Why It’s Challenging For Most Neurodivse And Disabled People To Find/Keep/And Manage Jobs And What We Can Do

-Cara Difiore

Today I’ll be writing about why (it seems to me) it’s common for most neurodiverse and disabled people (like me and any of you that is reading this right now) to stay and manage in the workforce keep on reading if you are interested

I wanted to write about this today because it’s something I was interested in writing about and something that’s been on my mind for a while, especially lately because it’s bothering me and most of my friends and classmates went to college right away which I didn’t do, had jobs, went away for big things, and other things which and from endless conversations from to my mom, my friends, my boyfriend, and my therapist.

I believe it is hard for anyone to do that because of the steps you have to do, the action, what to expect, etc, Even if you’re not neurodiverse or disabled. It’s also because of a lack of understanding, fear, sensory issues, communication issues, sensory overload, and burnout. which is something I and most of you probably relate to and understand if you fall under one of those things. If you have I’m deeply sorry I hope you find a way to manage it That sounds awful and overwhelming, doesn’t it? I always worry and wonder when will I ever get to the place I want to be and have the successful paying job I want

I tried out job internships in high school but most of them weren’t for me and had two jobs that I got tired of at some point which I did one for a year and the other for 2 years because of the pandemic. And I’ve been unemployed and an unpaid employee for Christine since but hopefully that’ll change soon.

My advice is don’t decide right away if you’re not sure, ask for guidance when you need it, join a program, go on internships, and give yourself time

Let’s do whatever we can to help everyone stay employed

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