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  • -Cara Difiore

    Today I’ll be talking about why I think animation actually counts as another fantastic form of art

    First of all, animation has become such a big part of not just in the art community and industry but also in the film industry because animators and filmmakers (for example Disney, Pixar, etc) work put so many details in them and work so hard on them since nothing blows up overnight and everything takes time and they deserve to get paid as much as everyone else.

    As someone who grew up watching lots of animated movies/shows/specials in my childhood and teens till currently now in my adulthood, has an artistic eye, and is now kinda an artist since I had and still have an appreciation for that stuff gave me so much inspiration over the years. However, I do have mixed opinions about the whole current live-action and remake thing which I will probably talk about at another time if you want my intake on them or even talk about/rank them let me know in the comments or my socials.

    Another thing I love about it is not just the details and creativity but that it takes you to a different place/scenery to explore a world you want to see outside of your world for a while. and gets your mind off of (your reality) for a long time however how long it is. After watching I wondered how they made it and the process so I looked up. I found out that they stretch out their ideas on regular/illustration paper, then draw them out, color, blend, then test them out on the computer, work it on there, show it to other artists/others, and put it together which is pretty amazing if you ask me. I think anyone can do it or be artistic without being born naturally.

    After doing all of the illustrations I did for David’s book not sure if you remember my posts/blogs about it which will also be out soon along with my own and everyone else’s who did a book I had to do so many steps and took so much time than I expected to be but I’m glad I took my time since it worked out well in the end. If you want to be a good artist/instructor/animator/filmmaker or whatever you need to practice as many times as you need to, take your time, find your style, and take other’s feedback/criticism. If you don’t you’ll never get the hang of it.

    I hope this video helps explain animation and how it works if you are curious and interested

    If you enjoyed this and learned something great and important let me know in the comments or in my socials have a great day.

  • – Cara Difiore

    I thought I would share this big day with you all

    Let’s just say the day didn’t go as we planned and what I mean by that we left later than we planned it, with a little bit of traffic, and got there at the very end of it. I was also planning on going, calling on the road, and getting to the city and college by 5 at least but plans changed due to someone screwing up. But the good thing is that it ended up working well the way it did.

    Christine and I went to the college while my mom, Danielle, and her mom Lisa waited in the van. When we got to the end we went to the front counter and asked the guys at the front counter where the event is it looks like it was at its ending at least which I was like oh no I missed most of it but it turns out I didn’t miss out as much as I thought

    We got to go to talk to the director and the people who ran it. First, we introduced ourselves, then talked about me being an amazing artist, showed my artwork that I submitted, asked them about the event, talked about Autisticana, asked if we can do an interview with them, then they said sure and my book (that is done and in the works of being printed and published be on the lookout!) they also said they would love to promote it when it’s printed out and published which made me so happy. And we took pictures with me, Christine, my art, and the city in the background. Then we went back to van and meet back up with everyone with seeing Lisa as a surprise then we went out for dinner which the place and food was awesome.

  • Hi so today I’ll be talking about how I think writing is another form of therapeutic art expression

    Because it has also been another way to be creative but honest and express myself. It also has helped me get out of my emotions whatever I’m feeling so it’s also pretty therapeutic too.

    I’m not 100% an extrovert, always wasn’t, and still am not to this day so I sometimes have trouble expressing myself when I’m around people I either don’t know or don’t have much in common with, and have anxiety. So it’s a good thing and I am grateful for it in a way.

    I think it has helped me make sense of my thoughts, beliefs, who I am as a person, and what I believe in. So that’s a plus. It also has helped me with my mental health for some reason. If I don’t write anything down and get my feelings out I go crazy.

    Now that I’m in the middle of putting out my own book Living In Color and my co-illustrated book We Can Become Friends I have more confidence in my work and I hope everyone feels the same in themselves and their work.

  • By Cara Difiore

    Hi everyone! I feel like it’s been a hot min since I’ve been on here which I’m not apologizing for. I wanted to come back on here and blog about the update on me, my book, my artistic journey, what I’ve been creating, and how my passions and the things that bring me joy and comfort have been helping me get through daily life and challenging times.

