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  • There are various reasons why individuals on the autism spectrum experience burnout, which is defined as being too tired to enjoy your favorite things or losing interest in what is going on in the moment. It can also trigger negative thoughts about regret and other things you wish you could have done in life instead of what actually transpired. There’s always the possibility that it’s altering your appetite, which may affect your social skills, and that it’s causing memory loss or difficulty remembering things. One thing that can make the behavioral effect worse at times is not taking care of themselves or resting your brain while hiding your feelings of depression. Loss of memory can also affect your mood, leading to frequent feelings of sorrow or distress. There is a feeling of emptiness coupled with a reduction in bodily mobility. Both sleep deprivation and fatigue can negatively impact your health and functioning. Excessive routines can also be mentally and physically taxing, which can result in anxiety, insecurity, and sadness, all of which can exacerbate burnout symptoms.

    Extreme weariness may be the cause, in which case you may find it difficult to engage in any activities, complete simple tasks, or interact with people in order to mask your despair. The fight-or-flight response that an autism burnout depicts can be harmful to both your physical and emotional well-being. It is similar to your entire neurological system. It is aggravating when others want to blend in and behave normally like those in their peer group who aren’t autistic. This is because you find it difficult to maintain the conversation or lack motivation. It’s also possible that individuals on the autism spectrum have hyperfocus, which causes them to be more inconsiderate towards other people and more preoccupied with their own demands. Some young adults with autism and ADHD frequently feel that they should have been more involved in the nightlife, like their friends and peers in the mainstream. Certain individuals however, have sensory issues, and others are too preoccupied with saving money rather than going out and spending it on the necessities of life. Regardless, the reality is that they are unable to meet this demand because they are more preoccupied with their personal lives, spending more time at home watching TV, watching movies, or engaging in other activities. Some individuals with neurodivergent characteristics have different needs, making it difficult for them to maintain activities that frequently require extra support. Others have social batteries, making it difficult for these individuals to speak with specific people, while still others will only engage in brief conversations. Many individuals find it difficult to maintain lasting conversations because it would be exhausting, and others are restricted to talking about their interests because they become easily bored when others discuss personal matters or topics that they may find relatable. However, the majority of neurodiverse individuals have a tendency to end conversations when they become boring or find it difficult to continue.

    Sleep is essential for preserving energy for the following day; seek for about eight hours of sleep each night. Burnout and depression can both manifest as altered appetite, excessive daytime tiredness, irregular sleep patterns, feelings of worthlessness, or regretting a significant event that leads to guilt. Sometimes thinking or making decisions can be difficult for you or others. It could also be a sign that you’re not taking care of yourself, which can lead to psychological stress or overthinking. It could also be overwhelming to have too much time on your hands and not enough time to unwind.

    Additionally, people’s senses of what they see or the texture of the food they eat can cause sensitivity in some people. It might be that particular thing that makes you like one brand over another instead of other brands because you feel like their products are too dissimilar from your own. It might also successfully lead to greater lack of energy, mood swings, or a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. People occasionally feel meaningless or ashamed about being productivity-obsessed, wishing they could have enjoyed something instead of feeling dejected about something. You might also be angry about significant changes to the internet, marketing materials on websites you frequent or that you use primarily in your spare time, new technology, or noteworthy changes in the company that would alter the present status quo. There are also moments when you feel bad because you could have done something to improve the world, but you can’t do anything about it and end up making regrets that will only make your situation worse. Despite the fact that executive thinking can have a major impact on depressive episodes and emotional exhaustion, it can also cause mental fog, short-term memory loss, or an abundance of emotion. You suddenly lack the desire to take care of yourself, and life becomes harder to navigate. Being overwhelmed all of the time can be stressful and increase your level of stress in an assortment of ways, while acting like every change is a big deal regardless of how big or small the change is in life.

    The two facts about Depression and Burnout


    Autistic individuals are four times more probable than neurotypical people to struggle with depression in their lifetime.Autism spectrum disorder as well as depressive disorders can overlap. Individuals, clinicians, and health care providers encounter some unique challenges. The signs and symptoms of depression may be more difficult to detect among individuals who additionally exhibit autism symptoms. essentially treatments for depression are similar in people with and without autism, little study has been conducted on how the combination of autism and depression can impact treatment outcomes. A enacting feeling of sadness is not exactly the same as a diagnosis of major depressive disorder or other clinically diagnosed instances of depression. Depression is an emotional disorder that lasts at least two weeks particularly may be severe. An individual suffering from depression might also show signs of anxiety. Both of these disorders share symptoms with autism spectrum disorder. Because of the similarities in symptoms, identifying depression in an autistic person requires careful evaluation by a knowledgeable professional.


