Author: Dr. Christine Grimaldi

  • As autistic kids the one thing we have in common is most of us suffer from stomach issues. As babies , our parents spent many restless nights going back and forth to the doctors and hospitals for our “ Belly” issues.

    We came across a mini horse named “ Dash “ at 13 hands equine rescue .

    We all resonated with “Baby Dash”, because of our parallel lives combatting health issues.

    We wrote a story about our little Dash , and starting reading it to our younger group at the newsmakers group to inspire them to, “ fight the good fight ,”and never give up.

    This is what we wrote :

    Our little man Dash , a story of hope and inspiration.

    Once upon a time, tucked away in a cozy green pasture on the edge of a small town, lived an extraordinary little mini horse named Dash, known for his ability to take off on a dime.

    Dash was born with a condition that made his stomach very delicate. Since his birth, he had suffered stomach pains, making his life much harder than the other horses in the pasture. But Dash was no ordinary mini horse. Despite his condition, he held an aspiration to live joyfully, always full of energy and love, his sparkling eyes reflecting his tenacity. He was the horse of hope to all of us that suffer from similar disabilities.

    Though he was smaller, and his pain often kept him from frolicking as freely as the other horses, he refused to let it dampen his spirit.

    Dash was a fighter, overcoming challenge after challenge with his unwavering resilience. His will to triumph over adversity was amazing, and that was what made him so special.

    Word of Dash’s incredible determination and his story of resilience spread across the town, and soon school children began to visit the pasture. They were drawn to Dash, and he to them. Despite his discomfort, Dash was always excited to see them. He greeted them with a cheerful nae, his eyes glistening with warmth and excitement.

    Very quickly, Dash and the school children became great friends. To them, Dash was not just a mini horse, but an embodiment of determination, love, and indeed, hope. They found inspiration in him, a reminder that no matter how immense the pain, how great the struggle, one can always find joy and love in life.

    Over the year, Dash faced life-threatening situations because of his condition. But with every grave prognosis, his resilient spirit and will to survive surprised everyone. Each time his life was in balance, it was like he was telling the world – “As long as I’m loved, I will fight. I will survive.”

    Teachers started arranging field trips for students to Dash’s pasture. They made it into educational trips, teaching them life skills using Hope’s example – that life will have its struggles and challenges, but it’s all about standing strong and facing them with courage and determination.

    The kids loved Dash and he loved them back. They would bring him apples and carrots, but realized he could not eat them, because of his delicate stomach ; so the kids would enjoy the healthy snacks themselves while they would all just sit beside him when his pain was high. The comfort and love exchanged between the mini horse and the kids was pure and far from the complexities of the world. Each time they left, they couldn’t wait for the next visit to see their ‘Hero Dash.”

    In a world that often felt big and confusing, Dash, the resilient mini horse, became a symbol of love, endurance, and indeed, ‘hope’. His spirit and life became a testament to the saying, “It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s about how many times you get back up.”

    And so, Dash, with his unyielding spirit, tiny stature and enormous heart, touched the lives of everyone in the small town. The mini horse named Dash became a living lesson of resilience, love and hope, changing the lives of generations of school children who learned the most profound life lessons in the green pasture, right beside their beloved, mini friend.

    Our team at autisticana just heard that our mini is in serious trouble again and requires immediate surgery. We are all gathering together to ask all of you to help sponsor his surgery by having a friend- raiser and donating asap to our cause.

    Save our Dash –

    @13handsequinerescue and got the donate now button.

  • Now that the holiday season is amongst us we are going to dive deep into the creation of the polar express and investigate all through the NY region who is hosting one, and where can go to experience all these like minded events.

    Our team of investigators @ autisticana begin by researching the history of this fabulous holiday theme event. This is where we start :

    The journey of “The Polar Express” began as a beloved children’s book, penned by renowned American author Chris Van Allsburg in 1985. The compelling premise, spellbinding illustrations, and heartwarming themes of faith and Christmas spirit helped the book to secure a Caldecott Medal for its remarkable illustrations the following year and steadily gained a devoted readership worldwide.

