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  • The same weekend that I went to Christine’s Weekend House Upstate and I dreamed about the time when I was on month Business Trip to England because it has the highest percentage of viewers overseas and I have some of my personal interests and related to my expression like I wish that I get to do outside of my home country. It was during the month of May 2025, I was on a 1 month experience living in England from Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Leicester to London and Southampton.

    The 1st week, I spend my first full week in Liverpool to discover life and piece of history to learn their culture which I visited a couple of Musems and discovered the brand new Bradley Docks Stadium of Everton which is by the water and Anfield to discover the history of Liverpool FC from the Glory Years and their current Champions soviviners epscailly the Premier League Championship Throphy of the 19/20 Season. I stopped by to some cafe’s before and after my seminars about the international support of Autism in the UK and US because Autisticana has the most viewers outside of the United States. I eventually took took 1 day in Manchester to discover interesting spots which i was able to visit the Studios of iTV to see the set of Coronation Street. On the 2nd Week of England, I visited in Leeds, from Monday Night to Friday during the day and decide to take drive and dropped off my first rental car and took the train and cabs at local ranks. When I got to my appartment, I had a very special friend name Patrick and he is on the autism spectrum. He really enjoyed the life of England and became a huge fans of my blogs which I started with Leeds United getting secured in the Premiership against the Brentford Bees, especially the greatest comeback against Bournemouth.

    Patrick wanted to give me the best surprise for my Tuesday night that he give me an extra ticket for me to see Leeds United against Nottingham Forest. On the other hand, his mate which Ryan Colloney is close friend of him and had 2 more of friends which Finley and Conor which he has his other mates that would make it to the match like Tyler, James and like the mates that I Would like to have on Tuesday Nights back at home. Patrick works at the cafe by the city Centre with the Taxi Rank which he works on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday depending on football day for the local. When I got to the Marriott which I didn’t realize that he lives around the area and always walk in the area.

    I was so pumped to watch Leeds United play on a Tuesday Night at Eland Road which Leeds. Before I got ready I FaceTime my mom to check how everything is doing and heard Danica my Parrot who makes noises as usual so I talked to her about the weather was gorgeous outside and it was the same temperature as my holiday while it’s mostly cloudy in England and it’s mostly sunny back at home. I went to Patrick’s House to take the light rail to the stop where they always hangout on Tuesday Nights but this time the wanna walk to Eland Road to experience the moment and Leeds United has been the best team in the League outside of the main 6 clubs included Newcastle United. Liverpool FC has won the Premier League Title during the 2023/2024 while it was nice to bring back to fans watch the moment in person which I suddenly remember the moment when my room was crazy even the birds came the party. While Man City and Arsenal are battling the League while we focused on Leeds unforgettable Season with so many lady winning goals which they’re lucky to take the Top 10 in the League. If Leeds win against Nottingham they’ll take 5th Place before the 2024/2025 Season ends.

