Akilah’s Fit Chips

This week we will be discussing fit chips 5 and 6 on the Body Mantra chip series

There are many benefits of warrior one. This includes:

  • Increased flexibility in the hips and shoulders with enhanced stability
  • Toned abdominal muscles
  • Ability to face life with an open heart
  • Increased strength in legs and back
  • Increased strength in ankles
  • Relieved back pain

Warrior one symbolizes strength and how to be strong and persevere each and every day so that when things get really tough in life you have practiced those tools to get through those times.

Warrior two:

  • Enhances strength with your hips, groin, and shoulders
  • Opens your chest and lungs
  • Energizes tired limbs
  • Stimulates abdominal organs
  • Develops balance and stability
  • Improves circulation and respiration

Warrior two is a pose that enhances stability and concentration. As a strong pose, warrior two teaches about the dynamics of bringing wisdom into the actions of our everyday lives.

Question for Fit Chip 5

when you turn over the chip , you will see the question

Fit Chip 5

We asked Akilah

“What is a time in your life where you felt very strong during a difficult situation?

Akilah’s Response

” Graduating high school”

Fit Chip 6

Explain why you felt strong during that time?

Akilah’s response

” Because I had to pass my exams by going to night school, and I felt empowered because I completed that task.

Note to Self:

“I know I can accomplish a lot if I put my mind to it.”


When I was practicing Warrior 1 and 2 today on the Fit-Kidz yoga mat, we spoke about

how everything is possible when you put your heart and soul into it.

The question is

How do you put your mind to it, when you are not really interested in the task?

Dr.Grimaldi’s Take Away

Task attainability is one of the key factors in self-worth and empowerment.

Especially in the Autism Spectrum world. These wonderful people thrive with task accomplishment.

Using repetition and clear instructions on how to get the goal accomplished is very concise and detailed oriented. This proven method, typically ends up with a lot of success.

It is even harder to get the task accomplished when you are not interested at all.

This is when self-discipline comes into play along with accountability.

We at Autisticana and the News Makers have developed tools and strategies

to help clear and focus the mind with a bit of Navy Seal training..

Stay tuned for all will be taught…” How to engage the uninterested”

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