    “The Polar Express” tells the story of a young boy who, harboring doubts about Santa Claus’s existence, awakens on Christmas Eve to find a mysterious train—the Polar Express—waiting to whisk him off to the North Pole. Along with other children, the boy embarks on a magical journey, filled with hot chocolate, fantastical landscapes, and a personal encounter with Santa himself.

    A testament to its immense popularity, “The Polar Express” was adapted into a feature film in 2004. Famous American filmmaker Robert Zemeckis directed the animated film with Tom Hanks in multiple roles, including the train conductor, the boy’s father, and Santa Claus. The film utilized motion-capture animation technology, a novelty at the time, which caused a stir due to its somewhat unusual and realistic human animations. Despite its mixed critical reception, the film was successful at the box office and has since become a staple Christmas film for many families. Notably, the film received a nomination for Best Original Song at the 77th Academy Awards for the song “Believe” performed by Josh Groban.

    In addition to the film adaptation, “The Polar Express” has become a central theme in various holiday events across the United States. A popular event is the Polar Express Train Ride, where children and adults board specially decorated trains, journey to “the North Pole,” and experience highlights from the story such as hot chocolate service, a reading of the story over the speaker system, and a visit from Santa Claus. This event is typically held annually during the holiday season in multiple locations nationwide.

    Moreover, “The Polar Express” has also been adapted into a video game, released in tandem with the feature film in 2004. The game allows players to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of “The Polar Express,” providing another avenue for fans to connect with the story.

    Through the decades, “The Polar Express” has proven to be a timeless, magical tale that captures the Christmas spirit. From book to film, from events to video games, “The Polar Express” continues to inspire, entertaining generations with its endearing story and bringing joy to festive celebrations worldwide. The journey of “The Polar Express” so far clearly defines how a beautifully crafted narrative can translate across different media formats and continue to captivate audiences.

    Happy Holiday season from our News Making Team @ Autisticana !

  • The Delicious Inception: The Story of How the Sandwich Came to Be”

    Our team got together tonight to investigate sandwich making and the concept of how it came to be ?

    We made and tried all types of sandwiches from pesto chicken cutlet to smoked turkey and brie to chicken parmesan, we made them all. It was a lot of group tasting and fun. We then got to work on our investigations and this is what we explored:

    Our Interpretation

    From informal picnics to elegant high tea affairs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a culinary scenario where a good old sandwich doesn’t fit. This delightful food item, known for its versatility and convenience, enjoys worldwide popularity. But where did the sandwich concept originate? Who dreamed up this brilliant food innovation?

    Well, the story is as intriguing as it is appetizing.

    The Birth of the Sandwich

    If we yank back the curtains of time and visit 18th-century England, we’d find our sandwich benefactor in John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. All stories point towards this infamous gambling enthusiast, whose love for card games inspired the concept. The Earl was reputed to have asked his servants for meat tucked between two pieces of bread during his long gaming sessions to avoid interruptions. This convenient meal allowed Montagu to continue playing while eating, without getting the cards greasy.

    Word of this novel idea soon traveled beyond the shadowy gambling dens. The aristocrats started to order “the same as Sandwich,” and thus, the sandwich was christened.

    An Ancient Concept

    While John Montagu popularized the term “sandwich,” the idea of placing ingredients between bread-like items was far from new. Historical records reveal that various cultures had their versions of the modern sandwich long before the Earl adopted his marker.

    Ancient Jewish leader Hillel the Elder was known to place lamb, nuts, and herbs between two pieces of matzah during Passover. Across the globe in the 1st Century B.C., the Romans enjoyed “Buccellatum,” a sort of sandwich with meat and other fillings sandwiched between bread or biscuit.

    The Sandwich Spreads Across the World

    In the 19th and early 20th century, the sandwich began to gain popularity in the United States. As industrialization picked up, the need for quick, convenient meals became apparent. The sandwich, easy to make and portable, fit the bill perfectly.

    In America, the sandwich culture took on a life of its own, from the simple yet hearty peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the extravagant club sandwich. The sandwich was recorded in an American cookbook for the first time in 1816, in “The American Home Cook Book.” By the end of the 20th century, the sandwich was a staple in the American diet.

