Eat Your Greens & Do Your Research

by Dr. Christine Grimaldi

Autistic people tend to have more medical issues, including a lot of GI problems.

These problems tend to cause abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea more frequently than their peers.

At the same time, many autistic people eat only a few foods (selective eating) due to sensory or cognitive differences. This means that autistic people may focus on eating foods that are consistent in taste and texture, such as things like crackers, cereal, and other processed foods. As a result, they eat less fruits and vegetables because they are not always consistent in those attributes.

This can have major consequences on the gut and other aspects of the digestive system of autistic individuals. Further, the mind-gut connection may bring even more implications into the situation.

You will have the opportunity to read more about this topic in my two upcoming collaborative books.

The first book is Eat Your Greens & Do Your Research which may be personal to me.

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The second book of my series Integrative Strategies for Cancer Patients.

We at Autisticana look forward to you reading ball of our wonderful books.

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Dr. Christine Grimaldi

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