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Marvel Cinematic Universe Morals and Lessons: Iron Man 3

One of the many lessons people learn in life is: Does humanity make its possessions and things that give it power or does it shape them? This lesson is made prominent among many others in the first installment of Phase Two in the Marvel… Continue Reading “Marvel Cinematic Universe Morals and Lessons: Iron Man 3”

Thoughts on Disney’s Zootopia

Today, my fellow newsmakers and I watched the Disney’s animated movie Zootopia. It follows a new recruit bunny cop, Judy, who teams up with a con artist fox, Nick, to solve the case of a missing otter. Along the way, they uncover a larger conspiracy and harsh truths about the world they live in.

How Iron Man Relates to the Real World

by Jackson Beach In 2008’s smash hit Iron Man, the first film of the universally acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe has many lessons that relate to the world and ourselves. One of them is that businessmen and corporate entrepreneurs of the war industry do not… Continue Reading “How Iron Man Relates to the Real World”