    In the United Kingdom, egg sandwiches started off by Street Vendors in East London during the early 19th century. The idea was to earn money and feed to the Hungary villagers while others been working in the factories. The idea of the sandwich was fried eggs, meat, cheese which the additional ingredients was bacon, tomato, avocado, pork, chicken and watercress. The bread was called a bap at the time. It became a major success in the cafe culture around the globe after the it hit the United States during the Industrial Revolution.

    Modern-Day Sandwiches

    Today, the sandwich is a universally beloved food item and has evolved into countless variants across the world. From the Vietnamese Bánh mì to the Italian Panini, from India’s Vada Pav to the Turkish Doner Kebab, every part of the world seems to have adopted and innovated upon the Earl’s ingenious creation.

    Wrapping it Up

    Seemingly simple fare at first glance, the sandwich embodies a tale of culinary convenience and creativity. The Earl of Sandwich may have put his name to it, but it is the world’s adaptation and elevation of this humble food item that truly makes the sandwich a testament to global culinary culture. So, the next time you enjoy a sandwich, take a moment to remember its dynamic history, a tale as full of flavor as the sandwich itself!

    Another fun night @autsisticana

    “We learn by doing”….

  • 13 Hands Equine Rescue’s mission has always been to rescue unwanted, abused and abandoned horses and rehabilitate them in order to find them the perfect ‘forever home’.

    We partner with some of our rescue horses to assist in our Equine Therapy program helping veterans and others who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and many other issues.

    With the increase of loneliness, depression and anxiety since the pandemic , we at 13 hands equine rescue are gathering together to make positive change in the community, our school systems and out patient clinics.

    Mary Lou Torterello , founder of 13 hands has announced a statement that she is opening 13 hands private VIP ranch house to host educational and healing workshops to assist in the communities emotional well-being and overall health.

    In the past, the house has been used for high end celebrities in need of seclusion to lodge around the beauty that surrounds the rescue. Nature and Animals have a way of healing that traditional forms of supportive care can not conquer.

    MaryLou gave a heart felt statement saying ,” That everyone is a celebrity in my eye, and it is time to open up our home to the public so that all will benefit from wonderful experiences that we host.

    The beautiful ranch home that sits on the rescues lower tier will now be used by our professionals and guest hosts to share they’re gifts to all.

    Our educational programs will be catered to our youth, community members and tourists by offering a schedule of weekly classes, workshops, events and inclusive retreats.

    Marylou continued to say , “ People always find us when they are in need of nature and equine to help them when they are going through some kind of life trauma .

    The rise of these personal visits have become two-fold from the late effects of covid. So we have decided to take a pro- active approach to supporting everyone out there who may need a little, “Love and Rescue.”

    We understand your emotional well-being contributes to your overall health. At the launch of our new classes, you will find excellent support and compassionate care with our experienced specialists that have been chosen by our board of trustees.

    The goal of 13 hands equine rescue is to get you get back to feeling like you again, and even better than before.

    Our Calender beginning with the kick-off of a community Thanksgiving will then lead into a host of workshops, lectures, and educational programs for learners of all ages. It will also be the center for events for our rescue and provide an indoor option in case of inclement weather.

    Stay tuned for our upcoming events to get you through the holiday with the happiness and peace you deserve.

    We look forward to meeting all our new friends and invite you to learn, love and laugh again with the help of our team and our beautiful rescue animals.

  • Barbara Walters Can You Hear Me? Is Heaven For Real?

    Barbara Walters was closer to me than my own family or any of my friends. Our relationship deepened from the day we met, and for almost thirty years we spent hours together talking on our daily walks through Central Park.

    Barbara became my mentor and my closest friend, far beyond my original role as her exercise coach. We talked about so many subjects, from babies being born to the question of life after death – the question, “Is heaven for real?”

    I promised her that I would tell the true, inspiring story of “My Barbara”, so I am now writing a memoir of my time with her, to fulfill that promise. Barbara died last year after a long illness, at age 93.

