God told me we all matter despite our looks, abilities, and disabilities.

Every so often in my life, I believe that God gives me signs that I am meant to be where I am meant to be. The book Wonder by R.J. Palicio is a book about this kid named August who has a deformed face, and it shows the hardships and judgement a person receives based on what they look like. Now there was something in this book that made me really think about the Principal in the story, and how kind he was to the main character August, no matter his physical deformity.

Then a few days later after I thought about this, Christine Grimaldi, our mentor, who founded Autisticana, and who runs the Autistic group that I am a part of now, has her brother Mike, a Principal of an elementary school, who “looks great, but there is so much more inside of him to teach the world, ” as Christine expressed, came to visit our group for the first time.

Then he came to visit our group, whom will also probably become more involved with us. He has a-lot of gifts to share with us.

The amazing fact is that Mike Grimaldi is a true educator and principal, but when you first see him you see his good looks. There is so much more him than his looks. The way we met him, a principal who makes you think of physical appearance when you look at him, just so recently after I thought about the kindness of the principal in the book Wonder, makes me feel like this was a sign from God telling me something.

That sign is do not judge a book by it’s cover. Kindness comes in many forms, it is so much more than the physical. We are so appreciative to have another educator mentor all of us.

Now I think the theme of the book Wonder is kindness can be portrayed by anyone if they choose it. It doesn’t matter on what someone looks like, it comes from the heart. I don’t show favoritism to more good looking people and I don’t overlook people that are what most people call “ugly”. I see everyone as equally beautiful in their own way, and I don’t see anybody as better looking then anybody else. I see everyone as someone who needs to be accepted. I see everyone as important. I see everyone as a valuable jewel who needs unconditional love.

“Our Mentors”
“ You can’t blend in , when you were born to stand out”

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