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The GWS Giants Stumped the Swans During the Sydney Derby

The Sydney Derby is also known as The Battle of the Bridge which two teams have competition for fans to experience the Australian Football League with some exciting highlights from the GWS Giants and the Sydney Swans. Since 2012, the battle of the two teams has always been fun since the Great Western Sydney Giants played for the AFL.

Harry Himmelberg Saves the GWS Giants a Victory

At Norwood Oval in the western part of Norwood, an inner-eastern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, the GWS Giants faced off against the Hawks. Additionally, the Gather Round took place as South Australia was about to host a Festival of Footy. In every stadium… Continue Reading “Harry Himmelberg Saves the GWS Giants a Victory”

The Autisticana Team at the Conference Meeting

The whole Autisticana team went to the Marriott in Melville to learn about online marketing and expanding their business to other platforms. We learned about stocks and growing a business from good times and hard times but it would help us to learn and… Continue Reading “The Autisticana Team at the Conference Meeting”

Miami Hurricanes for their run of March Madness

The Miami Hurricanes had made it to almost every Tournament until they’re eliminated in the Round of 4 which they had an amazing round for the first time in School History for the Hurricanes. Coach Jim Larrañaga and his teammates had an incredible season… Continue Reading “Miami Hurricanes for their run of March Madness”

Champions Movie about the Special Olympics Athletes

This movie is about a basketball coach Marcus Marakovich who was the assistant coach for the Iowa Stallions but got fired after he lost his cool which he had to do community service for driving while intoxicated. He community service was to help people… Continue Reading “Champions Movie about the Special Olympics Athletes”

The Giants Never Surrender the Heat

The GWS Giants has played in the treacherous heatwave against the Adelaide Crows but managed to get a huge comeback from a big set fall in the first half of the match.

All Starz Tournament in Pennsylvania

On the 5th of March, 2023 the whole Long Island Field Hockey Team went to the Spooky Nook Sports in Mannheim, Pennsylvania. It was the same weekend as the Girls Under 16 Tournament. The All Starz Field Hockey Tournament is based on athletes with… Continue Reading “All Starz Tournament in Pennsylvania”

Love Island vs Love On the Spectrum

The show is about parting up with the couples on an island. They also have the cast interview themselves about what’s going on about the moment or showing their feelings about the event or dating experience. The show also experienced the cast on their… Continue Reading “Love Island vs Love On the Spectrum”

The Buffalo Bills win it for Damar Hamlin

The Buffalo Bills played at Orchard Park for season finale while the whole world of football showed love to Damar Hamlin by finishing the regular season with the 3 Jersey in front of their jersey to honor Damar Hamlin’s greatness of football.

A Year at a glance of The News Makers @Autisticana

A year at a glance with our News Makers @autisticana. The News Media Team that is going to sweep the nation. It is a little over a year, and I can not be more proud of my News Makers at Autisticana. We are an… Continue Reading “A Year at a glance of The News Makers @Autisticana”