    My memoir, to be titled “By Your Side: A Walk In The Park with Barbara Walters”, is the beautiful inner story known by only one person. A person in whom she confided for so many days and hours for nearly three decades. That person was me.

    Even today, as I walk in the park alone, I reflect on all the stories and lessons I learned from her, one of the world’s most legendary journalists, someone with enough courage and talent to blaze a path to the top for other women.

    One question she and I returned to again and again was: “Is heaven for real?” And, if we believe in this idea, how can we truly believe in it?

    Barbara was fascinated by the question. She even explored the idea during an interview with his holiness the Dali Lama. And while she created a beautiful TV special with the Tibetan spiritual leader, in truth, she didn’t budge in her beliefs about the whether heaven is real.

    In our frequent, private debates, I always answered YES and she answered, NO! So we agreed on a collaborative plan: ”Whoever first passed through the pearly gates would show a relevant sign by helping the other with their purpose-driven work.”

    Barbara admired and, I say humbly, loved the fact that I was her young mentee full of hope and belief. And she often told me to not let aging and disappointments stop me from being my best self, or from serving humanity. She openly showed her pride in me and in my work as a therapist in a child cancer ward. Once, she was interviewed by NY1 for a story about my integrative therapy work with child cancer patients at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

    “Christine Grimaldi is a saint. She is always the one there to help out others in need without asking for anything in return,” Barbara said in the TV news segment.

    “She works with these children who have cancer, giving them quality to their lives, making their limbs move, hugging them, talking to them, reading to them,” she said.

    “That’s so important. These children, many of them dying, she’s the one who’s there consoling them. She’s just an amazing person.”

    Now, we’re only weeks from Barbara’s first anniversary. In heaven — this, I believe. And the holiday season is near; a season when Barbara was always ready with her “gift closet”, stuffed with delightful presents for the kids in the cancer ward. The children could choose what they wanted.

    Barbara also used to ask me to deliver a different variety of gifts — gold-laced chocolates — to her celebrity friends. “I know what you’re thinking, Christine… in fact, I could feed the homeless in New York City for the holidays.“ And I would always answer her, “Correct.”

    And then she’d give me a handful of cash to feed the patients in the hospital, where I would spend the holidays.

    Afterward, when I joined her for our private holiday dinner at her Fifth Avenue residence, she’d ask me as soon as I walked through the door, “How did all the patients do?” I always replied, “Great, thanks to you and The Gift Room.”

    The whole event became an ongoing funny conversation for the two of us, each and every holiday. This is the kind of shared memory – between me and Barbara – that is at the heart of the memoir I’m writing about her. And I decided to bring Barbara’s tradition into the wider world, so I decided to create a small charity,

    As the years passed, she often confided in me, “I am worried about who is going to be your patron when I am gone, for all your good deeds.”

    I would answer, “ Well if heaven is for real, then you will lead them to me.” I added, “I just need a few of your rare books and that mummy in the hallway [upon which I always hung my hat, to get a sneer and a chuckle from her] to support my future purpose-driven endeavors.”

    Barbara’s true dedication was to help children find their way, to help animals in need and to foster women’s leadership.

    These days, as I recall those years with Barbara, I walk in a park upstate as the leaves change color, and I remember all our seasons together, all the changes we went through to serve people in need.

    I remember a conversation Barbara and I once had, as I brushed her hair one day. I told her, “I will leave you the legacy you truly deserve by writing a true memoir about your kindness that people do not see.”

    I went on to creat centers dedicated to her causes. I’ve even created gift rooms “in honor of Barbara Walters” to buy items, then donate money to people in need of services.

    The memoir I’m writing, titled By Your Side, is based on a promise I made years ago when she was hospitalized. As I cared for her, she talked to me about her fear of dying and her worries about how she would be remembered. Then she’d say, “I could care less about my name being on another hospital wing.”

    I told her my memoir would be “the one interview about you that the audience has yet to hear.” She laughed and replied, “ Well that would certainly be something great to read while I am in heaven, as you always told me I should believe in.”