    When we got to the Stadium, Patrick and I were so excited while his mates were having their normal conversations. It was a thrilling experience to see Leeds United even by the famous statue outside of the stadium. We took our seats and started off with Leeds taking the ball while I was lucky to seat by the view of the goal with the tunnel of fans leaving in and out of their seats, Leeds United got their first goal of the match with Rodgrio from a great pass from Patrick Bamford. We saw the most beautiful sunset with all of the beautiful colors after the clouds pulled out. Before it reached 20 minutes Patrick and I walked around the Concourse of Leeds which it was cool to see the entire path empty so we had a quick stop to get snacks and a toilet break. When we planned to walk back to our seats, we heard the whistle blow but we saw the tvs in action but it was a penalty for Leeds to give Nottingham Forrest to level it up and heard the away fans fading in the echoes of belief. We ran upstairs and Forrest take the Penalty kick and Brennan Johnson got the goal to level it up. It didn’t stop with the Forrest taking the lead at the 35th Neco Willams the former Liverpool player pass it to Joe Worrall and did a long range kick to run the ball and give Nottingham the lead 2-1 which it stayed until halftime. We saw the beaufil colors of the sky to avoid the misery of the performance and we sang the Leeds Anthem with our hearts with the big general Leeds Supports but on our side of the field but the opposite side had more fans that were explicative that had some Hooligans and crazy young men who can care less. At the time of my dream it was one week after the day when Leeds took an outstanding victory 4-3 against Bournemouth which I still had Jesse Marsch who was the Coach of Leeds and huddle up to regroup the team and bounce back to get some in the 2nd half of the match. The match started with Leeds off to a slow start but Nottingham Forest took control of the ball for the first 10 minutes but until Jack Harrison got a great pass from Luke Ayling but it was so close at was an inch for a goal but hit the post but at the same time the goalkeeper Dean Henderson touched it before it hit the post. Tyler Adams kicked the ball for a corner kick and pass it to Liam Cooper and did a massive pass to Patrick Bamford which Leeds got the goal at the 57th Minute to level it up which I wanted to use it for my video compilation for my vlog. I was happy that wanted to record one moment of the memory lane with Leeds. After Leeds was able to tie it up 2-2, the match was starting to get into Leeds way but had fouls from both sides and a couple of yellow cards along the way. When it was time for some substitutes took over the field which Nottingham shortly got for a serious foul which it was originally checked for a yellow card but review the video and realize it was a call for a red card at the 75th minute. The whole Leeds fan were happy so Patrick and I laugh at Nottingham’s misfortune. At the 80th minute, the dusk sky was beautiful even it would stay natural twilight for the rest of the evening was beautiful but 3 other new Leeds players took some quick passed it Weston Mackenzie and ran it all the way to Brendan Aaronson got a powerful and all of the fans around the Eland Road got hyped up they thought it was going to be the winning goal. All the fans sing American Boy Leeds Edition after the celebration of Aaronson’s Goal. By the the 85th minute the dutchmen Pascal Struijk was about get the goal which he was tripped for a foul but the Referee blow the whistle even if the was ball was already in the net, either way the fans were blasted to raise the energy whenever if it counts or not but Leeds got a desperate chance to take the 4th goal. Pascal Struijk was able to get a second chance to retake the goal for a penalty kick which gives Leeds United a thriller lead 4-2. Everyone screamed for the goal and partied like its the moment of time. There was singing and shouting from fans around the stadium which some fans planed to leave before the traffic takes over. Everyone put pure heart for Leeds will move up to Fifth Place which they could their award for going to the Europa League Group Stage for the 25/26 Season. At the 90th Minute which they added 5 minutes of stoppage time, Willy Gnonto took the run and pass it Crysencio Summerville and wrapped up with a stunning goal which as soon as cheered, everyone got excited but i got too excited and accidentally on an empty seat which I had a quick chuckle it wasn’t plan to jump up and down for that moment. The match closed it with an outstanding win for Leeds United defeated Nottingham 5-2. As soon as the match ended with a victory as fans leaved the Stadium, we stayed for an extra 15 minutes I took a group photo with my England Mates which one of Leeds Stewarts did it before we got kicked out as we were the last few 100 people to wait for the traffic to fade down. When were ready to leave the Stadium, we took the exit path and saw some kids and happy fans outside of the Stadium pointed out that was gut who wrote the blog about Leeds United from Autisticana. It was a memorial match to witness the greatest home wins of the season.

    We all departed our ways which some have work and I was getting ready for a special VIP Nightclub from Someone in Leeds that messaged me since I was famous for Dance Artist in the UK was Awesome and Songs in High Pitch for Drum n Bass Artist. So Patrick and I showed me his place to meet his family before I walk back to the Marriott to get ready for the Nightclub. We took the rail took the place by the Town Centre and it was Nightclub that usually opens on Fridays and Saturdays but opens during the week for special occasions or close the place when no one makes reservations for special occasions. When we got to the place Patrick’s 3 Mates came in on the other side the town centre which Ryan, Finn and Conor were ready to pump up the music. We got in for a special VIP Music playlist for me from all of my favorite artists of Drum n Bass in the 2020s which it was perfect and played most of my favorite songs in high pitch.

