Our Newsletter, The Monthly Dose

By Dr. Christine Grimaldi

I am so proud to announce our monthly news letter, The Monthly Dose.

This is a neurodivergent news media production company that is going to sweep the nation!

For over 25 years, Barbara Walters was my mentor. We walked the Literary Walk in Central Park everyday. She would tell me about her sister, Jaqueline, who was autistic. She fought her whole life to be her sister’s voice, and to help her have a life of independence, including building life long friendships and finding a vocation she enjoys..

Barbara’s book Audition was really meant to be called Sister, bukt they decided to do a twist on it. The twist was that the name Audition really meant that Barbara was always using her voice to launch her sister into a world of happiness that she deserved.

As Barbara, I am also using my voice to fight for my baby sister’s life with terminal gastric cancer.

The only way I can truly serve all of our passions and desires is to put my focus into launching my team, Autisticana, and all young adults into a happy and healthy life that they deserve.

The mental health of our youth has declined exponentially. I am on the mission to heal these kids and adults through narrative medicine, creative writing, healthy living, and positive psychology. As I tell all of them, “your struggle is your story to help yourself and mentor others.”

Barbara always said to me she was tired of having people donate her money to causes she was uninterested in. Her interests really lied in helping her sister succeed as well opening the doors for all women and adults in difficult situations.

One day when we were walking through Central Park, she said to me, ” I do not have a legacy that I really resonate with. Most of my philanthropy donations are given out without my voice being heard”.

I chuckled at the time and said, ” Do not worry, I know you better than most everyone, and will leave you the legacy you truly desire.”

She laughed, and replied, “And how are you going to do that?”

I said, ” I do not know yet, but the universe will provide.” She laughed at me and replied, ” You and the universe!”

I replied, ” You poo poo me all you want, but I learned from the best, meaning you, and it will all fall into place.”

She said, “Ok, from your lips to the moons and stars, let it happen… Now let’s walk through the park and get me to work.”

We had these Central Park walks for 25 years.

I am so grateful, that now, I am fulfilling the legacy she always wanted to see. Here you go my dear friend Barbara: it is all happening the way it was meant to be.

My Memoir, By Your Side: A Walk in the Park with Barbara Walters, 25 years of living, laughing, and learning will be released January 2023.

A photo of the cover of my book By Your Side: A Walk in the Park with Barbara Walters

Thank you to my brilliant mentor, Barbara Walters, and my tribe at Autisticana, for it is time to launch you amazing adults into a news media company that will lead you to the future that you all passionately deserve.

“Our mission is to help kids from all walks of life launch into a brighter future that they harness and desire”

The Stand Tall Foundation/501c3, in honor of the strongest warrior I know, my baby sister Cat

With Love – Your Friend and Mentor,

Christine Grimaldi

Edited By Ava_Nicole23