    An individual who is experiencing depression may also exhibit signs of anxiety symptoms.These conditions share symptoms with autism spectrum disorder. Due to the similarities in signs and symptoms, discovering mood swings in an autistic person requires careful evaluation by an experienced professionals. Autistic burnout refers to the intense mental, physical, or emotional breakdown that many adults with autism experience, which somewhat is often accompanied by a gradual degradation of skills. Many autistic people believe it is caused primarily by the combined effect of being able to navigate an environment designed for neurotypical people. Burnout is more probable to affect autistic adults who have strong intellectual and language abilities who have jobs or attend school with neurotypical peers. We describe the emerging picture of this phenomenon, including the way autistic adults may be able to recover from burnout, and offer suggestions they can prevent it. Burnout, like several elements of autism, varies significantly from individuals to individual. Some autistic people describe it as a feeling of physical exhaustion. They might experience greater challenges regulating their emotions and be susceptible to tempers in feelings of sadness or rage. Burnout may bring about anxiety disorders or contribute to depression or thoughts of suicide. It could include an increase in autism traits like recurrent behaviors, hypersensitivity to sensory input, or a difficult time with change.

    Here are more effective ways to handle the situation at hand, such as creating a sensory balance, allowing yourself space, or cuddling up with a plush toy that makes you feel pleasant. You’re free to unwind, unwind, and become at ease in the world. There are techniques for healing from burnout, such as speaking to a trusted adult who can support you with comprehending your feelings and exercising the practice of meditation. You can take delight in an aspect that has excellent appeal to your senses and guarantee the right level of assistance when required. When your body needs it, you can take a nap or spend time doing things like hanging out with friends and reaching out about how you really feel. This means that you can begin setting boundaries by deciding when you need time alone, finding a secure space to stim, or seeking basic support.

    It process may take months or up to two years but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can slowly recover from the burnout and depression if you get some help from friends, family or a therapist that can help you with your issues.

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  • The race was held at Phoenix Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona on the 4th of November 2023. In addition to being the season’s last race, it celebrated NASCAR Racing’s 75th anniversary. The remaining four drivers who made it to the finals were Ben Rhodes #99, who also won the 2021 Truck Series Championship, Corey Hiem #11, Grant Enfinger #23, and Carson Hocevar #42. Anyone who is willing to use the trophy could be the winner.

    During Stage 1, The Race was all lined up with trucks in a row of 2 before starting the race. When the pit crew truck got off the racetrack, the person at the white checker flag waved the green flag to start the race for one last time of the 2023 Season. When the action began, there was already some contact from Rajah Caruth to Jack Wood at turn one while the first 7 trucks are willing to get the early lead before the next lap around the track. Ty Majeski took the lead at Stage 2 followed by Corey Heim #11, Ben Rhodes #99, Zane Smith #38, Nick Sanchez #2, Taylor Gray #17, Christian Eckes #19, Chase Prudy #4, and Jesse Love #1 which the trucks had a major switch at the 3 and 4 wide. At the 4th Lap, Grant Enfinger had his dashboard on and saw Derek Kraus #77 contact Stewart Friesen #52 and spanned at turn 3 on. 90 degree angle.which Halie Deegan #13 slowed down her truck along with Colby Howard #9 behind her which Stewart Friesen #52 locked all 4 tires to avoid a collision. Once they restart the race. Majeski resumed the lead which Heim is currently the winning driver of the final 4. The race was clean and smooth until the final lap of the first stage which Majeski and Heim battled to win the first stage but it was close at the 3rd turn but Ty Majeski would win the first stage of the race. Along side with Zane Smith and Ben Rhodes included Nick Sanchez in the top 5 position.

    During Stage 2, it all began with Corey Heim regaining the lead but a little contact from Carson Hocevar. On the other side, Matt Crafton #88 went far out and almost hit the guardrail but managed to successfully stay in the race. After the first 2 laps, Chris Hacker #30 crashed his truck into the wall which his rear right tire was blown out. Marco Andretti on the #7 truck also got some damage on the front Side of the truck. The AMR Safety Crew came in to help Hacker walk out of his truck safely into the ambulance. On the other view of the crash, Marco Andretti truck contacted Chris Hacker’s truck and then the 30 truck landed and hit the wall but he was lucky that he wasn’t hurt. As soon as the green flag was on, Corey Heim continued his lead with Ty Majeski, Zane Smith, Grant Enfinger and Taylor Gray took charge which Heim resumed his lead until stage 2 was over and which the other 4 drivers took the top 5 of the 2nd stage. While Corey Heim went to pit stop it took a while for his pit crew to check his truck but he was let go but the crew wasn’t happy about the longer wait of getting his truck ready.