    There was list of songs from BLVCK CROWZ, Aktive, Alexa Mae, Blanke, Delta Heavy, Freaks and Geeks, Friction, Georgie Riot, Holy Goof, Kanine, Koven, Lee Mvtthews, Seven Lions, Skepkiss, Sub Focus, Subsonic, Tsuki, Turno, Wilkinson, and so much more artists that would last the night.

    While some round of the music when I need a break of dancing while the music switch to regular pitch for the audio I socialize with The Ladies and talked about my work of art and creativity in the world of blogging. I had some great chats and had some a nice chat about life and music which I also talked about what was life with music festivals. I also danced with some of them and flirted with them to get the attention. Afterwards I went back to dancing with my mates and some of the guys brought their women they want to dance with while I was more focused on a people person with women. We also did some wacky dance moves and brought the club to an unforgettable night to remember. When it was 2AM, the party finished and we said goodbye to our partners and exchanged social accounts to keep in touch so we walked to the pizzeria and howled like the wolf because we had fun and got drunk so we decided to wrapped up the night by getting a midnight snack. At the pizza place we’re loud and obnoxious about the time of our lives what it feels like to be young and . I had a huge slice of pizza with chips and it was outstandingly delicious.

    When we left the pizzeria, I had a quick hiccup and held a moment to stop and regain some of my momentum because I had plenty to drink at the club and their was a taxi rank few buildings by the pizzeria. Luckily we took the last 2 cabs that were available at the taxi rank. Patrick and I took the minibus which it was the Vauxhall Vivaro as a passenger van which we had a nice chat while riding back to the hotel and also talked to the driver about Leeds Victory and the simple life of driving the cab in Leeds. We decided to finally relax because we used up all of the energy. The guys took the sedan cab as the Audi A6 which they continued to get wild as soon as they left. By the time we got to our destination, we thanked the driver and Patrick also used his card to notify his account for the Leeds Taxi App and I was amazed that you get to be a member of the local cab rewards program. The driver already got an automatic pickup for a passenger who wants to get to the airport for a early morning flight when we walk back to the hotel.

    I took him to my room at the Marriott to have a child feeling by laughing and having fun while spending the rest of the night watching Bluey and Clohet which I recently dreamed about it as a spin-off version but more in adult animation with the same animation studios and animation style as Bluey which back at home I would watch it on Hulu and the UK has a streaming site which lucky both Australia and the UK has it on their local network channel.

    As soon as we woke up by noon for a Wednesday which we made coffee to start the day so I can get ready for a Zoom Meeting with Christine. I had a business meeting on Zoom with Christine and talked about the importance of Autisticana and upcoming events later in the summer. After the Zoom meeting we stop by at a Cafe by the town Centre to have brunch. Then Patrick showed me his Autisticana Building in Leeds near Bradford which it’s actually a house in the dead end path in Pudsey within 5 minutes away from the Train Station. We did some blogging on their own site included a category on what a positive impact about your week if it’s good or most memorable highlight and I was happier to see Patrick’s Teacher Tiffany who runs for the Autisticana Division of the UK which I was the top American Fan that often goes on their website. The house was next to the Group Home for the individuals to learn independence skills so they don’t have to deal with pupils that are typical neighbors. They have the sensory room in the basement and the Colour Room in the upstairs Room. We decided to write a blog about Leeds and then we made season pesto and tomato sandwiches. Afterwards we wave goodbye and we both walked to the train station and and hugged Patrick and wave goodbye when we got his local train station and I went back to the Marriott and talked to Christine about everything plus the most important lessons of life.