    So with my artistic journey, I’ve been creating a lot some I made for myself to make me feel better, and one for my cousin who passed on recently is a memory tree. which I will show you at some point. I’ve been trying to create and keep busy as much as I can since I’m going through a lot at the moment professionally, mentally, and personally. What I mean by that is I’m worried about the future, I’m feeling bad about myself, and I’m worried about my personal life. My family and I are going through a big loss right now so it’s been causing a big scar I believe I’ve mentioned this before but I have a history of mental health stuff like anxiety and depression (My mental health/autism story is on the blog if you want to check that out) So, of course, it’s gonna affect me and not just my family. I’m forcing myself to move forward. I mean how do you? However, my work and art, in general, have been helping me get through life and keep going which is an accomplishment and a positive at the same time.

    More things that have been helping me get through me and keep going are not just my art and art in general but the support of my family but also my friends, my therapist, my cats, Bob Ross haha, watching/listening to my favorite artists, my class, journaling, and doing other things that bring me joy, happiness, and peace like going out, exercising, meditating, vent to my other loved ones and my therapist for support, spend time with my cats, taking time for me before I can for everyone else. Do you know why? It’s because they’ve been my therapeutic escapes they help me get whatever I’m feeling off my chest, get out of my head, and get to a happier place that isn’t reality. those things get me to a place I want to be and the feeling I want to have at the moment, I believe that’s the key to overcoming physical/emotional pain and grief. I believe that is and is going to get me through the next few days, weeks, months, and the rest of the year. If I can get through it so can you. If you are going through a tough time yourself just know to give it time, take time for yourself, do something that brings you comfort, and keep busy.

    Memory Tree, December 2022

    What I Used: pencil, paint, scissors, colored matte paper, and colored glitter paper

    This was for my cousin Jack who passed away recently and brought it to his wake. It is now with my aunt, uncle, and my two other cousins

    Falling Tears, January 2023

    What I Used: pencil, markers, and pen

    I drew this around the time my cousin passed away

    Snowflake Wonderland, January 2023

    What I Used: pencil, colored pencils, and markers

    Birthday Cat, January 2023

    I drew this for a friend for her birthday

    Sunset Dreams, February 2023

    Flower Girl, February 2023

    Flowing In Color, February 2023

    What I Used:

    • Paper
    • Canvas
    • Pencils
    • Paint
    • Paint Pens
    • Markers
    • Pens
    • Digital materials like Canva

    Artists That Bring Me Joy And I Love:

    • Bob Ross obviously haha
    • Dr. Suess
    • Jane Devenport
    • Dirtty Hippe Arts
    • Leah’s Art Is For Fun
    • Sam Rose Studios
    • Daisy Vibes Studios

    What I Like To Do When I’m Not Working:

    • Making cards
    • Cooking
    • Exercising like Trendmill, going on walks, yoga,
    • Taking my cat outside
    • Meditating
    • Reading
    • Listening to music/podcasts
    • Binge watch stuff
    • Hang out with my friends and family and my cats

  • By Anonymous

    I always find myself confusing because I always wanted to act like myself but had trouble figuring out how to identify myself as a male or a female. I also find it interesting to learn how many changes I went through even though I never changed my sexuality. It did help me become a better version of myself though. I also discovered that there are different categories of LGBTQ+ people which caused me to become very curious. I had always wanted to discover different types of people and see if I myself was in the LGBTQ+ Category.

    I always love girls but I had trouble being or acting like them because not every woman is like that or they keep stuff to themselves that they don’t tell men about. Most of the time I like women because I like their sense of fun and bonding. They’re good talkers, caring people, and really helpful with others. I like the fact that everyone gets to be a woman but it could be hard to admit because most might think they are gay. People might have a different side of themselves which is OK because you can be whoever and whatever you want.

    I had trouble keeping up with them because I always ended up in the friend zone or I got dumped, rejected or ended up as an acquaintance because I wasn’t good enough or said the words wrong.

    At some point I will have to decide ” What do I want to act like: a beautiful woman or a handsome guy?” I like roleplaying while playing dress up because it helps me give the idea of that reality and see my own self reflection for what is my true identity.

    (Let the reader think for themselves with these questions)

    Why do I like women with different gender identity?