    It’s been a rough year since Barbara passed away. And since my baby sister, Cat, also passed away unexpectedly from cancer at age 40, leaving behind four children. Though I had so much professional experience of the mortal impact of cancer, I still found myself thinking, “How could this happen?”

    Amid my losses, of my sister and my mentor, I have been looking for a new patron to take on her role with me and support me in my projects of love and devotion, for which I’m using every resource I have.

    I’m working hard to sustain Autisticana, an online media site inspired by Barbara’s love for her sister, Jackie, who was born with an intellectual disability, and who always wanted to be seen as a whole person in an often-uncaring society.

    And I’m working to create a new program, “Project Younicorn”, also to help out mental illness in our youth, and to promote empowerment programs using equine, nature and purpose driven work. It’s to be based at 13 Hands Equine Rescue, in upstate Clinton Corners. This project is dedicated to Barbara, and to my sister Cat.

    One day recently, I began to feel Barbara’s presence by my side – she always wanted me to keep track of current events. I decided to read the news. And I learned that Barbara’s estate would soon go up for auction. Her art, jewelry and other possessions.

    I began to have an insight – now is the time for a sign that heaven is real. The words came to me. “Can you show me, Barbara Walters? I need to ask you for that sign now to keep my great work going.”

    So, today is the day I ask Barbara, “ Is heaven for real and can this auction help out my charity in your name?

    “I know you are proud of me and have seen the struggle over the past couple of years. I also know you have seen my continual open heart and commitment to helping animals and humans.

    “So I ask you now in heaven, Miss Barbara, Can you help me through this auction with ‘My gift room project’, to help our youth today launch into a better life?” So many children are suffering from the devastation of grief, loss and this ever changing uncertain world.

    “Please hear me, Barbara, and show me that heaven is indeed for real, and that you are watching over me as always promised.

    “Please hold my baby sister Cat for me, as I know she will be in your good hands as I was always in yours. I know the reality and the truth of where you want your inheritance and gifts to go.

    “I’m shouting it out loud and clear to you my dear friend Barbara , and to you Jacqueline Dena Guber to hear my wishes as Barbara always did.”

    With love and blessings, in faith and godspeed, you will now show me.

    Dr. Christine Grimaldi

  • An Op Ed for The New York Times

    Barbara Walters was closer to me than my own family and my friends. We spent almost thirty years together walking and talking as we hiked through Central Park almost on a daily basis.

    We discussed everything for almost three decades. Our conversations included everything from babies being born to “Is heaven for real”, when you die?

    Today’s article is devoted to as I like to call her “ My Barbara”, as I promised her that I would tell her true inspiring story which is being released by her one year anniversary in heaven, December 30 th 2024.

    By Your Side, A Walk In The Park with Barbara Walters is the beautiful inner story that only the person would know who walked in the park with her almost daily for thirty years. That person was me.

    As I walk in the park today by myself, I reflect back on all the stories and lessons I learned from the world’s most legendary journalist.

    The one story that was reiterated over and over again by the two of us was the question, “ Is heaven for real”, and how do we really believe in this theory.

    Barbara was eager to do a special with his holiness the Dali Lama to explore this theory.

    It was a beautiful TV special , but the truth is it did not budge her belief in heaven at all.

    We always debated back and forth as I was always the YES in her NO!

    So here was our collaborative theory,” Who was ever to pass the pearly gates first would show a sign of relevance by helping the other one left behind with their purpose driven work. “

    Barbara admired and humbly speaking , loved the fact that I was her young mentee full of hope and belief. As she always said to me, “ Do not let aging and disappointments stop you from being your best self and stop you from serving humanity.”

    As Barbara stated in her news piece about me and my work , “ Christine Grimaldi is a saint. She is always the one there to help out others in need without asking for anything in return.”

    We are approaching the holiday season and Barbara always had what she called, “ Her gift closet” items ready for me to bring to the hospital for all the kids suffering from the devastating effects of cancer. It was always a beautiful box of gifts they could choose from.

    It became an ongoing funny conversation for the two of us each and every holiday. As you read her memoir you will see her inner story like the one I am telling you today.

    Barbara had so many gifts always ready for me to give to children in need. This continuous gift giving lasted three decades.