    The next morning I took a great goodnight sleep and took the train to Newcastle and had another conference Meeting. I also went to the beach to rent a surfboard and discovered St. James Park which is home to Newcastle United. I took an evening nap so I can stay up late at the nightclub where they play all kinds of Dance Music from Synth-pop to heavy bass music. I also dance with a lot of different attractive women. The next day I went to Leicester to have another Conference Meeting which I went to visit a facility for Autism of Leicester, which there was recreation Centre which the people were awesome. During my few days of Leicester, I discovered the town Centre and some of the historic sites of England. I wrapped the weekend and went to the nightclub with pop music and dance. I also dance with a lot of attractive women and chatted with them about my stories and life which I had the sexy moves when the music was blasted. I was the top dancer of the night luckily most of my favorite pop and dance songs from the 2000s, 2010s, and today’s hits were in high pitch like I used to hear on the radio which was awesome. I was also happy that one of my favorite woman was able to take me home for a one-night stand. The next morning I woke up with the birds chirping and we went to the cafe of Downtown Leicester City. We talked about life, music and type of style of interaction and the way feel about other people included my life story while feeling relaxed than dealing with the loud music last night. I was happy to bring up my horizons to talk about my experiences that most neurotypical people don’t even realize about my genius of autism. We talked about our favorite holidays and top memories including nightclub stories even though I don’t go as much back home because I feel free to avoid any crimes or drugs in the club while at the resorts you don’t have to even worry about waking to a dark night scary. We decided to stay friends because she is more into the social life but I was happy to text her on socials when I get a chance about music and my blogs.

    During my final week of England, my friend BFF Patrick texted me that Leeds United won 2-1 against Huddersfield which he was glad that that we went Tuesday over Saturday because he realized he had work last minute. I chatted with him on the train from Leicester to Paddington. On My visit to London, I stopped by to spend a couple of days to stay in London to see the top attractions like the London Tower, The London Eye, Queen Elisabeth’s Castle, Buckingham Palace, The London Museum, Big Ben, the new Tottenham Stadium and other popular attractions of London. I wish the Queen of England would still be alive. I took the Black Cab, the London Tube. and walked through the London Bridge. I was also invited to the Autisticana Sponsorship Meeting in London by the London Tower.

    I spend my last my full day Southampton I took a rental car from London and drove it to Southampton for my last conference event in the Uk and watched the season finale of the Premier League on my phone and laptop at some hotel by the beach near Southampton. I was more focused with the Leeds United match at St. Mary’s Southampton

    Premier League Table of what happened in my dream of Leeds United being the dominant of the 24/25 Season

    • Arsenal
    • Manchester City
    • Manchester United
    • Leeds United
    • Tottenham Hotspurs
    • Newcastle United
    • Liverpool
    • Chelsea
    • Brentford
    • Leicester City
    • Brighton and Hove Albion
    • Everton
    • West Ham United
    • Southampton
    • Sheffield United
    • Aston Villa
    • Burnley
    • Crystal Palace
    • Norwich City
    • Huddersfield Town
  • The match is England vs USA which the match was hosted in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. England won 6-2 against Iran while the USA ended with a 1-1 draw against Wales. The last time the Men’s Teams met each other was the 2010’s FIFA World Cup which ended in a 1-1 draw. This is the 3rd time that the USA meets England in a World Cup Tournament.

    The Revolutionary match started off with Harry Kane getting the scoring opportunity at the 9th minute but great narrow block from Walker Zimmerman. During the 19th minute Christian Pulisic passed it to McKennie and give it to Haji Wright nearly put the U.S. in the lead with this header, but his attempt came up fell short to the right side. Then Weston McKennie had the opportunity the get the goal but, missed another chance and kicked it too high up which USA could find a rhythm still. During the 34th minute, Christian Pulisic hit the crossbar with a left-footed shot that was inches away from putting the U.S. on top which it was the highlight of the match. Christian Pulisic was so close to hit the next which would’ve hit a few been the goal and that would’ve been the game winner if it was 1-0. England got lucky with the missed which it remains scoreless. USA took control most of the first half but England has other plans at the 45th minute when Raheem Sterling passed the ball to Mason Mount which USA keeper Matt Turner denied England’s opprutinty to get their first goal and The first save of the match for Team USA came in the final moments of the first half in stoppage.

