the National Federation of Independent Business, the Small Business Majority, and the U.S. Chamber… Continue Reading “Our Misson to Bring Back Small Businesses @autisticana”

Why It’s Challenging For Most Neurodivse And Disabled People To Find/Keep/And Manage Jobs And What We Can Do

-Cara Difiore Today I’ll be writing about why (it seems to me) it’s common for most neurodiverse and disabled people (like me and any of you that is reading this right now) to stay and manage in the workforce keep on reading if you… Continue Reading “Why It’s Challenging For Most Neurodivse And Disabled People To Find/Keep/And Manage Jobs And What We Can Do”

Why Autisticana is so famous in other Countries

While United States, Canada and the United Kingdom had problems with financial issues and support for the people with disabilities. Countries that have a lot of money to support the system of Disabilities Rights. The Countries that give them successful services like Australia, New… Continue Reading “Why Autisticana is so famous in other Countries”

My dream at Leeds Division of Autisticana UK

The same weekend that I went to Christine’s Weekend House Upstate and I dreamed about the time when I was on month Business Trip to England because it has the highest percentage of viewers overseas and I have some of my personal interests and… Continue Reading “My dream at Leeds Division of Autisticana UK”

CUNY Neurodiversity Conference And Exhibition

– Cara Difiore I thought I would share this big day with you all Let’s just say the day didn’t go as we planned and what I mean by that we left later than we planned it, with a little bit of traffic, and… Continue Reading “CUNY Neurodiversity Conference And Exhibition”

The History of Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Vinnie’s is a restaurant known for its innovative cuisine that combines classic style and ingredients. While the Williamsburg location has been open since 1960 and still uses the original recipe, much else has changed. The current owner has worked for more than 15 years… Continue Reading “The History of Vinnie’s Pizzeria”

Champions Movie about the Special Olympics Athletes

This movie is about a basketball coach Marcus Marakovich who was the assistant coach for the Iowa Stallions but got fired after he lost his cool which he had to do community service for driving while intoxicated. He community service was to help people… Continue Reading “Champions Movie about the Special Olympics Athletes”

Apps -olutely

Small Bites, Big Taste We decided to make a winter appetizer tonight called Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese originally called “Devils on Horseback. “ This appetizer was started back in the 19th century. It is usually commonly served during winter holidays. The… Continue Reading “Apps -olutely”