By Nicole Magee

Holidays bring a lot of joy, but they can also bring a lot of stress.

I have created Nicole’s Creative Visualizations to help you take time out of your stressful days.

There are many benefits of visualizations. It can be a part of daily meditations to help you and give you the opportunnity to relax. Visualizations are meant to help you imagine, build, and focus on mental scenes in your mind. If you make these scenes positive and happy, it can help you manifest and achieve goals you set. Happy visualizations can change your mental attitude for the better, and this can help attract positive events in your life.

Happy Holidays from Carolina - The University of North Carolina at Chapel  Hill. The image features a blue and white graphic of buildings covered in snow. These buildings are surrounded by snow covered land and trees. In the foreground, you can see a snowman with a scarf and hat.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

I have developed a holiday visualization for all of you to enjoy.

Find a comfortable quiet place to either sit or lie down. Then, imagine the warmth of the fire place as you breathe in and out. Imagine enjoying the taste of eggnog that you made with your family as you breathe in and out. You feel grateful as you hear the sound of your family laughing and telling fun jokes. As you breathe, you touch hands with everyone to pray for this wonderful meal your going to begin to enjoy. The taste of goose and sugar plums makes my mouth water, as I breathe. I smell Daddy’s favorite pasta recipe that we are so happy to enjoy! We end our meal with my favourite chocolate mouse pie. We all lay down to listen to the sounds of our favourite christmas music. Do you have a favorite christmas song you can imagine?

Take a deep breathe in and out knowing you can create your own visualization whenever you like.

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