    During the 2nd Half, Both teams gotten competitive with a couple of tackles and some the fouls did not count for a yellow which some the foul play should’ve count because of the pushing and scuffing. It was a very poor call from the Referee which a lot of the fans witness some the most cheeky plays from both England and the USA. When Christian Pulisic continued to show his creativity, and helped his fans to cheer on for the USA louder than ever which they had a lot of corner kicks and was deflected out of bounds by England, leading to a string of corner kicks and set piece opportunities in front of a raucous stand full of American fans. It was a thrilling moment for the Americans who watched this moment. During the last 20 minutes, England was finally using most of the possession which lasted for the rest of the match but lower in the 82rd minute, Giovanni Reyna made his Wolrd Cup Debut for the USNMT which marked a milestone within his family, taking the field 16 years after his father, Claudio Reyna, played in his last FIFA World Cup. His mother Danielle played for the U.S Women’s National Team for a short period of time but she won 4 national championships at the University of North Carolina. During the 93rd minute of Stoppage time, Harry Kane made the last attempt for England with a header in the final moments but he wasn’t able to connect. The United States had the last free-kick with the final action of the game which it’s down the line to Gio Reyna, but it goes out of play. The match ended up scoreless which both coaches give each other the handshake and the fans booed for the poor performance and failed to attempt the goals. However, the USA went above and beyond for the defense performance and didn’t allowed England to get the winning goal.

    The match ended up with a scoreless draw which USA should be very proud of themselves for upsetting England to avoid them getting the win especially an intense match. Christian Pulisic and he was player of the match because of his great encouragement and true spirit of the sport for what he brings the world together to love soccer with chant and the atmosphere. The American Fans sang loud and proud by saying “It’s Called Soccer” which it does confused people who’s used to saying football. There’s a lot of History between England vs USA but they’ll be plenty of sports besides soccer like the Olympic Games, Rugby, Hockey, tennis, basketball, athletics, boxing, water polo and so much more opportunities along the way.

  • Crysencio Summerville a young Dutch Player who has been an outstanding player to create winning goals and helped his team to stay in the Premier League as soon he was ready to play. He helped Leeds win against Fulham and then took a massive win against Liverpool at Anfield but now it time to determine to take victory at Elland Road in Leeds, England which is home for Leeds United.

    The Match started with Leeds taking the advantage but Marcos Sense from Bournemouth tripped Summerville and give Leeds the Penalty in the 1st minute, which could Give Leeds the opportunity to get the early goal. Rodrigo got the goal and Leeds United took the lead 1-0 which it was a perfect start for Leeds United. He made the goalie moved to the right while he kicked it to the left which was a perfect example to give themself the lead. Not for the long when Bournemouth scored before the 10th minute and they quickly respond to level it up which Marcus Tavernier give Bourenmouth the chance to score the goal 1-1. During the 18th Minute Marcos Senesi did a long kick to Marcus Tavernier tried to get the goal but Illan Meslier saved it from going which he had other plans to pass it to Philip Billing and skyrocketing into the net which Mesliler didn’t saved it and let it roll in the net and that’s when Bournemouth took the lead 2-1. Leeds tried to keep the ball and shoot it on target but Bournemouth made it harder for them but to find a way. During the rest of the 1st Half it was all Bournemouth who controlled the ball which they should’ve had a chance to get high scoring but Leeds were lucky to avoid another mistake. Illan Meslier had so many opportunities to save the ball so many times to avoid a costly mistake but Leeds United give up before halftime. Jefferson Lerma fouled Summerville and the Refree saw a quick reaction which he used his body to tackle down which give him the automatic yellow card.

