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  • The Bellmore-Merrick SEPTA Resources & Recreation Services Fair is an event which hosts every year for students with special needs to be from transferring grade school into adulthood. It includes programs for special activities if its base on education or special interest while it’s at the location or virtual in future events. This year is the 14th Annual Recreation Fair.

    There was plenty of workshops and vendors during the event and the students from middle school to high school participated in a scavenger hunt to collect brochure and items like pens or hand sanitizers by adding them in different group of people. The event includes guests and people who work for the company to host the event assist students with special needs and their families.

    The list of events that participated for the Recreation Fair which includes, day hab program, vocational classes, Self Services, Camps, Overnight Respite, social events, and etc. The list participants is A-1 Universal, Abilities inc at The Viscardi Center, AHRC, ALLabilites Center, Baking Coach, Barry & Florence Friedburg JCC Ezra Center, Blossoming Behavior, Blue Umbrella Experience, inc: Above & Beyond Community Classes, Camp Good Mourning, Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck, Charles Evans Center, Citizens Options Unlimited, East Meadow Little League Challenger, ELIJA Farm/TPA Program, Epic LI, Family Center for Autism, Gersh Driver Education Extended Program, HOPEFitness, Long Island Blue Special Hockey Team, Long Island Toy Lending Center for Children with Disabilities, Mid Island Y JCC/Adler Center, Nassau County Police Activity League (PAL) Special Needs Unit, Nathaniel’s Hope Buddy Break Respite Program, New Frontiers, New York Friendship Circle, Positive Behavior Support Consulting & Psychological Resources, Positive Community Connections, Recipes 4 Learning, SANYS, Sid Jacobson Camp Kehilla & Kehilla, Summit Camp, Tigerman Community Service, Tommy’s Friends, XTREME Dance, YAI, Tri County Care, Comprehensive Progressive Support for Adults, South Oaks Hospital and Vocational and School Based Services, Ariell’s Friendship Circle, Mitch Weisbrot CLU Special Needs Planner, The Lae Offices of Andrew M Cohen, SPETA of Bellmore-Merrick Community Cupboard, Community Mainstreaming, Kulanu Travels, Ken’s Crew, Live Through Rec Recreation Therapy and Hofstra Summer Camp

  • 2 Managers before made reactions about the winning goal while fans in the background planned to leave the stands before the match ended

    The time when I watch the English Premier League, I noticed fans leaving the stands during the match in general because some would get snacks at the concourse or toilet break. When the 80th minute has passed, I noticed fans started leaving the stands because of the match was getting boring or maybe they want to leave before the traffic kicks in or possible street fight in rivalry matches so stewards keep an eye out for trouble. Sometimes during the last minute of stoppage time, everyone started leaving because they think it’s going to end with the results but sometimes miracles can happen and everyone stopped what they’re doing when the team gets the last corner kick or the offense side gets one more try or penalty kick for good luck at the final minute.

    Inside the Concourse of the Soccer Team Stadium

    Some matches I enjoyed checking out sky view of England just to see traffic in the background, taxis all lined up for passengers leaving the match and people leaving the stadium or tourists walking around outside of the stadium. Fans do often bring in food in the stands if they want lunch, dinner or snack depending on the time of the match. Sometimes not every group of fans leave before the match ends because it could end up be a late comeback or the match can be enjoyable. Some matches, fans quit too easily because the match could be a high scoring result or an performance of embarrassment with the worst results. Overall good things could happen and try not to predict that the results is going to stay that way ahead of time because each half of the 2 parts of a full soccer match has 45 minutes included stoppage time.