    During Stage 3 as the final round, the race started off with Ekces taking the lead follow by Prudy and Gracia but some contact from Prudy and Sanchez at the wide turn of turn 1 while all of the trucks were finding a solution to fight for the top 10 but Carson Hocevar has been taking the winning position of the final drivers to begin the 3rd stage but the other 3 trucks were in the top 20 which had to gain more speed to go back to the top 10. After a couple of laps to resume the race, another caution came out from Conner Jones #66 who pushed Jake Drew #61 which Hallie Deegan slide at a 90 degree angle so avoid the crash. As the green flag resume, Nick Sanchez took the lead along side with Eckes. Carson Hocevar had squeeze his truck to stay in the top 5 for a tight battle of the race. With 37 laps to go, Ben Rhodes was finding a way to get back to the top 10 but made some contact with Tanner Gray #15 but didnt avoid an accident which nothing bad happen. In the meantime, Carson Hocevar took the lead of the champions of the final 4 along side with Corey Heim which Hocevar refuse to let Heim pass his truck but made contact after Corey Heim passed Carson Hocevar. After another lap was passed, Hocevar took a wide turn and took Corey Heim out of the crash and Stewart Friesen crash which the caution was on by turn 2. Carson Hocevar got really upset and frustrated that he didn’t wanna push Corey Heim but was gonna contact him instead of pushing him out of the race. As the race resume, 25 laps to go and Nick Sanchez has taken the lead but Hocevar decide to pull back into the top 20 which it was a poor restart. Ben Rhodes has decided to get closer in the top 5 and release the 6th caution by 25 41 43. Dye on the 41 pushed Matt Dibenedetto #25 and Daniel Dye #43 pushed Bailey Currey #41 and all of them crash into the wall. With 15 laps to go, Christian Eckes and Zane Smith are battling for the lead while Rhodes and Enfinger were taking the battle for the championship. Jesse Love was doing outstanding heading to the top 5 which it has been approving well with race. Before the final couple of laps, Zane Smith and Eckes was battling for the lead which Ben Rhodes and Grant Enfinger has been battling for the championship in the last 10 laps until another caution was out and disrupted their clean battle. Carson Hocevar had destroyed his truck which Corey Heim’s truck had his right side damage which Corey Heim give revenge on Carson Hocevar along side with Tanner Gray who spinned out in turn 2 along side with the other 2 playoff drivers that were involve of the accident.

    Once overtime has taken over, the top 4 drivers are willing to taker the lead, by turn 2, Enfinger made contact with Sanchez and slip a little but manage to stay alive which Prudy moved to the top 4. Zane Smith and Ben Rhodes were about to battle for the win until caution was out before the white checkered flag was up. Derek Kraus #77 crashed into the wall between turn 3 and 4. Ben Rhodes saw the white flag being switch to the yellow flag before the final was on while trying to take the lap. It didn’t last when Grant Enfinger went back to pitstop and downgrade to the outside of the top 20 to restart the race. The 2nd round of overtime took off with Zane Smith taking the lead but Ben Rhodes made a careless mistake by holding traffic and pushed Zane Smith which he spud around and crash into Jack Wood #51 to release another caution. There was some damage from Ben Rhodes and got right into Zane Smith, but missed the shift, which his crew chief has to take a look at his to make sure it’s fine to resume which nothing serious happen. The 4th try of overtime alert started off with contact from Eckes to Prudy and pushed Ty Majeski to the side and then the 98 truck got hit by Jesse Love #1 which spun Majeski out along with the trucks being too close which Matt Crafton #88 also spun a 360 angle to crash Tyler Hill #56, Colby Howard #9 and plow into Sean Hingorani #75. During the 5th and final restart of overtime, Eckes on the outside and Purdy on the inside which Ben Rhodes has determine to take the Championship spot. After turn one, Grant Enfinger made a major move to get close to Ben Rhodes which Garcia was getting close to Eckes and Tyler Ankrum hit himself in the wall of turn 3 which this time the caution will not be out this time and release the white checkered flag for final lap. The Championship spot was close for Rhodes that won before in 2021 and Enfinger wanted to get his first Truck Series Championship which it was tight battle until Enfinger jumped to the outside but not enough to get close to Rhodes. The race finished with Eckes taking the winner of the race but Ben Rhodes has officially won the 2023 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Championship. Ben Rhodes’ Crew Cheif celebrated their moment of victory lane. Even though Ben Rhodes got one victory race at Charlotte Speedway before claiming the victory of the truck series title. Both truck drivers had a clean race without being spun out and refused to give up their positions of the championship.