    Why do I like guys acting like a woman?

    Why do I sometimes imagine myself acting like a pretty woman?

    Do I have to understand about genitals?

    Why do I like women with different body types?

    Why is it so hard to keep my manhood?

    Why do I change interest with sex genders?

    How should I know the understandings of a man and a woman in general?

    What is the point about my sexuality?

    Here’s the links if you’re curious about gender identity on the Autism Spectrum

    Dr. Grimaldi’s Takeaway

    This is not a new subject at all. People once realized this has been happening for decades but they covered it up due to fear (False Expectations Appearing Real). There is not enough evidence based research on gender identity and autism spectrum disorder. This is why I find this subject so interesting and I am becoming very involved in research of this matter. Why?

    Because from my clinical eye and working with tons of kids on the spectrum this has become a big issue for them. I love and respect these kids so much they are so brilliant and talented. That is why this has become a big issue to me.

    I find that a lot of the kids I work with are not concerned with gender at all. In my mind, as my own unique individuality and as a professional in the field, I actually think this is a beautiful thing. Why?

    Most typical kids I’ve worked with my whole life are so caught up in gender identity and if they have the traits to portray the gender they were not born with and develop a lot of unnecessary stress because of this.

    I find it extremely freeing that a lot of kids that I work with on the spectrum do not look at gender and age nor do they look at disability.

    What a lesson to be learned for the typical population to release themselves of this burden that causes stress. Most people I work with on the autism spectrum don’t judge others, rather they are judged for being the person they want to be. Call it neuro-divergent wiring, call it cultivating isolation into positive thinking. There is so much we can talk about on this situation

    What upsets me the most is that people judge and banter the LGBTQ+ community when more than half of the population consists of neuro-divergent people. For those who don’t know what neuro-divergent means, it means people with minds that function differently from the so called “norm” of the human brain. This makes me think that the “norm” of the human brain should be reconsidered like the food pyramid after 50 years.

    It actually infuriates me that ignorance and lack of education on the subject throws our system into fear, aka the public library system shutting down LGBTQ+ education. For if only the public knew that a lot of this is simply neuro-physiology and need to think before they judge. I spend a big portion of my day teaching my Newsmakers how to become critical thinkers. It would be so nice if the rest of the world had that 101 education; if so, we would have less bullying and violence in a society where sexuality and ageism are so prominent. There needs to be more education on the reality of this situation instead of ostracizing kids that are as special as one can be for all of the eye to see.

    Results suggest that autism spectrum disorder presents a unique experience to the formation and consolidation of gender identity, and for some autistic individuals, their sexual orientation relates to their gender experience, which could mean a past experience of bullying, violation, or ostracization, which resulted in isolation. As I mention my Newsmakers, your struggle is your story to help others.

    It is important that clinicians working with autism spectrum disorder are aware of the gender-diversity in this population so that the necessary support for healthy socio-sexual functioning and mental well-being is provided.

    It is more important that parents, teachers, and all other facilitators as well as politicians are educated on this matter. Individuals are getting hurt for being who they want to be. Is this a physiological issue or a psychological issue? Let the reader decide.

    Note to self: One thing for sure, and I stand tall on this subject (#StandTallFoundation), is that excluding, covering up, or getting rid of information is making it so much worse for these kids as well as the typical population. The decline in mental health has exponentially manifested after the pandemic. You would think one would want more education to help resolve this ever-growing angry culture that we are now living in. Once again, let the reader decide.


    Dr. Christine Grimaldi

  • By Cara Difiore

    Creating art has always been a great pastime for me. Not only do I enjoy doing it, but I was also good at it and that made it even more fun. As I grew a bit older, it was my best form of therapy, it has helped me express my feelings when I didn’t know how else to express my emotions and get through challenging times. I’m grateful for my passion, talent, and a new career. I sell my work on my own Esty store Of the Flower Designs.

    I have decided to start my own art corner because I want to share my interests and talents with everyone and hope I can help everybody out there who needs this kind of therapy in their life. Growing up with a disability can have a positive outcome if you choose it. My choice is to express my emotions in art so I can inspire everyone out there in need.

