Small Bites, Big Taste

We decided to make a winter appetizer tonight called

Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese originally called “Devils on Horseback. “

This appetizer was started back in the 19th century. It is usually commonly served during winter holidays.

The origin of the name “devils on horseback” is unclear. Some articles state that they are “Probably so called on account of being typically served very hot” and give the earliest reference to 1885, in the American agricultural magazine The Country Gentleman.[4] Another source states that there is “a surfeit of theories” but dates the idea (as a refinement of the oyster in bacon combination) to 1800.[5] One recurring suggestion fancifully suggests the name derives from “Norman raiders (who) would ride into towns wearing rashers of bacon over their armor to scare villagers.”[6] However, the earliest mention of this is from 2008,[7] while the dish itself dates from the 19th century,[5] 800 years after the Norman Conquest.

Recipes vary, but generally, they are a variation on angels on horseback(bacon wrapped oysters), made by replacing oysters with dried fruit. There are many variations on the basic concept of a bacon-wrapped prune stuffed with cheese, almonds, or other foods. Devils on horseback are commonly served as part of a Christmas feast. We made our version with turkey bacon and stuffed it with blueberry goat cheese. We had to baste the Turkey bacon with some ghee ( clarified butter) to make it crisp up and give it a bit of fat. As a team, we loved it. This appetizer was something new, and all of us enjoyed it.
We give this holiday appetizer 5 stars !!

Recipe three easy ingredients !!!!

Dates, blueberry cinnamon goat cheese, and turkey bacon.

Try to find dates that are already pitted.

Stuff them with the goat cheese of your choice

Wrap with bacon of your choice

Cook at 350 for twenty minutes.

( Because we used Turkey bacon, we broiled it for an extra 3 minutes with butter or ghee on top to crisp it up !!

Cool a bit, and enjoy!

Good Work, Team!


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