    Ben Rhodes is officially the Championship of the 2023 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series for first time since his first one in 2021. He kept it calm and steady until the very end to hold his excitement which his crew was happy for the victory which Enfinger’s crew was disappointed that couldn’t capitalize the victory. Rich Lushes who was the crew chief of Ben Rhodes had an interview with Fox Sports which he quoted “Were like a baseball team and we had a starting pitcher and Jared Prince said got the deal going and take the win.” He was proud that his crew kept their toes up and banged to survive the championship and also thanked Enfinger the he kept it clean instead crashing and burning like everyone else. Throughout the celebration, Ben Rhodes did the donut while raised the NACSAR Championship Flag. The truck had some damage from shifting gears from contact in overtime but managed to survive the race by the great encouragement while having issues with the restarts. It was battle born of surviving the championship. While Eckes drove away with the checker flag, Ben Rhodes swing the Championship flag and the fans cheered for his tremendous victory. When Rhodes started his interview, he shout out “LET’S GO! Man I hate when people do that on tv I’m so sorry but dang this was so awesome.” He was thrilled to see all of the people who came to support him. Ben Rhodes was born and raised in Louisville, Kentuck that he always wanted to be a nascar driver which started off as local basvar league in his hometown and then promoted to 4th Division which is known as the ARCA Racing Series in 2014. A Year later, he joined the NASCAR Truck Series and enjoyed working for the truck league since then. He also pointed out that he thought that 25 laps into overtime which he fought he was loose a tire or get pushed by Enfinger which give him full respect. He also shout out to all of his fans and crew member for dedicated support and also thanked ThorSport Racing, kubota USA and Ford for the support. While switching to Grant Enfinger’s interview, Ben Rhodes was speechless of joy excitedly gone wild. Enfinger told the reporter that we was gonna take the win for the original green flag before the final until the caution disrupted his moment but after that, there was nothing that he could do about with the results. He also thought that he would’ve take the win if Ben Rhodes didn’t extend his speed until the very end. While Corey Heim gets his interview with Amanda Busick, he told her that the race was not planned on what thought with crash by Carson Hocevar, which he did lost control of his truck while he did had a terrific season even Hocevar’s truck before the final race of the season. Overall he had great truck but crash into the wall and destroy his right side while hoping stay in playoff for next season. Lastly, Carson Hocevar wanted to have his interview at the AMR Care Center because he was too embarrassed react on live tv so he rather have it at a safe place with little amount of people as possible. He told the reporter that he thought Corey Heim was a gonna do some contact but didn’t wanna push him out for a caution which he felt guilty for the accident which got him distress about the situation. He wanted to block the other trucks to let Heim get a win or top 5 finish but there so much trucks in the way for heavy traffic parts if the time which caused the accident. He didn’t wanna finished the race in the final few laps into overtime for the second time that crashed with Corey Heim and his truck was totaled which he surrender and be away from the race to get some space to avoid media attention. He wanted to do better has a truck driver and didn’t wanna cause any accidents for the 2024 Season. Last but not least, Christan Eckes won the race who was a non playoff winner and told the sports reporter that it was good to have victory for the winner but it wasn’t unfortunate to not stay in the playoffs which he would’ve been the Truck Series Championship. Finally, Ben Rhodes has lifted the trophy and makes him the 2023 NASCAR Craftsman Trucks Series Champion. He was happy and patted all of his crew members for a celebration and a good job for the dedicated work.

    The Top 5 Drivers of the Race

    • #19 Christian Eckes
    • #35 Jake Garcia
    • #4 Chase Purdy
    • #1 Jesse Love
    • #99 Ben Rhodes
  • Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

    In 2007, several years before beginning its new renaissance of renowned films like Frozen & Zootopia, Walt Disney Animated Studios released Meet The Robinsons, an animated film based on the classic children’s book A Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce. It follows orphan and aspiring inventor Lewis who is struggling to be adopted as he is recruited by orphan Wilbur to go into the future to save it from an evil “Bowler Hat Guy” and his evil hat Dor-15.

    During the movie, Lewis learns the value of mistakes, something I didn’t pick up on since I was very little when I saw the movie. At first, he feels his mistakes are what is causing him to remain an orphan, as shown when his peanut butter jelly making machine results in a potential adoptee’s allergic reaction and his memory scanner’s malfunction ruining his school’s science fair. It is also Lewis’s mistakes of staying late to work on said memory scanner that resulted in Bowler Hat Guy’s, (who unbeknownst to him is his roommate Goob) reason for losing a baseball game and trying to ruin the future.

    Lewis also learns the value of family. When sent to the future, he gets to meet the Robinsons and bond with them, especially Franny and her frogs, Uncle Bud, and robot butler Carl. They are the ones that teach him the importance of “Keep Moving Forward”, something said by inventor and Robinson family patriarch Cornelius (and Walt Disney). Later Lewis learns that he is in fact Cornelius and thus Wilbur’s son and after defeating Dor-15, his own invention that turned against Goob, he refuses to meet his birth mother and fix his own mistakes at the science fair, during which he is adopted by science fair judge Lucille and Bud, and meets a young Franny.

    This movie is important as I saw how when people such as inventors make mistakes, they should not dwell on them and have their futures ruined, but keep moving forward and look to the future. Without failure, there can be no true success. Also, when adopted children are taken into new families, they can realize that said families may not be biological, but love and treat them with respect and dignity.