    Photo of Cara, a white woman with long brown hair that is pulled back into a pony tail. She is wearing a navy blouse and ripped jean shorts. She is smiling in the photo and posing with her left arm on her hip. She is standing against a navy blue wall and standing next to a painting of a rainbow horse covered in different colored crystals.
    Photo of Cara standing next to a painting of a horse covered in crystals.

    Here’s one of the pieces I’ve done that I’m proud of. I didn’t paint it, but I did crystalize it which brings positive energy to this one. Crystalizing this piece with a hot glue gun and glass crystals with my hands. This is very detailed work, that takes a lot of patience and took me weeks, but the pay off is priceless. View our work on (coming soon!).

    A painting inspired by Disney's Tangled. It features Rapunzel with her long blonde hair. She is painting a beautiful work with gold stars and a blue, purple, and pink.
    I created this piece when I was inspired by a photo I saw on the Internet. This was also inspired by
    one of my favorite movies, Disney’s Tangled

    A painting by Cara of a pond with a green bamboo shoot pouring water into the pond. The pond is surrounded by a pile of rocks and pink flowers. In the background, the sky is a pretty gradient of pink and yellow.
    A painting of a bamboo pond with some rocks and flowers
    Bee painting
    Daisy watercolor painting
    Beach painting
    Sunflower painting
    Black cat watercolor painting
    (this was actually inspired by my cat Manny)
    Flower painting
    Egg painting
    Feather drawing
    Dress drawing
  • “A beautiful field experience with our crew”

    By Nicole Magee

    One of my intense interests and hobbies is nature and hiking. Every weekday morning, I try to go hiking with my dad. On weekends, we get out as a family. My whole family loves the outdoors and camping. We spend a lot of time enjoying all the seasons and activities that surround nature.

    Exercising in nature allows me to stay fit and calm. I love creative writing and visualizations, and field experiences like this one. It allows me to see the beauty, visualize it, then write and blog it.

    I was inspired after our journey through the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, which was fully decorated for Halloween, and wrote this visualization, after I left. Creative visualization is one of my special interests, it helps you to relax and meditate on a fantasy story. I hope you enjoy it!

    A Spooky Adventure through the Woods

    By Nicole Magee

    Place yourself in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a full deep breath in, followed by a deep breath out. Continue to follow your breath as I guide you in our spooky adventure.

    Imagine you are in a dim-lit street, walking towards your local pumpkin patch. On your street, while you are walking through the pumpkins you get a visit by the pumpkin king Jack Skellington (from Disneys The Nightmare Before Christmas), who invites you to carve a pumpkin with him.

    At first, you take a big deep breath in and out, because you are feeling scared, but then a good witch named Star appears because she notices the fear in your eyes. She says, take another deep breath in and release your fear, and do not be scared. We will not hurt you, then once again you breathe in and out as you now feel more relaxed and are ready to start carving your scary face on a pumpkin.

    Once you are finished, you show your jack-o-lantern to your new friends. Then Jack and the good witch Star say, “wow, that is the work of a true artist.” You reply thank you as the feeling of happiness overwhelms you. You then say, “thank you for a wonderful time, it is getting late and I must go now,” as you pointed to the old clock. It was just past 6 pm, and I did not want to be late for dinner, as I could smell the sensation of pumpkin soup that mom had made for me. As I got up to leave, the good witch noticed I was dressed as a witch for Halloween, impressed, the witch said, “wait, here please take some candy home with you. “I love your costume as it reminds me of my daily clothing. I replied, thank you and have a Happy Halloween.

    “Thank you, I am looking forward to it. “

    A photo of various orange pumpkins sitting in a bin. A single pumpkin is in focus. This pumpkin has a black scary face drawn on it. It has menacing eyes with small red pupils, a small traingular nose, amd zigzag shaped smile.
    Photo of a jack-o-lanthern among various pumpkins (By Mathias P.R. Reding on

    We thank you, Dr. Christine, for taking the Newsmakers group to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Great River NY.

    We had the opportunity to explore the river gardens and the decorated Halloween paths. We stumbled upon a fitness and nature path, which was so cool because it had stations to create creative exercise and breathing.

    As a News Maker, it is important to get our exercise in daily to keep up with our creative rituals.

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