Nicole’s Creative Visualization

by Niciole Magee

Strength in numbers, Mabel n Moons magic carpet ride

I wanted to create a visualization about being a team, and how if we work together we can make the world a better place!

So let’s begin:

choose a quiet and comfortable place to lie down and relax. Close your eyes and imagine you are at the beach with your friends. Your goal is to work with your friends to clean up the beach and make it beautiful. So as a team we can create a beautiful space for all of us to enjoy.

So here we go.

Take a deep breath in and exhale as we begin our journey to keep the beach clean.

Take another deep breath in as you exhale feel the energy you are beginning to create.

Then take another deep breath in as you begin to gather all your friends up to inspire them to start

cleaning all the trash up.

We have learned as a team that litterring not only makes a mess for others, but it is environmentally hazardous for the animals and their habitats on the beach.

We all take another deep breath in as a team and perform the tree position in yoga to create balance and strength before we begin. A group ritual to keep us all happy and strong.

Can you hold tree position with us?

Let’s get into position and see if we can hold the position for three breaths on the right side, then three breaths on the left side. ( Please look at tree position above and see if you can mirror the position.)

As we hold the position as a team , we realize how we can work more efficient and stronger as a group of like minded friends than we can alone.

After you have completed tree position, take another deep breath in and exhale feeling joy in your mind, as we begin to pick up any garbage on the beach.

As we are working, we breathe in and out feeling the sea water on our toes, and smelling the fresh ocean breeze.

We breathe in and out as we look down and see Santana the starfish ( from the adventures of Mabel and Moon’s carpet ride.)

He is smiling and very grateful to now have a beautiful environment that we provided for him and his starfish family.

We breathe in and out feeling the positive change we are creating for the beach and all of it’s habitats and visitor’s.

As we look up, we see Lucy Love, so full of joy, saying to us,” Thank you all for helping us. I have cherry icepops for all of you to enjoy.

As we breathe in and out, we taste the sweet sensation of the delicious icepops , as the pops melt inn our mouths.

We breathe in and out as we thank Lucy Love for her special treats.

We realize that no good deed goes undone,

and how we are stronger as a team than we are alone to accomplish positive goals in our life.

We take one more deep breath in and out , realizing that we can come back to this visualization any time we want to feel good about friendship and community work, to inspire ourselves and others.

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