  • The whole Autisticana crew went on excursion to Fire Island. Originally we planned on going to Ocean Beach but missed the ferry so we went to Kismet. Some of us almost missed the boat because we got on the wrong ferry terminal boat but the correct time. The crew on the ferry was nice enough to save us time but made in time to catch the ferry to Fire Island. We landed at Kismet, Fire Island. The whole group took a wagon and went for a walk to Kismet Beach. When we got to the beach, some of us went to the water and others relaxed to enjoyed the view. Afterwards, we went for a walk around Kismet and walked through the town and the most interesting houses on the island. We saw signs and souvenirs as items for decoration. I saw some wagons and bicycles in the front yard since cars weren’t allow to go through Fire Island. Afterwards we went for dinner at a deli and we had ice cream, chicken tenders with fries, and a large pretzel. Finally we went saw the most interesting sunset and took the Ferry back to Bay Shore.


    On my end I started off with riding on a wagon halfway before having all of the bags on the wagon. I went to the beach and had a blast by getting hit by the giant waves while I tried to avoid getting hit by the riptides. At one point I almost touched a jellyfish with a minor sting, during which I was hypnotized because it was a close call. While I went for a walk with the group, I found out that every wagon and bikes with baskets had a license plate so they know the name of the vehicle. It would be cool if they can customize the plate or get an old license plate for an souvenir so they can put on a vehicle. There’s also a wagon depot by the dock which every wagon should have a license plate to know the color and customize their plates from New York, Florida or whatever customized plate for an ocean-theme related name.


    I loved walking around the beach and standing by the waves while feeling the sand being pulled in by the water. We also got to sit on our towels and talk about how interesting Kismet Beach was. At first I was nervous by the ferry because I kept thinking my stuff was going to fall off the boat but I got through it both to the island and back. I also enjoyed seeing an interesting fence rumored to belong to a “psycho killer” and eating at the deli with each other. I enjoyed a delicious dinner of fries and sparkling lemonade mixed with blackberry seltzer and seeing a beautiful sunset on the way back to Bay Shore.

  • By Jackson Beach

    Over the past few years, I have begun expanding my music palate through Spotify by discovering new artists that have their own styles and influences. Some of these artists are socially conscious, meaning they rap about contemporary issues and those that have occurred over many centuries and are still ongoing to this day. One of these artists is King Iso, who is signed to one of the biggest underground rap labels in the business, Strange Music, founded by legendary rapper Tech N9ne. Even though some of its biggest names like Krizz Kaliko and Stevie Stone have moved on to bigger things in this decade through founding their own labels or going independent, Iso has continued to interest fans with his emotional and resonant songs pertaining to his mental health struggles, depression, and suicidal tendencies and fast raps demonstrating his lyrical prowess. Some of these problems have even occurred as a result of his upbringing and fallouts with his previous label, Brainsick Music and its CEO, underground legendary “chopper” Twisted Insane.

    King Iso

    Currently, Iso is working on his third album, which pertains to struggles he has encountered within his family, such as his kids and his father leaving him. However, for his latest single, “Way You Are”, Iso communicates to the world about his son’s own autism, specifically ASD, and how autistic people are scrutinized by a problematic world. These problems are explained by the lines “Wrong’s what they might’ve been, they like “What he mean?”/ My kid’s three years old and it’s troubling to see them study him like they studied me/ Sensory overload when they missing their homies though and now they gotta do some other things” & “I don’t understand how they can judge a baby, maybe that ain’t it but that is what it seems/ Maybe it’s not the genes, always what we see”. These lines show how autistic people continued to be viewed as “outcasts” to society and frequently bullied. Iso always opens up about his OCD as seen in “They say you got OCD and the logic you need without structure can be hard times/They plead about your sensitivity, can’t be dirty, just clean, blocking out all the screams all night/Need a routine just to ease our mind but we about to go COD offline”.

    This song shows just how important neurodivergent are to society as they can help raise awareness with their abilities and special needs, despite them being “different”. Iso emphasizes this with “All I see is young kings and a bunch of queens who are just different and not battling a disease”. Iso says that autism and other neurodivergent disorders are not diseases and that they should be treated better than they normally are. Iso even has a video where his autistic son makes an appearance:

  • With 13 turns, the NASCAR Truck Series race in Mid Ohio, which is based after the O’Reilly Auto Parts 150, is expected to be challenging for all truck drivers. The first turn is the one immediately after the checkered line, therefore it requires driving all the way to The Keyhole at turn 2 before continuing on to turns 4 and 5, which are collectively referred to as the Beach. You don’t want to get stranded at the beach given that to the hefty turns and the hotspot for cautions, so avoid doing accordingly. The Esses are near to the Alternate S/F Line at turns 6 through 9, while Thunder Bay is at turns 10 and 11. The last two turns are the final two turns. Lastly for the final 2 turns is the Carousel which is the biggest risk for drivers to take the victory lap.