    During Halftime Jesse Marsch asked his players to wake up and play the firmly so they don’t back to their losing performance while hoping to make miracles to catch up for the win. When the 2nd Half of the match began foBourenmouth had a capital idea to give Leeds United to resume the pressure while Marcus Tavernier ran the ball and passed it to Dominic Solanke slowly kicked it in the center of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Marcus Tavernier with a cross following a fast break which gives Bournemouth the lead 3-1. Minutes after when they took the lead, Chris Mepham give Rodrigo a minor concussion, he is shown the yellow card for a bad foul which it was very good referring. By the time when Sam Greenwood replaced Marc Roca in the 55th minute, Leeds United was finally slowly getting more momentum of the ball and passing it to their teamates. During the 60th Minute, Pascal Struijk had the moment to shot it in the left side of the box which it was attempt blocked from Mepham, especially great assists from Crysencio Summerville. The moment when the ball rolled back Sam Greenwood used his left footed shot from outside the box to the top left corner like sky high rocket. Leeds are trailing back 3-2 but needed a goal to level it up. The crowd was pumped up and started believing again because its not over yet while there still plenty of time for an opportunity for the win. Moments later Rasmus kristensen fouled Bourenmouth and got the yellow card for tripping and the referee was standing behind him which the lies don’t count. Afterwards, Summerville passed it to Rodrigo but kicked it too high which Leeds should’ve been a 3-3 draw.

    Then Sam Greenwood at the 68th minute took the corner kick to provide the perfect shot and Liam Cooper got it header from the right side of the six yard box to the centre of the goal. The fans started roaring their chant to believe that they will take the win. This could be the greatest comeback in Leeds United History so far this season. By the time it was 73rd minute, Stacey from Bournemouth had the perfect chance to take winning goal which it was far left wide out therefore Leeds had an extra life of pendent.

    When it was the 83rd minute Lewis Cook was gonna pass it to his teammates for the free kick but Wilfried Gnonto blocked it and ran the ball all the way to the other side. The fans stand up and saw him passed to Crysencio Summerville and got the winning Goal for Leeds United which the ground of the fans were hyped up that finally took the lead again from 3-1 down to 4-3 up front which might be the winning moment. Everyone ran on the pitch and huddle down to celebrate with Summerville with his tremendous goal to take the win like what he did at Liverpool. The whole squad will be Marching on Together and this will be a November to remember in Leeds United History. Summerville has a heroic performance with a great contribution by helping his player to go in the right direction. Summerville had 2 match winners in a row since Liverpool especially a young player which he can be the next Flying Dutchman. It was a major turnaround from Leeds United by being awesome superstars in this half. Jesse Marsch was thrilled about his players for working as a team and choose to work as a team to get what they want to get the win with all of the home fans. There was also fireworks at the Stadium which fans outside the stadium of Elland Road decided to celebrate the victory. The fans in the stands also sing about Summerville which it was pure heart for diehard Leeds Fans. During the last few minutes of stoppage time, Leeds did everything to keep the ball to themselves but the last of Bournemouth was about go in and Meslier saved the ball into the finishing seconds which this would wrapped up the match.

    When the match was over, everyone cheered like they won the finals because it was massive performance even an outstanding performance with a major turnaround for Leeds United, and fans outside of the stadium release more fireworks while other fans reflected that there celebrating the United States of America especially Jesse Marsch. Tyler Adams and Brenden Aaronson. Most importantly, the whole stadium celebrated the massive victory from Summerville especially he did at Anfield against Liverpool last week. Now everyone would reflect the moment of a November to remember and others would sing about the memories of the match against Bournemouth. There was also post match interviews from the player who helped Leeds United another victory Summerville. There was also Jesse Marsch the Manager who helped his team to find their voices to get them into victory and Goalkeeper Illan Meslier who was massive during most of the match and got some lucky saves.

