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    Photo of various colorful small plates shown against a red and white plaid table cloth. The small plates include everything from baked potatoes, to sushi, to pizza, and pasta.
    Various colorful small plates and meals

    Small plates are small dishes resembling appetizers. They can also be the small courses of a greater and more formal meal. They can include rice bowls, salads, and many other foods. I have been inspired by them because everything has to be small and precise. In 2010, my interest in the culinary arts formed while I was taking a cooking course on small plates. My interest in cooking and the culinary industry has culminated into something great, as I now work at Elegant Eating with a huge selection of small plates. These tasty mini meals are very essential to the culinary world.

    In a world of so much confusion, isolation and chaos, the culinary arts is something I truly enjoy. I believe that my passion for the culinary arts benefits from my ability to be very detail oriented. When I was four, my mom and I attended church every weekend. I was fascinated as a child about the way they arranged the flowers on the church alter. I thought that I could do it better. One Sunday during a lecture, I jumped up to the alter and started re-arranging the flower designs. I heard giggles coming from the crowd, and now realize what a good job I was doing.

    It’s not only my interest in the culinary arts that benefits from being detail-oriented. I still create and design and sketch; I am fascinated by tables scapes, floral arrangements and the idea of food as art.

    I believe that these interests and my ability to be detail oriented has helped me with my lonliness and to use creative thinking to move past it. I am able to pull the abstract into detail oriented art forms. I now have the opportunity to explore the culinary arts and design: to take abstract ideas and develop them into detailed art forms. I truly have the career of my dreams. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work at Elegant Eating.

    If you dream it, and are persistent, you can do anything!

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