Food and Supply Shortage

During the Holidays, the World was facing bigger challenges like running low on supplies, chip shortage, and other products for the merchants. People in low income communities and other who have trouble with fire financial or refused to leave the house because of the pandemic, local food pantry’s are planning to donate food for people in need. When the Global Pandemic destructed last year, people started asking for food drives because they don’t have food to but down for the table.The Pantry Workers got themselves busy and sell as much products to be delivered. This year we’ve seen a bigger issue with Food Supply Shortage because of the Shipping Crisis and food at markets surge the price up like 50 cents to $5.00 more than last year’s retail price sales. Some Stores are doubling up the prices because of cargo ship shortage and lack of manufactures, truck drivers and crew members helping out. The longer these cargo ships stay in the middle of the ocean while the traffic jams near the docks, Business Companies will not have a choice but to raise the price up or double the amount due to longer waits. In the meantime, Schools, Day Programs, and Local Charity Events hosted these events every year for the people who usually can’t afford to get food on their tables. because they don’t have enough to provide their families. This year, the Food Pantry is looking forward to work twice or triple the amount of time because of the food supply shortage overseas and that costs shipping companies to stay I’m the ocean and wait longer due to staff shortage which is a major problem with consumers in general.

Assembly line of Trucks at the Docks

During these troubling times, Essential Workers decide to put themselves on the line and help them get food into the donation pile but the problem with the supermarkets, there not going to have enough in stock which it means the food brand id going to raise the price up then more damaging to the consumers. The people in general are having problems besides food shipping delays like Gas price gone up fast, chip shortage to make brand new cars and the latest technology or manufacture has not been in made because of the Pandemic which means products are going to be more expensive then the last 2 years price. For the remainder of the 2021/2022 season possibly util 2023/2024, products will be in shortage of stock which is the first time that shipping or item shortage in 25 to 40 years. During the year of 2022, everything has gone far up with merchandise shortage and gasoline has risen the price a lot more than lasts year average for price difference. Now the Country is making all Essential Workers to get Vaccines because they wanted to them to be eligible to work for the company and have prove to go cross country and go overseas.

The Real reason of Supply Shortage other than the Pandemic

Russia and Ukraine War Conflicts with the Gas Stations going up, it used to be $3.00 to $3.50 now it risen to $4.50 to $7.00. Every product is going to cost more money which means some people won’t have enough savings for themselves and it would hurt the economy for another crash by society. Every warehouse in the factories could have some issues with shipping which it could cost more for shipping fees. The uncertainty of major breakdown with major damage sending supplies overseas and possibly face WWIII which means tempers could flare if matters are more likely going to get worse with other countries destroying their lives.

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