  • 2 Managers before made reactions about the winning goal while fans in the background planned to leave the stands before the match ended

    The time when I watch the English Premier League, I noticed fans leaving the stands during the match in general because some would get snacks at the concourse or toilet break. When the 80th minute has passed, I noticed fans started leaving the stands because of the match was getting boring or maybe they want to leave before the traffic kicks in or possible street fight in rivalry matches so stewards keep an eye out for trouble. Sometimes during the last minute of stoppage time, everyone started leaving because they think it’s going to end with the results but sometimes miracles can happen and everyone stopped what they’re doing when the team gets the last corner kick or the offense side gets one more try or penalty kick for good luck at the final minute.

    Inside the Concourse of the Soccer Team Stadium

    Some matches I enjoyed checking out sky view of England just to see traffic in the background, taxis all lined up for passengers leaving the match and people leaving the stadium or tourists walking around outside of the stadium. Fans do often bring in food in the stands if they want lunch, dinner or snack depending on the time of the match. Sometimes not every group of fans leave before the match ends because it could end up be a late comeback or the match can be enjoyable. Some matches, fans quit too easily because the match could be a high scoring result or an performance of embarrassment with the worst results. Overall good things could happen and try not to predict that the results is going to stay that way ahead of time because each half of the 2 parts of a full soccer match has 45 minutes included stoppage time.

    Sky view of the brand new Everton FC Location at Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium
    First batch of West Ham Fans left the stadium while the Away Supporters of Brentford FC cheered for the winning goal
    This was the highlight when West Ham Fans walked out as a group when Brentford got the winning goal
    Newcastle United Fans stormed out of the stands as soon Chelsea scored their 3rd and Final Goal.
    This was the highlight when Newcastle Fans stormed out after Chelsea scored a penalty kick.
    Harry Kane during Opening Day of the 2022/2023 Season
    Sky view of Fulham
  • Liverpool has faced Real Madrid at Paris for the Champions League Final. It was first time that both teams played against each other in 2018 when Liverpool lost 3-1 but Liverpool won against Tottenham Hotspurs in 2019 for a 2-0 victory. This Season Liverpool has won the FA Cup, EFL Cup, Finished 2nd Place in the Premier League. Now Liverpool has to win the Champions League Final and still get the Treble Season if they beat Real Madrid.

    The match started off with Liverpool and Real Madrid we’re neck to neck but scoreless. Real Madrid and Liverpool each almost scored a goal but couldn’t get it in but Real Madrid was ruled offside because of a foul before the goal was stand. During the 2nd Half, Liverpool was starting to lose control but Real Madrid scored a goal during the 59th minute. Afterwards, Liverpool has gotten more chance with the ball but it wasn’t getting in their way. They tried everything to get it in but wasn’t worth it. Mohammed Salah and Jordan Henderson had the ball most of the time but there was a lot of defensive moments. Jurgen Kloop urges his players to quickly. During the final 15 minutes, Liverpool subbed the 3 players each few minutes apart but at the end it wasn’t worth it to give Liverpool to get the last minute goal to level up. Liverpool FC had all the mighty move to get every moment to get every chance of an opportunity but it ended with the goalie saved it 30 seconds before the match and it was officially done. Liverpool had very moment but unfortunately it wasn’t getting in their way but the Team should be very proud of themselves for the hard work and the effort. At the end, Liverpool FC got themselves a victory parade in Liverpool, England for an incredible Season with 2/4 Wins in every tournament from League Tournaments and Football Cup Playoffs.

    Liverpool FC Parade

    Even Liverpool didn’t win The Champions League Final but deserves a Parade for all of the Double Cup Champions especially they could’ve had a parade for the Premier League Champions of the 19/20 season which they couldn’t do it during the Global Pandemic. Liverpool also included the Womens Club because Liverpool FC Women’s Club won the 2021-2022 FA Women’s Championship with two games in hand, and earned their promotion back to the FA Women’s Super League. It was parade to bring Fans around the World to bring peace and connection.