    The race started off with a rain delay due to heavy downpours and the team had to wait for a while the race decided to line up the drivers to go around the lap just to test out the race track but it was too slippery to start the race. It took 20 minutes to drive around the track the official has the flag waved the green flag to start the race which was already a caution from Jake Garcia the #35. After the 1st caution at the 8th lap Tanney Gray the #15 was stuck in the mud. Short afterwards, Tanner Gray got into the beach at turn 4 but managed to drive through the dirt sand which didn’t have to release the caution flag. At the 15th Lap Carson Hocevar the #42 truck pushed Colby Howard the #9 truck into the mud at turn 5. More truck drivers has been getting caught at the beach and others had issues getting out of the mud. Zane Smith pushed Taylor Gray the 17 truck into the grass. In the meantime, Spencer Boyd the #12 truck blocked Conner Jones the #66 and got into the dirt which released the 4th caution with 2 laps to go and Ben Rhodes the #99 Truck and won the 1st stage.

    When the 2nd Stage began, there was already a multi truck ruckus after the 2nd turn which the race continued while others drove to the grass. Eventually, Matt Crafton #88 pushed Lawless Alan the #45 truck at the Keyhole. Ben Rhodes and Ty Majeski and Zane Smith took over the Top 3 during most of the 2nd Stage. Corey Hiem decided to pass through Zane Smith with 5 laps to go. Hallie Deegan and Wayne Self were losing control and Self pushed Will Rodgers the #02 truck into the grass. Before the final lap, Hiem and Rhodes drove in the same speed and turned next to each others truck until Hiem gained speed to get extra boast to 2nd. Ty Majeski stayed in the lead and won the 2nd Stage. While battling for 6th Place, there was Steward Friesen #52, Tyler Ankrum #16, Matt DiBenedetto #25, and Rajah Caruth #24 which Friesen won the battle of the blue trucks.

    At Stage 3, Daniel Dye #43 truck already got stuck in the dirt at turn 1. Ty Majeski pushed Ben Rhodes at turn 5 at the Beach but luckily neither of them were stuck and quickly went back into the race. Ty Majeski just had some tire problems after getting back on the race track. Moments later Jack Wood was stuck in the bit and demanded a forced caution and Rodgers was also stuck in the mud. After one back from the last caution, Brett Holmes #32 was stuck at the dirt on turn 1 and had trouble getting out which it’s the 6th accident and released the 8th caution. With 15 Laps left to go, Hiem and Smith took the front row to get the lead until Tanner Gray landed at the beach but survived to leave the dirt. Will Rodgers and Austin Wayne Self were stuck at the dirt at the Carousel for the 7th Accident. Within 10 Laps to go, there always another accident at the 1st turn and also debris on the race track which at first Taylor Gray #17 started traffic and caused a multi crash. Which means it’s the 8th accident for 10th caution. By the time there’s 5 laps to go, Corey Hiem was tight to Christian Eckes, Zane Smith, Matt Crafton and Tyler Ankrum in the Top 5 Drivers. Corey Heim stayed in the lead and Zane Smith stay a second behind during the final 3 laps and Corey Hiem has won the O’Reilly Auto Parts 150. Corey Hiem has got his 2nd win of the Season since Martinsville on the 14 of April. It was also Corey Hiem’s Birthday Weekend Victory which it worked out perfectly for his unforgettable performance for the win.

  • When I usually check dj events on socials, I most of the time checked the songs that interests me. Sometimes it’s like a never ending moment with the most cherished songs that a lot of people would never get tired of when the melody has a good rhythm to the beats. When I hear most of my favourite EDM or Drum n Bass Artists, I would get pumped to see which concert, nightclub or music festival depending on popularity size of where and when they perform the shows. Generally I get excited because it’s the same type of music pitch the raise like I used to hear it on the radio which most Dance Artists in general wanna raise the pitch to make the song sound more appealing to the fans of the audience.

    It could be music videos from the special type of video that wasn’t the main official video, or it could be your workout show or it could be your drive to playlist or it could be just for your favourite tunes. Maybe it could your favourite artist that you want to see but you don’t feel comfortable going to large crowds where it’s too cramped or if it’s too late to step up for a late night party that starts by midnight or maybe you don’t wanna to travel too far and fear of going to the city at night.

    Most people seemed comfortable going to warehouses at nightclubs but for myself I don’t feel comfortable going to warehouses at night or don’t want to see an artist that late at night because sometimes I wish I want to see them badly which makes me feel sad. I would love to see a EDM or Drum n Bass concert some point in life which hopefully I can see them for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them for real life.

    Sub Focus & Wilkinson – Ready to Fly (The song was at the warehouse which I can they raise the pitch in the Official Video which its rare in Official Music Videos
    Kanine with all of the songs high pitch like if some if it would be on the radio
    One Hour Live Show with Tsuki at DnB All Stars 360 can be great to workout if you to dance to the fire beats
    When Avicii and Nicky Romero had their successful song of 2013 I Could Be the One at some Music Festival
    Oliver Heldens played I’m Good by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha at a show
    Aleya Mae shows her latest songs and thanked thousands of fans and supporters for listening to her amazing music

    Here’s the rest of the song underneath below through all of the platforms of songs and festivals on socials.