    To the point where I took the name the in honor of Barbara Walters.

    Barbara always said, “I know what your thinking Christine , I am having you deliver gold laced chocolates to all my celebrity friends , when in fact I could feed the homeless in New York City for the holidays.”

    I would always respond , CORRECT, and then she would proceed to give me a handful of cash to go buy delicious food to feed the patients in the hospital. I would then spend the holidays with these families which lasted for over two decades. These purposeful days would be followed typically by holiday dinner at Barbara’s private residence on fifth ave. As I walked through the door, I would receive her warm greeting by hearing her say ,”How did all the patients do today?”

    My response was always the same , “Great owed to you and The Gift Room.”

    She always said , “I am worried who is going to be your patron when I am gone to support you and your good deeds.”

    My reply, “Well if heaven is for real then you will lead them to me.”

    Barbara’s true dedication was helping children find their way, animals in need, and woman’s leadership programs, as well as journalists as the world already expected.

    Barbara was my mentor, my closest friend as I actually started out over thirty years ago being her exercise coach.

    Well for almost a decade now I have opened centers dedicated to her causes. I even had gift rooms with the sign , “In honor of Barbara Walters .” to purchase items in our gift room to donate the proceeds to people in need of services.

    So here I am today , walking in the park upstate looking at the leaves change as I am remembering all our seasons together, and all the changes we went through over the years with one goal, to serve humanity.

    My purpose for writing her memoir, “By Your Side”, was because of a promise I made to her years ago when she was hospitalized. As I cared for her, she expressed to me about her fear of dying and what she would be remembered for.

    Followed by her saying “ I could care less about my name being on another hospital wing. I proceeded to say I am going to write the best memoir that will be, the one story about you that the audience has yet to hear. “

    She laughed and replied , “ Well that would certainly be something great to read while I am in heaven as you always told me to believe in.”

    Its been a rough year since Barbara passed away, as my baby sister Cat 40 , passed away unexpectedly to cancer this April. How could this happen ? As I always dedicated my life with your help Barbara to the oncology field.

    My baby sister Cat, also left four children behind in this uncertain world of depression and youth suicide.

    As I was walking today, I felt her presence by my side, telling me to catch up on current events. That was always her beef with me.

    So I sat at a bench and I reviewed the papers for a half hour.

    Then a sign hit me as you will see below.

    This was a sure sign to now answer the question , “ Is Heaven for real and can you show me Barbara Walters ? I need to ask you for that sign now to keep my great work going. I would always respond to her , after she asked who would patron my work after she was gone, I would say to het , “ All I need is a few of your rare books , or even that mummy I used to hang my hat on to make you chuckle.? As I am presently chuckling thinking of that mummy as I write this now.

    I have worked so diligently hard to help out an autistic news team in your sister Jackie’s name. As you always wanted your sister to be heard as a whole person in the tough society.

    I have been working diligently to start a new program at 13 hands equine rescue called , ‘Project Younicorn’ in your name and my baby sisters. Our mission at 13 hands rescue in clinton corners is to develop this beautiful program for our youth at risk ,( which presently is all of them !) using rescue animals ( as Barbara was the head of the animal medical center in New York City. ) and her daughter Jackie and I always said ,” Our animals raised us !’

    These rescue grounds full of as I say ,” Love and Rescue “ is a magical healing center that heals abused and unwanted animals and then we heal humans at risk with these animals.

    It is a win win.

    Since Barbara died, I have been looking for a new patron to take on her role with me and support me in doing these unbelievable projects of love and devotion using every cent and resource I have.

    As I brushed Barbaras hair in the hospital when she was sick ,I told her,” I will leave you the legacy you truly deserve by writing a true memoir about your kindness that people do not see.”

    Today is the day Barbara , “ Is heaven for real and can this auction help my charity in your name .

    I know you are proud of me and have seen the struggle over the past couple of years. I also know you have seen my continual open heart and commitment to helping animals and humans.

    So I ask you now in heaven miss Barbara , “ Can you help me through this auction with ‘My gift room project’, to help our youth today launch into a better life?