    Both Men and Women’s League gets to have a trophy for their success

  • Leeds United are desperate for a win in order to stay in the Premier League to play for the fight because it’s the season finale of the 2021/2022 Premier League. Leeds United has determined to survive in the Premier League. Leeds United has been in the Premier League since during the Global Pandemic for the 2020/2021 Season when there was no fans in the Stand. The team finished in 10th on their first year in the Premier League but sadly let go the greatest manager Marcelo Bielsa who helped Leeds United won the 2019/2020 Season of the Championship League which is based on the 2nd Division of English Football League. Unfortunately Bielsa left the Club before the end of 21/22 Season because after a couple of poor performances land nearly at the Regulation Zone. Then American Coach Jesse Marsch came to Leeds and helped the team to stay in the Premier League as much as possible.

    Leeds United was triumph for staying in Premier League but the only way it would work if they get a win or draw and Burnley lose to Newcastle United. Leeds United played at the Brentford Community Stadium which is home of the Brentford Bees. The Bees had a great 1st Year in the Premier League and they faced against Leeds to determine the closing ceremony of the season. It started of scoreless during the 1st Half but Leeds United took the Pently and Raphinha scored which give Leeds United the lead 1-0 at the 56th Minute. In the meantime Brentford scored to level things up and it was Sergi Canos who helped the Bees to level it up. The next minute the Spaniard Player Sergi Canos got a red card because of a foul and got booked for the 2nd time. Before the match ended in a tremendous Victory, Raphinha kicked the ball in the corner and give Jack Harrison the former NYCFC Player and got the Winning Goal which everyone was happy in Tears of Joy plus that was the moment to finally get out the Regulation Zone. American Coach Jesse Marsch who was a Former Red Bulls Soccer who helped out New York, Salzburg and Leipzig Coach cheered with his fist up in the air because it was a celebration for Leeds United to stay in the Premier League which became a reality. It was the greatest comeback in Premier League History to get another season. Now Leeds United can play for the 2022/2023 Season and bring new players to the Club so they can go back to the Top 10 which could possibly make it to the Champions League.

    Jack Harrison scored for Leeds United to get the winning goal
    Jack Harrison celebrated his Victory to Stay in the Premier League
    Jack Harrison hugged Raphinha
    Brentford Stewart’s and Crew Members shield players so fans don’t cause any trouble
    Leeds United Stand Together
    Celebration with of the Leeds United Supporters
    Jesse Marsch in Action
    Jack Harrison smiled for his act of heroism

    Interview with Kalvin Philips
    All of the Exclusive Footages of players and fans in action
  • The two english soccer teams had major comeback after having a slow start. The names of the two teams are Brenrtford and Leeds United. I enjoy watching english soccer because I love the fans in the U.K.. The fans are passionate and comitted to their teams. I enjoy watching fans that have true devotion regardless of the team’s particular out come on different games. The team members themselves are also very passionate which permeates through the crowd. The league has 20 teams, but only one team could win the Premier League Title and the 3 teams in the bottom table could get regulated to the Championship League by the end of the season. The English Premier League is the most Popular Soccer League around the World.

    Ivan Tony scored the goal for Brentford FC

    It was Brentford FC vs Burnley which it was scoreless most of the match until Erikensen passed the ball to Ivan Tony to open the scoring opportunity. Afterwards Collins from Burnley got a red card at the penalty box in the 90th minute which give Brentford the penalty kick. Ivan Tony got it in the net and helped Brentford a major move out of the regulation zone. They won 2-0 and Brentford got away from the Regulation Battle. Leeds United played against Norwich City and Rodrigo scored the opening goal in the 15th minute. All the way to the final minutes of stoppage time, Norwich City levelled up the match 1-1 until Joe Gelhardt scored the winning goal for Leeds United. Leeds United won 2-1

    Joe Gelhardt the hero who scored the winning goal for Leeds United