  • It reveals that they’ll return to Futurama on Hulu during the summer of 2023. The producers announced that on February 9, 2022 that it will start with Season 11 and consist of two parts, with an initial run of 10 episodes by 2024.

    Futurama aired in 1999 on Fox, ending in 2003 after 4 seasons. Then the show brought a season 5 special, released on Comedy Central, and lasted until 2013 for season 10. However, the show was successful in comic books and advertising. Fox canceled Futurama but began airing reruns on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block from 2003 to 2007. It was later revived in 2007 as four direct-to-video films, with the last one released in early 2009. Comedy Central then signed an agreement with 20th Century Fox Television to syndicate existing episodes and air the films as 16 new, half-hour episodes, which made up the show’s fifth season.

    Bender, Fry, and Lella are ready to deliver a package for something very important at Planet Express.

    The news was announced that Futurama would be back in 2022 and released in 2023.

    Futurama is a science-fiction animated TV series set in New New York in the 31st century and built in present-day New York City. The show features various technological advancements, including the Head Museum that keeps heads alive in jars, a slow internet with pornographic content, and robots with alcohol-powered engines contributing to global warming. The show also portrays a blend of current and historical figures and celebrities preserved as heads. Religion is prominent in society and has evolved into new religions such as Oprahism and Robotology. Futurama often parodies current issues of today and the science-fiction genre.

    In 2003, Cartoon Network acquired syndication rights to Futurama for its Adult Swim block, leading to renewed interest in the show. When Family Guy succeeded in direct-to-DVD productions, Futurama’s producers decided to try the same. In 2006, it was announced that four straight-to-DVD films would be produced, later split into 16 episodes comprising a fifth show season. The final movie release, Into the Wild Green Yonder, was designed to stand as the Futurama series finale. Still, Groening expressed a desire to continue the franchise in some form, including a theatrical film. Futurama left Adult Swim’s lineup on December 31, 2007, and began airing on Comedy Central the next day, with season 5 making its broadcast debut on March 23, 2008.

    Futurama is an American animated science-fiction sitcom Matt Groening created from 1999 to 2013. The show was revived in 2022 with a 20-episode order set to premiere in the Summer 2023 and the other 10 more episodes by sometime in 2024. It follows the intergalactic adventures of a company’s delivery ship workforce living in 31st-century New York. The show has received critical acclaim, with 17 Annie Awards and 12 Emmy Awards nominations, winning six and four Writers Guild of America Award nominations and two wins. It also received Environmental Media Awards for the episodes “The Problem with Popplers” and “The Futurama Holiday Spectacular.” Merchandise includes a tie-in comic book series, video games, calendars, clothes, and figurines.

    The series uses a range of humor, including self-deprecation, black comedy, off-color humor, slapstick, and surreal humor, to satirically portray everyday life in the future and parodically compare to the present. The show seeks to combine “low culture” and “high culture” comedy, playing on both the comedic value of Bender’s catchphrase, “Bite my shiny metal ass,” and his fear of the number 2, which is a joke about the binary numeral system.

    Futurama is a comedic animated series that uses a range of styles of humor, including self-deprecation, black comedy, off-color humor, slapstick, and surreal humor, to satirically portray everyday life in the future and make parodical comparisons to the present. It is produced by The Curiosity Company and 20th Century Fox Television (credited as 30th Century Fox Television) with animation done by Rough Draft Studios. It transitioned to high-definition in season 6, with the opening sequence being re-rendered and scaled to fit a 16:9 widescreen format. For the final episode of season 6, Futurama was completely reanimated in three different styles.

    Comedy Central announced in April 2013 that they would air the final episode of “Meanwhile” on September 4, 2013. The producers said they are exploring options for the series’ future as “[they] have many more stories to tell” but would gauge fan reaction to the news. Groening and Cohen have previously expressed a desire to produce a theatrical film or another direct-to-video film upon the conclusion of the series.

    In an August 2013 interview with Milwaukee Journal SentinelKatey Sagal said regarding the series finale, “So I don’t believe it… I just hold out hope for it because it has such a huge fan base, it’s such a smart show, and why wouldn’t somebody want to keep making that show; so that’s my thought; I’m just in denial that it’s over”. Sagal also mentioned during the same interview that Groening told her at Comic-Con that “we’ll find a place” and “don’t worry, it’s not going to end.”

    The producers of Futurama have said that they have many more stories to tell, and Matt Groening and David Cohen have expressed a desire to produce a theatrical film or another direct-to-video film upon the conclusion of the series. Katey Sagal also mentioned at Comic-Con that the producer told her they will find a place to continue telling stories in the Futurama universe, so the series is not definitively over.

    The Trailer of the Revival Series of Futurama, an 18 seconds clip, was released. The show will be released on the 24th of July.

