The New York Mets greatest giveaway for this No-Hitter Performance with 5 Different Pitchers in History

The New York Mets worked so hard to get themselves another no-hitter for the first time in a decade. Last time was Johan Santana but this time was a combination of 1 pitcher and 4 reliever pitchers which I was not aware that was going to happen. I started believing that the Mets could possibly get no hitter after when Alonso got a Solo Home run in the 6th inning. It was great teamwork from Tylor Megill who opened up the pitch and played for 5 innings, Drew Smith, Joely Rodriguez, Seth Lugo and the closing pitcher Edwin Díaz who had 3 perfect strikeouts. It was a night to remember and fans at Citi Field as well.

One thing I learned from no-hitter performance was always focused on you and maintain your performance so you can get better at the mistakes from your past. It was an incredible experience to see the Mets get to have another chance to make a historic night with the team playing and celebrating it together.

Tylor Megill gets an interview on Mets’ no-no hitter by the thanks from his 4 Relieve pitchers
Jeff McNeil’s Giveaway to helped the Mets get the Lead
Pete Alonso’s Giveaway Moment to get the Home-run for this unforgettable night.
Brandon Nimmo’s incredible catch for a fly out

There was lots great achievements from this Mets Team like when it started with a moment when Megill started pitching for the Mets’ which only lasted for 5 innings because he knew that the team wanna keep their hopes to get another no-hitter. Brandon Nimmo had a great save for a fly out in the 3rd inning. Jeff McNeil swing into center left field to helped the Mets opened 2 runs while he got himself a Single in the 5th inning. Everyone give him a big smile to his fans especially Lindor in the dugout. Pete Alonso got a monster Solo Home run to give a Mets 3-0 lead against the Phillies during the 6th inning. During the 8th inning before Alonso got a fly ball out, Lindor passed to McNeil and Alonso to give the Double play which shows great team effort and power pass to keep the Mets’ no-hitter alive. When Edwin Díaz pitched for the closing moments, he got 3 perfect strikeouts and hyped up everyone at Citi Field and Mets Fans who witnessed History from their own TV. The team has walked 6 batters and struck out 12 batters to make another Franchise History. Some of players got splashed by Gatorade after the celebration so they can bring out the good vibes.

Coach Buck Showalter’s giveaway with this tremendous performance by telling his teammates to work hard and physically focused on what matters the most to continue this terrific season. The lineup changes had cause a minor delay which cost time but however Díaz was able to get breathing moments to stayed focused and helped the Mets achieve another no-hitter. He said that it was a great night to remember and it show this team can do anything to score runs and win games. On the other hand he still get annoyed the the Mets Players keep getting by the pitchers when there team batted to swing the ball. The Mets has expressed their feelings out about bad luck or fouls that Major League Baseball don’t think about saying it is a big deal because that is very absurd.

The New York Mets giveaway was that teamwork is the most important part of the game which it shows great characteristics from the players and the crew who helped the Mets live the moment. When this team created History, it also shows that they broke the record for the most pitch by the combined pitchers to team up while finished the game with 159 pitches which was incredible. If the New York Mets continue to use the great Performance of what there doing now, the team can have a greater of going to 1st place in the National League East Division and hopefully goes to the playoffs.

Edwin Díaz was poured by Gatorade from Pete Alonso

The Whole team at the Clubhouse to talk about the No-Hitter

New York Mets Highlights

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