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  • There’s so much things to do during the fall and winter months. People can go skiing snow tubing and community events, hiking. The town also often host local beer festivals and cultural activities in the area. The weather is cooler during most of the summer and it has the best scenery of the amazing different colors of leaves during the autumn. Lack of carbinonaxie which is good for the people to breathe in with the fresh air. It is also one of the most iconic places in Upstate New York with so much sceneries.

    Housings and ski resorts for the holiday tourism. People should consider moving to Upstate New York because there’s less population than Southern New York which they need to move up in the north. They also have a solar farm. They have colorful housings and stores in their local downtown area on Route 23A Main Street in Tannersville. There’s also art museums, historic places, antique shops and other local attractions. Upstate New York also has a lot of real life Cafes and Thrift Stores for local business.

    During the Winter Months, most of the time it always snow and has plenty for people to do skiing, snow tubing and so much adventurous activities during the day. People can sit by the fire and have marshmallows with hot chocolate to keep you warm. There’s also great shopping and dining options especially when people wanna enjoy their getaway trip to the resorts or Winter Lodging for fun activities. Others can do non winter activities like snowshoe trails through the woods, or shopping downtown and enjoying a craft beer tasting. There is plenty of activities like historic sites and other events which is the reason why the Catskills are the ideal destination! 

    The reason people should move to the Hudson Valley/Catskills because they can have the luxury life or find something that fits your budget but wanted to find somewhere with nature. Most of the houses would have more freedom of the walk around the property and often see wild animals once in a while or see the shooting stars on a clear night.

    The place is a the sense of wonders during the summer months like going out to so many fun places to go out for a trip to remember. Theres plenty of lakes and waterfalls for tourists to spend parts of the day like swimming in swim holes, paddle boating, Canoeing, Kayaking, fishing, and exploring animals in the nature preserve. The Catskills has local eatery and brewery for adults who love to socialize and have a good time. Hit the highlights or go through the horizon and see where the road takes you to find a great spot like, biplane adventures, the waterpark, mountain activities, or eatery cafes and restraints for the whole family. They can also stop by at local music festivals if they wanna have a good time especially theres the shops of Woodstock were they can check out and relive the memory of the Hippie Era. Also there’s a couple of petting zoo for kids and people who adores with animals and loves learning about history at some of the local museums and art museums.

    The scenery is beautiful during the autumn because of the Fall Foliage and theres much adventurous activities. The weather is also breezy and crisp during the autumn months. There’s also lots of fall festivals, horse back riding trails, hiking trails, farmers markets and trips to the farm.

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  • The Place is beautiful where everyone can enjoy the day with so many outstanding things to do. There’s Pumpkin picking, Sunflower Station, plenty of farm animals, it’s pet friendly, it has popular photo spots, wooden play land for the kids and so much acre’s to walk around the farm. The place was also a popular hotspot for holiday goers for a weekend trip.

    The day when I went there, it was busy and all of the kids took the day off of school because of the holiday, the first thing I did was that stopped by at the petting zoo farm. Next I discovered the classic cars so I wanted to take interesting photos of myself doing poses. Then I checked out the farm animals and one of the garden was beautiful. I went for a walk and played the ring on the string game which it’s fun like doing a pub game. It was challenging by I got after couple of tries. I checked out the wooden playground to walk around. Then I went on the Jumping Pad which it was a lot of fun. It was good to use up the energy while having fun. Afterwards, I went on a steamroller which it was a challenge. I checked out the photo spots and went to the sunflower fields and it was beautiful with all of the sun flowers in different conditions. I saw a scary werewolf so I call it the werewolf vampire and it a photo pose of the werewolf. Finally I went to the pumpkin patch station and there was plenty of pumpkins. Before I left there was garden and a brewery on the other side of the farm.

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  • By Kevin Dwyer

    My love for dinosaurs started when I was about 4 years old. I always wore dinosaur pajamas to bed. I loved learning all the names of all the different dinosaurs. The prehistoric learning was endless. I enjoyed learning the long names and about the history behind the different time periods. There was always more to learn and it kept me very busy. I like to be busy because this when I am at my happiest – these prehistoric animals did the trick for me.

    I am 19 years old now and continue to keep my mind busy with dinosaur activities. My favorite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus rex or T-Rex. I love this dinosaur because it is the king of dinosaurs. It is the largest strictly meat-eating land animal. These prehistoric animals are known as theropods (flesh eating animals with feet representing those of birds.)

    Godzilla was my first memory of watching these predators in the movies. Even though it was old fashioned, the gigantic impression of this animal amazed me.

    The following clip is Godzilla (from the 1954 film):

    Video of Godzilla from the 1954 film

    As I started getting older, my passion for dinosaurs grew. I was always excited to visit the dinosaur exhibits at museums such as The Museum of Natural History. It was amazing to see all the original bones and the huge imitation models of these prehistoric species.

    I started collecting and creating “everything dinosaur.” I think I have a collection of over a 1000 dinosaurs, of all shapes and sizes. I continue to collect and love to paint and sketch these animals of fascination.

    I was so excited when Universal pictures put out the Jurassic Park films. I must have watched it over 100 times.

    Trailer for the film Jurassic Park (1993)

    I realized that I was not the only one with a love for these creature productions. Nowadays, I enjoy meeting new friends,with this same special interest. A great platform to make friends with similar interests is Instagram. I have connected with so many people that have a similar passion for dinosaurs.

    One of my favorite Instagram handles is

    It may seem strange to some people, but this platform keeps me out of isolation, and promotes creative interaction between like minded friends.

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  • By Regina Kanturek

    I love all sea creatures, but my favorite has always been an octopus. I love writing and illustrating about these wonderful sea creatures. The reason I am fascinated by these creatures is because they have three hearts and nine brains, each brain lies in a tentacle which allows them to move in multiple directions and with accuracy. I always found octopuses cute, sweet and playful and that made me feel happy.

    The Hug-a-puss

    What is a hug-a-puss? You may not know

    They are shy creatures and do not put on a show

    They have a sweet smile and eight legs to hug

    Please do not mistake it for a bug

    They come in colors – yellow, pink, and blue

    A hug-a-puss is loyal and true

    A hug-a-puss is loving and fun

    A hug-a-puss is a friend to everyone

    It has three hearts that love you everyday

    But you have to treat a hug-a-puss in a special way

    A hug a puss’s hearts can break in three

    If you are not the best person you can be

    A hug-a-puss thrives on the goodnesss you put out

    So please do not curse or shout

    Every time you are mean or make someone cry

    It will make a hug-a-puss slowly die

    A hug-a-puss will always be there to hug you when you are sad

    It never wants you to feel lonely or bad

    Being a good person will take you far

    Remember, a hug-a-puss loves you for who you truly are

    A hug-a-puss will make the world a better place

    One hug from it will make you happy and put a smile on your face

    Video of an octopus moving along the ocean floor.