    Sky view of the brand new Everton FC Location at Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium
    First batch of West Ham Fans left the stadium while the Away Supporters of Brentford FC cheered for the winning goal
    This was the highlight when West Ham Fans walked out as a group when Brentford got the winning goal
    Newcastle United Fans stormed out of the stands as soon Chelsea scored their 3rd and Final Goal.
    This was the highlight when Newcastle Fans stormed out after Chelsea scored a penalty kick.
    Harry Kane during Opening Day of the 2022/2023 Season
    Sky view of Fulham
  • After all these years, I enjoy listening to EDM Songs but when I felt like researching the artists from autobiography, about most of them from UK which the Netherlands were my runners up of DJ’s outside of the US. During the time of a Global Pandemic, I decided to focus on young talents of British Dance DJ’s who started as local DJ’s in their hometown area. I watched them play club music on social media. I never focus on going to Nightclubs in general which I wish I would like to go. I really love to hear nightclubs on social media and videos so I can enjoy the experience and tryout different musics for each club. I became interested of these small artists because of a specific channel of music on Spotify and search, Drum and Bass, UK Garage, and other categories of EDM Songs for current generation.

    If I would here any of my music or my favorite songs from the artists if they decide to play it in high pitch at clubs, I would rewatch it over and over and over until I get tired of it. Not just nightlife in the UK, it could happen to nightclubs and concerts in Australia, the Netherlands, USA, Germany and Ireland, Tomorrowland in Belgium and other countries around the Globe. The DJs that I’ve listened to is Tsuki, Aleya Mae, Koven, Aktive, BLVCK CROWZ, Subtronics, Blanke, Excision, Freaks & Geeks, Biscits, Maduk, Modestep, JEANIE, Lee Mvtthews, K Motionz, Wilkinson, Ekko & Sidetrack, Friction and Protostar

    Nightclub in London
    Nightclub Tour in Leicestershire
  • The Patchogue Singer Christian Guardino was able to make to the top 10 but now have to focus on bigger challenges in order to stay in the competition. Christian has made a huge progress of keeping his hopes up and willing to stay in the competition with all of the love and support. During the Round of Top 10, it was a Special Event based on Disney Night. It started when everyone snag “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encato which they’re all featured by Adassa & Rhenzy Feliz. When it started, Christian Guardino went to Disneyland and saw the guest with his family and get a FaceTime call from Canadian Pop Singer Michael Bublé which it was an amazing surprise. Afterwards he sang The Circles of Life from the Lion King Movie. He sang his heart out with the loudest vocals as much as he did. When it was time to move up to the next round, Christian narrowly made it to the Top 7 Contestants to move on to the next round. I knew he would make to the Round of 7 Singers on American Idol.

    The Circle of Life
    Ryan Seacrest surprised Christian to see Michael Bublé

    Everyone was excited when he survived this challenge and he’ll keep growing as a person and hopefully be a best singer that he could be. By the time when he made it to the top 7, Christian sang Lonely by Justin Bieber & benny blanco. During the Mother’s Day Special, he sang Dear God by Smokie Norful but unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to Christian Guardino and Jay which they both got eliminated during the Round of 7. Christian won’t be able to go to the Round of 5 but at least he made a lot of memories to experience the whole journey of American Idol. The lesson was that Christian Guardino had a beautiful voice and always warmed peoples heart’s and the joy of positivity has influenced a lot of the fans and the judges. Christian’s Legacy has just started and hopefully he’ll create original songs for himself to make it sound like an Angel.

    Special Song for Mother’s Day
  • By Cara Difiore

    Cara is our Art Director for The Newsmakers and Autisticana. She experiences our trip, then draws a beautiful illustration of her adventure. She is very talented and utilizes all sorts of mediums in her artistic expression! Here is the artwork she made for our virtual trip to Disney World:

    Original artwork "Disney" created by Cara Difiore. It's Cinderella's castle as interpreted by Cara
    Disney By Cara Difiore

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  • By Scott Weisbrot

    A photo of Cinderella's Castle from Magic Kingdom in Disney World. The caste has blue roofing and is made of gray and pink stone. In the background, you can see the blue sky.
    A photo of Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom

    On Wednesday, the Newsmakers completed our very first virtual tour to Disney World in Orlando Florida. We were shown the six parks, which I never heard of before. I was only familiar with a few of them and have visited Magic Kingdom a couple times with my family. As a Disney enthusiast, I would love to visit Blizzard Beach in person because it’s one of the recent water parks to be owned by Disney.