    While the new viewers will be able to pick up the series from the start of a new era. In the meantime, long-time fans will recognize payoffs to decades of interesting long mysteries and treasures includes developments in the epic romantic love story of Fry and Leela, the mysterious contents of Nibbler’s litter box, the secret history of evil Robot Santa, and the whereabouts of Kif and Amy’s tadpoles. Epscially, there’s a new questionable pandemic in town as the crew explores the future of vaccines, bitcoin, cancel culture, and streaming TV. It also shows that a new revolution of the future and society changes to see the future than it they predicted when the show started. 25 Years later, the evolution of the future shows some significant progress in the future which it would be fictional of the reality or while some the predictions can be made in real life but in a different time zone.

    The Official Trailer has been released on the 27th of June which fans have waited for a long time to see Planet Express Crew go on new adventures and new futuristic events.
  • By Christine Grimaldi

    This past week, the crew at Autisticana visited Spencer’s at the Smithtown Mall. The store is very interesting because it has shirts and clothing based on popular movies, anime, and musicians. It also has paraphernalia relating to weed, occultism, and magic, sex toys, and candy. They even sell manga and cookbooks. We all took pictures relating to our interests there.

    In 1947, Spencer’s started off in Easton, PA, as a mail-order catalog with tons of novelty merch by Max Adler and his brother Harry, the namesake being the former’s middle name Spencer. In 1963, three years after Harry left, Spencer evolved into a brick-and-mortar retail store with its first location in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, at the city’s mall. Since then, Spencer has grown to 650 locations in the US, and Canada within malls, especially on Long Island, such as Hicksville Broadway.

    In 2001, Spencer’s Gifts launched its e-commerce website, allowing customers to shop for its products online. The website has become important to the company’s sales and marketing strategy.

    Today, Spencer’s operates over 600 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, offering a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and novelty items. The company is known for its edgy and irreverent products and is known for catering to a younger, more alternative demographic.

    Despite competing with other retailers in the same space, Spencer’s has continued to grow and expand its business. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and customer engagement, the company has stayed relevant and popular with its target audience.

    Spencer’s has been a must for the newest trends, tees, body jewelry, home décor and more that celebrate our slogan “life is a party”and we are making it fun. Known for being a pioneer in sexual wellness, call us what you want, but we are here for all communities to celebrate. We are committed to our guests’ uniqueness and their desire for rebellious, buzzworthy products that represent a unique lifestyle while offering an escape from the ordinary.

    Spencer’s had opened in 2003 under new management, raising the bar and continuing its untraditional retail journey. The stores have changed, but when they set out on the path of becoming an industry leader in a subtle shift from Spencer Gifts to Spencer’s, this will always be true to the roots of their love for the pride of the effort they put.

    They have done a new and better look, but never forgot the history because some of the trends are as old as time. Spencer’s, which continues to lead the market with one of the oldest continually operating stores in North America and nearly 670 locations throughout the United States and Canada, proudly enshrines the brand as cultural staples. Giving back is a key obligation of Spencer’s, and we have been increasing the commitment over the last few years.

    Since 2020, the whole partnership with the ACLU has generated nearly a million dollars to help protect civil rights for individuals. Additionally, since 2008 our associates have been fierce advocates, joining in on the battle against cancer by fundraising on behalf of three organizations focused on fighting youth cancer through the non-profit Boobies Make Me Smile. They’ve raised more than 10,5 million dollars to support the Young Survival Consortium, Stupid Cancer and Fxck Cancer that are working on prevention, education and help for young people with cancer and showing the reality of helping young women that could possibly have breast cancer and knowing the facts of the support they need when their going through tough times.

    Everyone takes on Spencer’s:

    Scott likes that Spencer’s has cool stuff, especially sex products.

    Danielle didn’t care for Spencer’s Costumes

    Jackson loved Spencer’s having been at that location and Hicksville’s multiple times. He loved taking the Stepbrothers photo with Scott:

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    Small businesses in America face numerous challenges due to COVID-19, including price increases, worker competition, and concerns about the Federal Reserve’s response to inflation. According to surveys from organizations like the National Federation of Independent Business, the Small Business Majority, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, small business sentiment has become increasingly pessimistic. This is a concerning trend, given that small businesses account for two-thirds of all jobs created in the past 25 years in the country, which could have negative implications for American growth and prosperity.

    Our mission at Autisticana is to do great news pieces on all small businesses that make our community thrive. We have already completed a dozen pieces on local businesses. Our goal is to feature at least 2 pieces a month to showcase to the community the hard work and dedication individuals put into building their own businesses.

    As the CEO of Autisticana, we want you to understand that we chose our name because we are proud of our neurodivergent creativity and thinking. We work very hard to lift the stigma that this population has put upon us.

    Our news team consists of typical and atypical people because “we are all one and look up to the same sky!”

    FYI, we also love Starbucks and wanted to rhyme after their coffee Americana.

    If you would like to be our next feature, please submit your business to

    CEO, Scott Weisbrot