13 Hands Equine Rescue

“ God gave us two hands, one to help ourselves and one to help others. “

13 Hands Equine Rescue and The News Makers have one thing in common. Compassion for all beings and purpose driven work . They spend countless hours trying to take care of every kind of rescue animal, even zebras. The monthly cost of this beautiful rescue is well over 100,000 a month. The compassion speaks for itself, as you witness the animals handled with such love; as some of these animals come off the trucks very distressed.

As we say at our our news media team, “ It takes a village to make dreams come true. “ I have been witnessing this first hand from all the purposeful groups I have designed. I am so proud of our News Media Team@autisticana for they have worked so hard with our motto and teachings that they have learned to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

We have now found a beautiful rescue on our respite experiential weekends to share our kindness and productivity with.

13 hands equine rescue is truly devoted to the love of people and animals. As one of the biggest advocates for animals, I have witnessed the years of healing through helping animals.

Animals have a magical way of healing anxiety and stressors of life just by showing you how to stay present. The energetic healing that surrounds them is something that words can not express. The beauty of it all is that you need to stay calm and quiet to be received by all animals.

Thus creating a sense of calm and peace for all involved. We call that, “ Dancing with Horses”. As a positive psychology coach , there is no better way for this feeling of magic to appear. You get to move, sweat and serve all for a purpose greater than yourself, and that is the key to sustainable happiness.

The neuro-divergent crowd loves, and relates to super heroes. They, themselves feel like superheroes because they have worked hard to overcome obstacles that life has presented.

These animals, as well are superheroes in their eyes, because they too, have experienced the same feeling. So putting the two groups together are wonderful to watch. There is a-lot of evidence based science (So many clinical abstracts, and so many others to prove this theory.) You do not need to read clinical papers, you just need to see the joy on everyone’s faces.

This weekend we took a couple of our girls to experience the happiness and hard work of the farm. They jumped right in ! They learned how to muck the horse arenas as well as feed the animals. They got to take loads of pictures and feel the love and compassion that encompasses this wonderful foundation.

Danielle and Joanna got to learn from the dentists how much work and dedication go into taking care of all the horses teeth. It’s a lot of mouthfuls !!!

We will be doing a lot more posts on all the education and lessons we will be learning, as we work with 13 hands equine rescue.

I have posted their link so you can all see the love ,

and please donate if you can!

Thank you 13 Hands Equine Rescue for allowing us to be part of your journey.

“ As it’s not how many breathes we take but the moments that take our breathe away “

This picture is the perfect example.

From hard work, to snuggling kittens, to watching the beauty beyond the mommy and baby animals, 13 Hands Equine Rescue encompasses the mantra that “ Team Work Makes The Dream Work


Now this is the beauty of nature.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work.

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