Working Out with James at “NexCycle”

Autisticana has been fortunate enough to incorporate famous James, owner of NexCycle. We get to go every Wednesday’s to have a great workout with him. We ride the bikes for 15 minutes, standing and sitting as we sweat it out. As our Coach Christine always says, Sing, Sweat and Serve and we will always be happy. So we maintain our rituals as upcoming newsmakers We also get to request some of our songs as we get to play the game called music trivia which is a lot of fun.

James uses the medicine ball to pass it to each other, after our ride. Sometimes we do yoga, and we do workout stations like sit ups and curls with the dumbbells. We learn different tasks every time when we start the day for his classes. Hopefully we will keep going weekly and our great team will begin to expand. As Christine always says, we are stronger as a team than we are alone. This program will bring us more opportunities for new workouts, as we get stronger for our soon to be, famous news media company.

James has worked for NexCycle for 7 years, which he first opened in a small studio in St.James. He then moved to another studio because it was bigger and wider for his class, as he exponentially expanded.This made it easier for him to move around the gym with different workout stations.

He has been having more people join his studio since he got the bigger current studio. We are so glad that his classes are packed again after the pandemic, which put so many classes on hold with virtual classes.It is so nice for all of us to be together back in person and working out hard.

As the months have gone by, James decided that it was time to have full capacity in person classes again, which brings us all a vibrant group of collective energy. Others can still do virtual classes if they are not conformable in person.

“We thank you James, as these classes have been priceless to our coach Christine and all of us.

A lot of autistic people never learn to ride bikes, so this has been a great experience for us, to be a part of a culture that is normal to most.

James Remien, is voted our conscious Newsmaker of the month!

Nexcycle is located at 430 North Country Rd in St. James.

If you want to learn from the best, than this is the place to go!

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