    They are all suffering from the tragedies of the pandemic as well from the devastation of grief, loss and this ever changing uncertain world.

    “ Please hear me Barbara and show me that heaven is indeed for real and that you are watching over me as always promised. “

    Please hold my baby sister Cat for me , as I know she will be in your good hands as I was always in yours. “

    I know the reality and the truth of where you want you inheritance and gifts to go.

    I m shouting it out loud and clear to you my dear friend Barbara , and to you Jacqueline Dena Guber to hear my wishes as Barbara always did !

    With love and blessings.

    Dr. Christine Grimaldi


    In faith and godspeed you will now show me. !

  • We decided last minute to go to a new kind of circus that was being held in Lake Grove.

    I have not had a night out since my baby sister passed away, and thought it would be a great idea to invite my news team out with me to write a special entertainment report on something I new would be enjoyable to all.

    I called Circus Italia immediately and told them we wanted to get in to do a news piece by autisticana and they immediately set us up !

    It was more than fabulous and here is our review !

    Circus Italia is not your typical circus. Touting itself as the ‘water circus’, this one-of-a-kind touring show blends classical circus acts with the element of water, elevating the traditional circus experience to a new and thrilling level.

    Featuring a custom-designed water stage that holds 35,000 gallons of water, Circus Italia combines the dynamic excitement of top-level acrobatic and aerial feats with the mesmerising beauty of a daring water show. The performance involves the stage transforming into a dazzling water fountain while artists perform their breathtaking routines.

    What sets Circus Italia apart, even more, is its ethos. Despite bearing the word ‘circus’ in its name, the show has taken a conscientious decision against involving animals in its acts. By adhering to this principle, Circus Italia is an example of forward-thinking entertainment that respects animal rights.

    The artists of Circus Italia come from all around the world and are masters of their craft. From elegant aerial acts to daring balancing feats and juggling, the performers merge strength, talent, precision, and risk with grace and style, resulting in a spectacle that captivates all senses.

    The immersive experience is accentuated with light and sound design, highlighting the rhythm and flow of every performance, and amplifying the atmosphere. It’s like stepping into an alternate universe where the impossible seems possible.

    Circus Italia isn’t just about the acrobatics or the water spectacle. It’s also about evoking emotions, witness the courage, and exhilaration of human capabilities. It’s a modern and evolved interpretation of the circus, one that appeals to both the thrill-seeker and the art lover. A night at Circus Italia promises an unforgettable experience of boundless creativity and awe-inspiring performances. A spectacle that truly pushes the boundaries of what you might expect from a circus.

    It was exciting to me as their coach , because I taught aerial yoga ,and also to these kids. When I was young I was a trainer for Cirque de ole. So this brought back great memories for me.

    We at autisticana gave this show 5 out of 5 stars !

    A great night at with my News Makers.
    I wish I could fly like the good ole days !
  • A dedication in honor of Vincent Pepe

    One of our news-makers was honored for filing a petition to bring back the previously discontinued SpongeBob mac & cheese.

    We asked Vincent why he started this petition. His response was because he thought the taste of Spongebob mac & cheese tasted the best out of all of the different kinds.

    We asked him if it was because he liked the Spongebob visual, and if he thought that was the reason for the enhanced taste. He said it could be, but he literally thought the taste was the reason.

    We asked him how he got so many people to sign the petition. He responded saying it was consistency each and every day.

    He told us he texted, called, and used social media to get the job done- becoming one of the most popular petitions to bring back the Kraft product.

    His hard work paid off and his petition titled, “Bring back Spongebob Mac & Cheese shapes” ( was written up in different media platforms, including ‘Today.’

    Due to his hard work, Kraft has begun the production of the original Spongebob mac & cheese and we are all happily awaiting our box so we can have a celebration in honor of Vince.

    Vincent told us it took four months from start of the petition to finish, with over 1000 signatures.

    The lesson is that if you channel your passion and advocate for change, then maybe it just maybe happen.

    Congratulations Vincent for a job well done !!!

    Form the tribe @ autisticana

    Below is the original picture.

