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Charlie’s Change

Author Gina Kanturek

Charlie was waiting for the big change

He was told it was wonderful and strange

Butterfly, Butterfly is what his family would shout

He knew if he was an ugly moth he would be kicked out

One day he opened his eyes

He was in for a big surprise


The days went by

He would just cry

As he flew through the air

He felt himself being less than the others

He was in despair

One day he heard a cry

One by one the butterflies passed by

All the butterflies were too busy preening

To pay attention to the poor creature screaming

But Charlie saw someone in distress

He vowed to do his very best

He saved a little aunt whose name was Art

Now he knows that beauty is what MATTERS in your heart

‘Moths can be just as beautiful as butterflies’
The truth is what matters in your heart
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When we were doing butterfly pose on the FIT KIDZ MAT

We were talking about how real beauty comes from within and that is what really matters.

As we age, our looks fade, so it is important to develop the beauty within all of us.

Dr. Christine has showed us that true beauty comes from within and that our innate gifts and how we can share them with the world, is the essence of being beautiful.

The greatest thing about being part of the News Makers is that we all support each other. True friendship has developed in our team, without any external daily pressures.


The Truth is what is on the inside, not what we perceive we look like

Dr. Grimaldi’s Take Away

In all people, regardless of being typical or atypical we all feel some kind of doubt, whether it be our looks

or our other characteristics, we are all too hard on ourselves.

If we can find our true passion and what makes us light up, then we will be able to find

our true beauty within.

We all suffer, but I think these so special kids of mine have always felt put out.

I am so proud of everyone as a team and so proud that they have all shared their talents

with the world.

I am so proud to call them my team, family, and friends, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity

to be their coach.

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