    The host of our journey was named Albani. She was very gracious and very helpful in answering all our questions. It was interesting to hear all about the differences between the different parks. We learned about each of them and two of them are waterparks!

    The 6 Disney Parks in Disney World:

    • Magic Kindgom
    • Animal Kingdom
    • Epcot
    • Hollywood Studios
    • Blizzard Beach
    • Typhoon Lagoon

    A photo from Zoom on our Virtual Tour of Disney World. The photo shows different screen shots from Zoom of different people that attended, including our host for the trip, Albani
    Here’s a photo of some of us on the trip with our tour guide Albani

    The Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular places in Disney World. It’s where the magic begins! Animal Kingdom is the safari park of Disney World. There are so many animals in this park. You can explore all the animals on a safari through the park. Epcot features countries around the world and explores this through rides.There is so much to do to discover the world and explore about these countries while learning and having fun with friends! Hollywood Studios is all about the rides with cool thrills and you can see memorabilia from different films like Toy Story and Star Wars. Lastly, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are Disney World‘s waterparks.

    A photo of Disney's Mickey Mouse and friends including Miney Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Chip, and Dale. The characters are all smiling and are holding hands in a circle looking down at you. Behind them, you can see the blue sky with a number of white fluffy clouds.
    A photo of Disney’s Mickey Mouse and friends – featuring Miney Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Chip & Dale

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  • Virtual Travel Blogging…The Key to Happiness is sharing our innate gifts. A Message from our Founder Dr. Christine Grimaldi

    A photo of Dr. Christine Grimaldi posing on a cliff in Greece. Dr. Christine is a white woman with lightly tanned skin. She is wearing a red bikini. Her face is positioned towards the sun, her legs are sprayed outwards, and her hands are behnid her. She is posing on a white rock cliff.
    A photo of Dr. Christine in Greece on a business trip.

    As a positive psychologist who worked for Columbia University Medical Center for many years, I was privileged to see the globe in person, as I was working on research and helping children with their medical conditions. I was able to share my gifts and talents with so many people of different cultures. It was so beautiful to experience all walks of life through teaching the arts and empowering everyone through holistic strategies. This can bring many challenges in life, and work can be very stressful.

    Exploring and traveling, even through our mind’s eye has helped us to break, breathe, create, relax and take a break from the stressors of life. The world can be so isolating. Using the arts, I have been able to teach so many young adults to turn obstacles into positive experiences – to help themselves and so many others in the same situation. These past two years teaching resiliency and empowering disabled young adults has been glorifying. I have taught so many talented young adults how to use thier innate talents and share their gifts with the world. This has helped all of us to learn effective team building skills. We all have learned to work together as a collective group of like-minded individuals: to inspire each other and promote wellness to others.

    Hope has evolved with our group each and every day. We started out by exploring and traveling to special interest locations around the New York region. We were photographing, illustrating, creating visualizations and writing poetry about our field experiences. To be able to explore and then use our effective communication skills and talents to display these adventures to others in isolation was a great gift. It was not only to express ourselves during these difficult times, but to be able to help others be engaged simultaneously.

    Now that COVID-19 has hit us hard yet again, we have decided to explore the most fabulous experiences and excursions all around the globe virtually. We experience a travel adventure or experience a week as a team. We will take these weekly experiences and share our gifts and talents using blogs, illustrations, poetry, creative visualizations, etc. I am so proud of the team of young journalists and travel enthusiasts we have built. It is a great gift to be able to escape all the negativit that hinders all of us and replace it with magic experiences that we can all learn from. We hope you follow our adventure and enjoy our stories. For it’s really storytelling that is the essence of true happiness. Our team of like-minded, creative and passionarw individuals are going to sweep the nation!

    All My Best,

    Founder, Friend and Empowerment Coach

    Dr. Christine Grimaldi

    Edited by avanicole23