    We are proud of our team member and the lesson is loud and clear.

    If your preservers for you advocacy then change can happen !

    Vincent, “ A person of action “

    Vincent began working on his next petition! He is spreading the word about bringing back the classic Wizard101 game!

    sign here:

  • Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

    In 2007, several years before beginning its new renaissance of renowned films like Frozen & Zootopia, Walt Disney Animated Studios released Meet The Robinsons, an animated film based on the classic children’s book A Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce. It follows orphan and aspiring inventor Lewis who is struggling to be adopted as he is recruited by orphan Wilbur to go into the future to save it from an evil “Bowler Hat Guy” and his evil hat Dor-15.

    During the movie, Lewis learns the value of mistakes, something I didn’t pick up on since I was very little when I saw the movie. At first, he feels his mistakes are what is causing him to remain an orphan, as shown when his peanut butter jelly making machine results in a potential adoptee’s allergic reaction and his memory scanner’s malfunction ruining his school’s science fair. It is also Lewis’s mistakes of staying late to work on said memory scanner that resulted in Bowler Hat Guy’s, (who unbeknownst to him is his roommate Goob) reason for losing a baseball game and trying to ruin the future.

    Lewis also learns the value of family. When sent to the future, he gets to meet the Robinsons and bond with them, especially Franny and her frogs, Uncle Bud, and robot butler Carl. They are the ones that teach him the importance of “Keep Moving Forward”, something said by inventor and Robinson family patriarch Cornelius (and Walt Disney). Later Lewis learns that he is in fact Cornelius and thus Wilbur’s son and after defeating Dor-15, his own invention that turned against Goob, he refuses to meet his birth mother and fix his own mistakes at the science fair, during which he is adopted by science fair judge Lucille and Bud, and meets a young Franny.

    This movie is important as I saw how when people such as inventors make mistakes, they should not dwell on them and have their futures ruined, but keep moving forward and look to the future. Without failure, there can be no true success. Also, when adopted children are taken into new families, they can realize that said families may not be biological, but love and treat them with respect and dignity.

  • The whole Autisticana crew went on excursion to Fire Island. Originally we planned on going to Ocean Beach but missed the ferry so we went to Kismet. Some of us almost missed the boat because we got on the wrong ferry terminal boat but the correct time. The crew on the ferry was nice enough to save us time but made in time to catch the ferry to Fire Island. We landed at Kismet, Fire Island. The whole group took a wagon and went for a walk to Kismet Beach. When we got to the beach, some of us went to the water and others relaxed to enjoyed the view. Afterwards, we went for a walk around Kismet and walked through the town and the most interesting houses on the island. We saw signs and souvenirs as items for decoration. I saw some wagons and bicycles in the front yard since cars weren’t allow to go through Fire Island. Afterwards we went for dinner at a deli and we had ice cream, chicken tenders with fries, and a large pretzel. Finally we went saw the most interesting sunset and took the Ferry back to Bay Shore.


    On my end I started off with riding on a wagon halfway before having all of the bags on the wagon. I went to the beach and had a blast by getting hit by the giant waves while I tried to avoid getting hit by the riptides. At one point I almost touched a jellyfish with a minor sting, during which I was hypnotized because it was a close call. While I went for a walk with the group, I found out that every wagon and bikes with baskets had a license plate so they know the name of the vehicle. It would be cool if they can customize the plate or get an old license plate for an souvenir so they can put on a vehicle. There’s also a wagon depot by the dock which every wagon should have a license plate to know the color and customize their plates from New York, Florida or whatever customized plate for an ocean-theme related name.


    I loved walking around the beach and standing by the waves while feeling the sand being pulled in by the water. We also got to sit on our towels and talk about how interesting Kismet Beach was. At first I was nervous by the ferry because I kept thinking my stuff was going to fall off the boat but I got through it both to the island and back. I also enjoyed seeing an interesting fence rumored to belong to a “psycho killer” and eating at the deli with each other. I enjoyed a delicious dinner of fries and sparkling lemonade mixed with blackberry seltzer and seeing a beautiful sunset on the way back to Bay Shore.